Author Topic: What Financial Lessons Are We Teaching Our Children?  (Read 773 times)

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What Financial Lessons Are We Teaching Our Children?
« on: December 08, 2011, 08:15:07 PM »
As we can see in Genesis 25:5-6, inheritances were very important in the Bible.  An inheritance, by definition, is a possession.  It is both permanent and valuable.  Inheritances can be passed on from an ancestor to one or more heirs.

Are We Carrying on the Tradition?

One of the greatest concepts discussed in the Bible with respect to inheritances is that we, as Christians, are the people of God's inheritance.  As it reads in Deuteronomy 4:20, God called the Israelites out of Egypt and chose them to be the recipients of His abundant blessings.

In the Old Testament, the Israelites inherited the promised land.  In the New Testament, we received an even greater gift.  We see that through Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, we have been given "an inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fade - kept in heaven" for us.  (1 Peter 1:4 NIV)

Knowing the value that has been placed on inheritances in the past, we should evaluate whether we are doing our part to carry on the ancient tradition.  Are we not only respecting the value of our own inheritances, but also passing them on?

The Seen and the Unseen

Let's start with our physical possessions.  In life, we all acquire things.  Very few of us have trouble spending money.  We buy homes, cars, clothing, food, and tons of other items that enable us to be comfortable and happy while here on earth.

Then, there are the non-physical possessions.  In this category, we should consider our morals, our beliefs, or our philosophies on life.  What are we teaching our children?

Do our children see us using our credit cards for every purchase? Are we using those cards because we are trying to build up a bigger cash back bonus, or because we don't have any cash in the bank account?

Will our children know Jehovah Jireh as their provider in the tough times, or have we taught them to run to Visa and Mastercard?

Do our children see us working really hard? While that can be a great example of determination and perseverance, we must also consider our motives.  Are we spending so much time at work because that's what it takes to pay the bills and provide for our families? Or are we burning the midnight oil (even on Sundays) to buy more things so that we are better able to keep up with the Joneses?

Will our children be in church on Sundays and midweek thanking God for His infinite blessings, or will they voluntarily go into their offices on Sundays, hoping to earn a few more dollars to buy more "stuff"?. . . .
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What Financial Lessons Are We Teaching Our Children?
« on: December 08, 2011, 08:15:07 PM »


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