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« on: November 10, 2008, 05:02:08 PM »
Businesses today have begun to see the need to build a culture of 'entrepreneuring' in their employees.  That way, employees begin to see themselves as co-owners of business.  Entrepreneurship as a business style holds the key to our national economic growth.  It is entrepreneurs that will determine the rate of development of this country.  We cannot depend largely on imports while not doing much to encourage the establishment of small scale industries and expect to boost our economy.  Our university system is structured presently, to produce people who will graduate from school to look for jobs.  However, whichever positions we find ourselves right now; as employee or employer, there is the need for us to develop competence on the job.  We should not expect to succeed without raising the level of skill of our workforce.  I have some advice specifically for our business owners.  To develop competence on the job, do the following:

Be a versatile person

As an entrepreneur, you have to be a very versatile person.  You need to know a little bit about everything because you will have to work with a wide range of professionals.  You are going to hire, probably engineers, accountants, drivers, marketers, and so on.  You will have to hire so many people from a wide range of disciplines and you just cannot be at a loss when they are talking to you.

Be a finisher

Be someone who has a reputation for finishing anything you start.  Be a result -oriented person.  Don't be in business just for participation.  You are in business to win.  Please understand that to a large extent, this business is going to take its character from you.  All of the virtue you display will be modelled throughout your organisation.  If you are somebody who is prone to giving excuses for failure, know that that is what everybody else will do in your company.  If you will be a finisher, it is important that you don't look for someone to blame whenever you have any challenge.  Once that becomes your style, it will become the modus operandi for the whole organisation.

Perform at a high level of excellence

If you will be a skillful person, you have to set high standards for yourself.  Be someone who does not accept mediocrity.  Don't settle for less.  Be someone who wants to get the best all time.  For some people average is okay but as entrepreneur I am sure you know you have competition.  If this business will stay alive you have to be ahead.  And for you to be ahead, excellence is one of the major qualities that you have to develop.  Cultivate excellence.  Be someone who does not go for the organisation's average goals.  You cannot be a leader that way.  Set personal goals that are higher than the organisation's goals.  A lot of people who work with businessmen and women don't understand what their motivation is.  They wonder why they work as hard as they do.  Everybody wants to run away from work by 5 p. m.  In fact, most start winding down from 3:30 p. m.  They wonder why their boss stays on till late.  There is a price to be paid for a successful business and the boss has made up his or her mind to pay the price.  Never become satisfied with the status quo, always strive for better services.

Never stop learning

Most people stop learning when they write their final examination in school but that is actually when you start learning.  The day the people following you catch up with you in knowledge, you have lost your leadership position.  What makes you a leader is what you know that others don't know.  Therefore, never stop learning.  Every challenge you come across reveals a part of you that needs wisdom.  There is nobody who knows everything.  The moment you come across something that is not working, it just draws your attention to another area where you still have to acquire new knowledge.  The more you know the more you know you don't know.  All you know is all you have learned; and all you know is not all there is to know.  Continuous self-improvement is a major requirement; you have to keep on developing yourself.

Go the extra mile

Don't be an average person.  Be someone who does a little more than everybody else.  If you will increase your level of competence go the extra mile.

Give your work total attention

We live in a society that is strong in social interaction.  The world over, it is already known that in Africa we value friendship over business.  When you leave your shop and spend the whole day talking in your neighbour's shop, you have achieved absolutely nothing.  If after a while, your business is not making any progress.  there is no need blaming the Nigerian economy or any other external factor.  Your business won't grow in your absence.  When you leave your job and you spend so much time moving about interacting with other people, realise that nobody will assess you based on your friend's productivity.  It is absolutely important that you give full attention to your work.  Invest your time and energy in your business.  If it is social engagements that will not allow you to give attention to your business, limit them.  Sometimes, let your money go there to represent you because your most valuable resource is you time.

The ability to say it, plan it, and do it must become a culture in our country.  Not just for business people but also for individuals, families, and especially government.


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« on: November 10, 2008, 05:02:08 PM »


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