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10 add on useful for firefox
« on: November 01, 2008, 08:25:32 AM »
Firefox still attract Internet users by the system add-on is very useful and it's worth paying attention most of the add-on are free.

Add-on applications are small, running closely with the browser and perform multiple tasks that the browser can not perform or make less effective.  Firefox browser is open source so anyone can build add-on.  Over time the number of ad-on to other and more when it makes the user did not know when to choose what to install.  We would like to introduce to you 10 add-on for free and useful one.

1.  Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

Many of us had to work on multiple computers (at home, offices, schools or even between laptop and desktop of an individual) and we also have to own a "system" the bookmarks (favorite sites are memorandum, marked).  It takes time to convert the long list of bookmarks made between the machines together.

Email hxxp: www. download. com. vn/Internet + + Tools / Internet Tools/Software-7565/Foxmarks + + + Bookmark Synchronizer "\ t" _blank "

This is practically a Web service is available to install the add-on on Firefox.  When you install this add-on you'll need to create an account on its website.  Each time you add a site that listed bookmarks Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer will automatically save changes in your list.  The only job now is your only install additional add-on to the computer or that you use.  Even in cases where you are attacking the virus and must format hard drive, reinstall it from the top of the old add-on is still not lost.

2.  Secure Login (Login safety)

Or you must be logged in to the forum, the mailbox . . .  on the web but will be a trouble at a time if somehow suddenly forgotten or confused the password (password) of this.  Do not worry! Install

"Https: / / addons. mozilla. org/en-US/firefox/addon/4429" \ t "_blank"

and it will remember your passport.  Each time it should enter the Password that you can simply click on the icons available on its Firefox (or use shortcut keystrokes).
Just like the name, Secure Login is also a safety measures to protect against the of stealing your password by the Spy, viruses, Keylogger . . .  or any kind of attacking any other.

3.  BugMeNot

Sign up any services that the web is also a work full of risks because you must declare the type of information such as name, age, address, telephone number, email address . . .  You can "misrepresenting" but many web services are checking mechanism is very rigorous and you will lose when they detected an information that is false.  But then declare that what happens with this information? Only God knows the new.

https: / / addons. mozilla. org/en-US/firefox/addon/6349 "\ t" _blank

will solve this problem a very simple way.  Each time need to log into a site that does not have a user name and password you simply click on the icon of BugMeNot and valid information will automatically appear and you just type the Enter key to enter the site directly that.

4.  FireFTP

FTP is one of the protocols transmit files on the Internet.  Today, as the service provider network for free has increased storage capacity of mailboxes fold up thousands of times over before the storage files attached to e-mail is still limited.  With a limit of 30 MB, then not much when compared engrained started with a movie that you want to send you.  This time, FTP is a research wing.
No need to open mam on the network to find the installer program FTP, you simply download the add-on

https: / / addons. mozilla. org/en-US/firefox/addon/2200

free and set into Firefox.  This time, your browser will become a co media files may not limit (usually the browser is not designed to do tasks media file).  FireFTP has numerous features extremely useful to you as automatic synchronization of data sources and directory target folder (the place where the sending and receiving), automatic reconnect and media files if the break between as long as . . .

From Firefox, select Tool> FireFTP to create a new account and start using under the guidance of its nh?.

5.  Noscript

Web environment today is very concerned with the ability to interact.  Through the application code such as JavaScript, Java or Flash Silverlight sites become lively and useful.  However, these tools are places "stay hidden" wonderful for all kinds of viruses, Malware, Spyware . . .  penetrate into your computer.  Is there a way to select for applications is useful, it will be allowed to run longer intruders then blocked again in time? NoScript add-on is a solution.
According default setting of this add-on all types of JavaScript, Java, Flash Silverlight were isolated and then users will choose to allow any kind are allowed to work when they know for sure.

Users can also lock temporarily to check or permanently lock any one type of code does.

6.  Better Gmail2

This is a add-on allows users to email service Gmail from Google manufacturers can customize and personalize the look and feel of their mailbox as changes color, showing the form, create and customize sidebar ( toolbar vertical) or attach a signature "bridge period, colored leaves me flowers" thanks to add HTML code . . .

7.  Adblock Plus

Sometimes the site you're opening up mấy look no different things Casino in Las Vegas with colored lights blinks, the banner ads, then all the flash, video automatically run that did not need to know you like to see them or not, even Magazines are also "eat" not less bandwidth already narrow roads of the Internet where you are.  Let's make them disappear with add-on Authors of add-on this statement it can block up to 99% of all kinds of advertising on the web and it seems it is accurate.  If there is a banner or flash the lot which still net you can "nhốt" them by right-click on it choose Adblock Plus.

8. Sage-Too

During the explosion of information, many commonly used method of filtering information belonging to an area that they are interested via RSS (if the sites that have this service).  But sometimes the registration read RSS news also quite time consuming and add-on Sage-Too will help you in this case.
Each time want to read RSS news of the site that you can simply click on the icon of the Sage-Too and it will automatically register for you.  Then the information of the site have signed up will be displayed in a list next to the Firefox window.

9.  Google Preview

Google may be the search of the best in the world today but what it does not allow users to preview a site before that must take place on, because sometimes a snippet of text still can not fully describe that site.
will offset these deficiencies.  At the left side of each search results Google Preview will have a thumbnail (THUMBNAIL) of that site.  Users can see through before deciding to have it or not.  Although called Google Preview, but actually add-on is still active with the search results of Yahoo!.

10. CustomizeGoogle

If you're a fan of Google, it can not ignore this add-on.  It will allow you to customize Google your way (any type of way that you can think or imagine that it meets all).  Authors add-on also declared it can turn Google into a "minor" but you can not be imagined.
With the new start, will only temporarily block Google ads, analyze the sites of the cookie and hide ID used on Google's users.

And yet, from now next to each search results from Google will have more links of the search engine such as Yahoo, Ask. com, altavista. com . . .  Yen care more, CustomizeGoogle will help you in how to analyze the search results to what was necessary to face the trap of the spammer, phishing . . .
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10 add on useful for firefox
« on: November 01, 2008, 08:25:32 AM »


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