Author Topic: How Much Did You Pay For Epassport(international Passport) Or Willing To Pay?  (Read 2314 times)

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I don't know how much you are willing to pay or have paid to acquire your international passport or also known as the new epassport but let me tell you that the official price on it is N8750 but you can't get it at that because right from the bank where you get the card to make the payment of net, you are charged N9000.  I know some people pay as much as N18,000 to acquire the epassport while some payless.  I am not saying you can not acquire it with the official amount but i will advise you to get my "13 step of how to acquire the epassport with N9000".  I was giving it out for FREE before until i decided to start selling it for N1000 after conducting some more investigation and update on the recent happening.  I also gave you some areas you have to be careful with while doing it yourself and some other resource that you will need like renewing you formal passport, what not to do with your epassport, and some other relevent information.  It is actually a report i compile and it is insightful.  Pay and receive it sharp, sharp into your email box.   Now, i am not here to tell you i will do it for that amount N9000 if you want me to but rather you have to cough out N14,500 for me to take up the troubles you will go through. The N5500 covers the printing of the required document/form from the net and the wahala.  provide me with the necessary information, including your guarantor's profile and other material if you have.  If you don't, Don't worry.  I am here to help u out.

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