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?Football Star had sex with underage prostitute ? click to find out more and see all the shocking pictures? ? BEWARE, new type of spam

If you have received something like that we really hope you had deleted it immediately, if you have not found anything like this in your mailbox ? please remember about what you are about to read when you do.

You all know what spam is. You all know what a computer virus is. Now, there is a new way or rather idea how to combine the two together. Using peoples naivety not only allows to infect their computer with hostile software but also get their details (including IP address) and make money (for in the process.

Whole mechanism is quite simple and as we said it is using people naivety and interest in Celebrities. Here is how it works: starts to send out thousands of e-mails looking lake a newsletter of a legitimate newspaper or news blog. In the e-mail you can see information that someone famous a movie star, sport star or any other well known and not very old celebrity ;-) had died. It was a car crash, plane crash or in any other unexpected way. Usually incident of that sort is very tragic as there are other victims as well. Another way will try to interest you will be news as in the title ? Celebrity person, underage prostitute (sometimes male) and of course shocking photos that the world will want to see. Recently the most popular names of the stars (bear in mind that this list changes accordingly to current popularity of stars mentioned) used in the scam include: Tiger Woods, Beyonce Knowles, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Jay-Z, Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus and Tiger Woods.

Now, that they got you interested in order to find out more you need to follow link to the website or open attached file (this second option is less popular due to higher awareness of internet users, but it does happen). If there is an attachment you can be 150% sure that in the zip file (most of the time it is a zip/rar file as e-mail anti virus scanners will not raise the alarm). If it is the first option (with the link) there is few more choices of what will happen next. In many cases HTML code of the web site you will be directed to contains a Trojan.Zbot virus.

Why people open such documents or click prepared links? They trust well known brands of internet news agencies and famous name in the title is a bait.

Recently a new way to ?catch? users and get their details (including IP address) is with the use of very popular social websites. There are prepared sites promising to give you all saucy details and pictures involving a famous footballer and a prostitute ?looking 13 years old?. Especially in Great Britain where football is very popular and everyone wants to know everything if scandal is involved. But before you get any details they will ask you to click ?Like? button, share the news with all your friends and fill up many questionnaires. You give away all your details and pocket of fraudster is getting filled up with the money for preforming market research.

At the end, once they got everything they needed from you, you will be directed to one of the tabloid web sites and similar article published few days before.

Please remember ? it is always wise to think twice before giving away any details of yourself. You use different types of anti virus software, you are trying to be careful about privacy of your personal details. Fine. But remember that IP address is one of them. It is really worth it to try to disguise before starting an online session. In order to do it you can use different types of VPN services or proxy servers. Again we advise to do a little bit of research before downloading any software of this kind or registering with a service.

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