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BUSINESS and ECONOMY / Get all hot info products here for just #500
« on: November 10, 2009, 05:43:26 AM »
yes you can get any info product here with us for just that amount #500. 

info like,

work at home,

paypal acoout verification,

us bank account setup etc

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« on: November 10, 2009, 05:40:09 AM »



AND MANY MORE ADVANTAGES. . .  GO TO 18monthsdegree. blogspot. com   or forgetjamb. blogspot. com

www. 18monthsdegree. blogspot. com or www. forgetjamb. blogspot. com

i have an information and i know it will be of help to you.  do you have liberty res.  and you dont know how to cash it.  you dont need third party to help you cash it.  since you can, even at ANY ATM machine! TRUST ME!
better still listen to my words, you can even fund your lib.  res.  account by yourself, i will show you how:
order for the information and get a bonus how to open and verify your paypal account within 15 mins? to :

Bank name: Intercontinental bank
Account name: Adebowale Tosin
A/c No.  : 0153110001159736

Send your full name, teller no & email to 08072128293 or send details to dannyboytosin@yahoo. com

all for just # 1,500 , hurry and join others now!   

I am about to show you a secret that will change the way do business on the Internet.   I?m going to show you how I opened my own verified account, which I use in cashing my profits online. 

We all know that before now, Nigerians have a hard time doing business.  Apart from the scams and yahoo-yahoo boys destroying the Nigerian image, any online business needs an online payment solution and the most secured is paypal or a U. S.  bank account.  With these, you get trust and job transactions easily.  These businesses includes but not limited to information marketing, affiliate marketing, ebay auctions, c. p. a.  Marketing, blogs, work from home, paid surveys, foreign investments etc. 

Due to scams, 419 and fraud, paypal has banned Nigerians which include you and I .  this has caused a lot of problems but I have good news for you.  Just relax and read on.  You might be thinking what is it again about U. S account opening with paypal verification. 

This is because to open a paypal account, you need a US bank account that is attached to it.  the US bank account is what gets your paypal account verified.  An alternative is to use a credit card using liberty reserve.  But you see on thing with this is that you are limited in the sense that you cant cash you money on the ATM machine here in Nigeria, you cant cash or receive checks into your paypal account and you cant even bankwire or make bank transfers or even send a check cos you don?t even have a bank account in the first place.  So you see why I don?t advice you to use a credit card except you want to make online payments only and receive money into your paypal account. 

Before now, a lot of individuals who want to open a paypal account tries to open a US bank account with E-trade Bank by filling forms and posting it to the United states or the U. K.  At some point, this got cancelled and individuals were left with other alternatives like graphcards visa cards etc.  but that no longer works as well.  Some even try using Wachovia bank US.  But it banned Nigerians.
I am relaying this to you to let you know what I have is totally different from what you already know.  Infact, when I discovered this, I couldn?t hold back myself as to how much problem this information will be solving.  I call it ?US bank account & paypal verifier? .

This package will enable you do the following:
1.    open and activate your  US bank account within 7 days .
2.    You?ll be able to open a paypal account within 5 minutes and then get it verified!
3.    be able to withdraw funds from your account anytime at any ATM machine in Nigeria with the visa logo ( Gtbank, intercontinental bank, first bank etc)

My package will show you step by step how to do this yourself and get your own paypal account.  I tell you this is totally different from what you know or you have heard and this is not Etrade or graph card! So how much is the pack: it?s just # 4,000 only! So cheap!
You can make your payment into our Intercontinental bank anywhere.

Bank name: Intercontinental bank
Account name: Adebowale Tosin
A/c No.  :  0153110001159736

Send your full name, teller no & email to 08072128293 or send details to dannyboytosin@yahoo. com  and the US account & paypal verifier will be sent to you when your payment has been confirmed.  Thanks and Hurry, I am 100% sure that you?ll be able to open your US bank account and verify your paypal account if you follow the process successfully.   

« on: February 16, 2009, 04:31:08 PM »
WORK FROM HOME ? EARN WEEKLY SALARY(Online job opportunities for Nigerians)

You can earn as much as $300 weekly doing things you like.  That is $1200 every month.  A lot of Nigerian like you are already making between $250 - $1000 on a weekly basis per job completed.  I. e.  $30 - $ 4000 per job.   And you get paid directly into your bank account here in Nigeria.  No start up capital (zero capital) You can even work in a cyber caf?. 

You can work as a data entry operator, article writer, virtual assistant, web designer, logo designer, typist, online customer service, legal jobs (for lawyers) web researcher, internet research, internet marketer etc.  you choose what you can do & when you do it you get paid instantly. 

I personally make over $1000 - $1200 over & over again with this program easily.  It is simple as cutting a cheese.  No certificate, No qualification, just knowledge of computer and how to browse, how to send and receive email, that?s all, unless you are lazy and don?t want to do anything.  When you sign up you receive emails of jobs, which you selected, you can do, choose anyone you can do, complete the task and you get paid, and it?s so simple.

You see, there are thousands of jobs available on the Internet waiting for those who can make themselves available.  You choose your working hours ( 2 ? 4 hrs weekly is ok), choose from list of jobs based on your performance or experience of what you can do.  Do the job and you get paid for it. 

You can be paid into your paypal account, domiciliary account or your local bank account.  I will show you how to withdraw your money easily.  So what you need is the knowledge of how to get the jobs, how to do it and how to collect your money.  That?s what I will be revealing to you. 

Order for the complete package for just # 4,000 with bonus of ?how to open and verify your paypal account within 15 mins? to :

Bank name: Intercontinental bank
Account name: Adebowale Tosin
A/c No.  :  0153110001159736

Send your full name, teller no & email to 08072128293 or send details to dannyboytosin@yahoo. com

E-currencies like e-gold, lib reserve , e-bullion are now becoming the most secured online payment option , which makes puts us in the fore front of online business.  but cashing these online funds is still a mirage to many nigerians since they have fallen into the hands of fraudsters all in the name of funding and cashing , i am a victim too! but this information when applied will eliminate middlemen and put you in the control of your funds and cash.

The international U. S.  based company is now registered here in nigeria, so no fraud, and i am here only to let other Nigerians benefit from this.  i am not a sales/ marketer or an affiliate of them either. 

The e-book contains how you can tranfer funds from your lib res acc to your nigerian ATM and then cash it there. 

You can also require a bankwire or check sent to you or to your domiciary bank account here in nigeria!

More over, all this transaction is done by you online by yourself. 

You can also cash your e-gold fund easily

You can also fund your lib res acc, e-bullion or e-gold by yourself. 

The international company is now registered here in nigeria and they have a strong collaboration with all nigerian banks, so there is nothing like fraud.

You can get all the details on how to go about it and how to do all the transaction by yourself its 100% legal!!!

Dont fall into the hands of fraudsters that promise to fund your  lib res acc, e-currencies and you never see them again.  discover on how to do it all by yourself.  
for the e-book call 08072128293   or email : dannyboytosin@yahoo. com

Adebowale daniel tosin

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