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you are at Seychelles, I never know any country with that name exist.  but i know you have office at other countries too.
\"LiteForex service mark is registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the serial number 78863864 and registration number 3255556\"

well. . . if you have US patent, why you are not NFA member? Then what broker association that approve you? I know this organization regulate brokers around the world.  If you are not listed at any of those organization, then how investor can be sure that you follow every rules and ethics when providing the trading service? I don;t try to be skeptical, but some broker \"MAKE\" their trader loss to earn dirty profit.

Your reply is very appreciated.

I think that the US dollar will be heavily to decline and my money on your account will decrease.

I am concerned, the dollar as the currency.  Often in the news suggests that many countries do not want to have the dollar as a backup currency.  Countries that sell oil, moving to its currency.  Asian countries are also moving to its currency.  Russia wants to make a backup of the currency of the Chinese Yuan.  Your company reimburses in dollar currency.  I\'d like to keep my deposit in your company in euros.  This is possible?

i still cannot eposit into my account through your new Trader\'s profile, though i\'ve already verified my profile via phone

Quote from: Mikhail Tegin link=topic=23279. msg227503#msg227503 date=1255073572
Dear warwolf, for your information, Cobra is not that much a strategy, though it\'s a trading robot, managing expert, hence it cannot offer you 100% profit
Yes, I understand.  But if you adhere to certain tactics, you can successfully earn)

Cool company, I opened an account, I will work with you. 

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It would be good if the company has provided its projections for currencies

Where can I download an expert, indicator or a script?

Now it is better to deposit in euros.  Company LiteForex provides deposit in euros?

Can I recharge my deposit several times? And will always receive bonus?

« on: September 25, 2009, 10:16:35 AM »
so much of an advertisement. . .  nevertheless, forex is up to my minds one of the most risky sohere of money invrstment; and when it comes to brokers, it goes without saying that they try to attract clients though cheating themselves somtimes

I would like to know more details about the bonus.

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