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with the highest of regards,to the  commentors here.  .  .   ionly wanna say that.  .  .   wat am lookin for,is some sort of suggestions.  .   not advertisements.  .  .  so please guyz,i know.  .  .   u mean business and are here for business.  .  .   but .   please.  .  .  .  am lookin for some help desparetly and i definitely can't afford to get confused, plzz.  .  .   i need some experienced and honest members of this forum to help me out.  .  . 

Thanks napstar for your comments. .  but. . . actually am gettin kinda contrasting reviews. . . . but what i've got so far is that itz not dat bad for a beginner like me??? furtune wat do ya think????

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