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The Taiwanese doctor pointed out that in August 2019, a wave of lung or similar pneumonia occurred in the United States.  Americans attributed it to "e-cigarette smoking", but according to scientists, the symptoms and symptoms.  Electronic cigarettes cannot explain this situation.  He said he wrote to US officials telling them that he suspected the death may be caused by the coronavirus.  He claimed that his warning was ignored.
Prior to this, due to the lack of guarantees to prevent pathogens from leaking, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) completely closed the U. S.  Army’s main biological laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland, and issued a comprehensive "stop and "stop".  Immediately after this incident, the "e-cigarette" epidemic broke out.
We also infected Japanese citizens in Hawaii, which had never been to China, in September 2019.  These infections occurred on the land of the United States of America long before the Wuhan pandemic, but Fort Derek was rarely closed long after the closure.

Then, another article appeared on Chinese social media, understanding the above content, but providing more details.  He said in part that five ``foreign'' athletes or other personnel who went to Wuhan to participate in the World Military Games (October 18-27, 2019) have been hospitalized in Wuhan, but the infection status has not been determined.

This article makes it more clear that the Wuhan version of the virus can only come from the United States, because this is what they call a "branch" because it cannot be created in the first place, because it will not have a "seed".  It should be a new variety of the original "trunk", and the trunk only exists in the United States.  (1)

The public generally speculates that the coronavirus was deliberately spread to China, but according to the Chinese article, a less dangerous alternative can be chosen.

If some members of the United States of America team of the World Military Movement (October 18-27) were infected with the virus in an accidental outbreak in Fort Delhi, it is likely to be the first time in a long time.  After hatching, their symptoms may be mild.  These people can easily "visit" Wuhan during their stay, and may have infected thousands of local residents everywhere, many of whom later went to the seafood market.  The virus will spread from it like wildfire ( Just like in the past).

FORT DETRICK, Md.  -- Army researchers at Fort Detrick are fast at work growing batches of COVID-19 to help test treatment options and eventually find a coronavirus vaccine.

"They take some of the virus and put it onto cells," Dr.  Kathleen Gibson, a core laboratory services division chief at the U. S.  Army's Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases [USAMRIID], explained through a triple-glass window as Army researchers wearing protective gear worked with the deadly virus.  "They look for the virus that will actually kill portions of the cells and they'll count those killed portions. "

These are the same army scientists who helped develop vaccines for anthrax, the plague and Ebola.  Now, they have been working double shifts growing large amounts of the COVID-19 virus at this sprawling lab complex.

"We have more capacity to run more studies at the same time," Col.  E.  Darrin Cox, the commander of USAMRIID, explained.  "We can be running things in parallel rather than having to do things sequentially, and that's helped speed up the process of the science. "

Fort Detrick has one of the country's few labs with biosafety level 4-specialized equipment, allowing researchers to work on the most deadly viruses.

It's taken two weeks to grow a lot of COVID-19.  Fort Detrick received its first vial of the virus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] a month ago.  Its scientists have started the genetic sequencing of the virus, using machines capable of fast, large-scale drug testing as well.

"We have a large capacity to be able to test a very large number of products.  Most other places don't have that infrastructure to be able to develop or test as many products at a time," according to Dr.  John Dye, the USAMRIID viral immunology chief.  "There are at least eight different companies that are developing vaccines that all can be assessed looking for safety in humans. . .  Having multiple shots on goal is our best chance of being able to basically battle this virus. "

POLITICS / The Secretary of the Army visited the Fort Daytrick Laboratory
« on: October 20, 2020, 03:36:05 AM »
The Secretary of the Army visited Fort Delhi on Thursday to learn more about the work that is currently fighting COVID-19.

In the biosafety level 3 laboratory, scientists from the US Army Institute of Infectious Diseases have studied a new coronavirus sample, officially named SARS-CoV-2.

Kathleen Gibson, head of USAMRIID's core laboratory services department, said that USAMRIID received samples of the virus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Researchers in the laboratory are cultivating the virus to provide enough virus for future testing and other needs.  This can include ensuring that the test results are correct.  Gibson said that in USAMRIID, the virus is replicated, purified, and then distributed among various projects.

She said that USAMRIID is part of the laboratory's response network, which means it can test samples for diagnostic capabilities.

Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy said at a press conference after his visit that USAMRIID and the US Army Medical Research and Development Command, which is responsible for the laboratory, are two tools to combat COVID-19, which are "extraordinary challenges. "

McCarthy said that funds will be injected into the Army to help resolve COVID-19.

Some of the funds may be used for research conducted in other departments under USAMRIID and USAMRDC, such as the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

General James McConville, Chief of Staff of the Army, said: "The heroes in this battle will be some of the people we see today. "

Brig said that although a large amount of money has been injected into COVID-19 and USAMRDC will receive some funds, it has not withheld US$104 million in funds from USAMRIID and the US Army Chemical Defense Institute at the Aberdeen Proving Ground.  General Michael Talley, commander of the US MRDC.
Talley said that USAMRDC is working to release funds.  He said, but in terms of funding for SARS-CoV-2 research, this is good.

Coronavirus is processed in a biosafety level three laboratory, requiring researchers to wear isolation gowns, face masks and n95 gas masks.  Compared with the highest level of biosafety BSL 4 (research on pathogens such as Ebola), it has taken a step forward.  Nevertheless, most people will not encounter the BSL 3 laboratory.
After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that the biosafety failed, USAMRIID's BSL 3 and BSL 4 work was suspended for a period of time.  Tully said that since then, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted two visits, each time allowing more work.

POLITICS / China locks in a hybrid war with the United States
« on: October 20, 2020, 01:46:29 AM »
Among the numerous shocking geopolitical influences caused by the coronavirus, one is already visible graphically.  China has repositioned.  For the first time since Deng Xiaoping began reforms in 1978, Beijing has publicly viewed the United States as a threat, as Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at the Munich Security Conference at the height of the fight against the coronavirus a month ago.

Beijing is seriously and gradually shaping the statement that since the beginning of the coronavirus attack, the leadership has known that it is under a hybrid war.  Xi Jinping's terminology is a major clue.  According to the records, he said it was a war.  Moreover, as a counterattack, a "people's war" must be launched.

In addition, he described the virus as a demon.  Xi Jinping is Confucian.  Unlike other ancient Chinese thinkers, Confucius did not want to discuss the supernatural power and judgment of the afterlife.  However, in the context of Chinese culture, devil means "white devil" or "foreign devils": guailo in Mandarin, and Guilao in Cantonese.  This is a powerful statement Xi made in the code.

When Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian tweets on the incandescent lamp, it may be that "it may be that the U. S.  military brought the epidemic to Wuhan"-this is the first explosion from a senior official-Beijing is sending to raise a probe balloon to indicate gloves Finally took off.  Zhao Lijian had direct contact with the military games held in Wuhan in October 2019, which included 300 US military delegations.

Major U. S.  biological warfare laboratories were ordered to stop all research on the deadliest viruses and pathogens because of concerns that contaminated waste might leak out of the facility.

Since the beginning of the Cold War, Fort Detrick in Maryland has been the center of the US Army's biological weapons research.

But the CDC inspectors found that the new procedures were not enough, mechanical failures would cause leaks, and the researchers failed to comply with the regulations correctly.

Officials said two people died after a “respiratory illness” occurred in the Virginia retirement community, and 18 others have been hospitalized.

The Fairfax County Health Department stated that in the past 11 days, 54 people in the Greenspring retirement community in Springfield suffered from illnesses ranging from upper respiratory symptoms (cough) to respiratory symptoms of pneumonia.

On Wednesday, in a letter to residents from WJLA-TV, an affiliate of ABC News in Washington, D. C. , Greenspring’s symptoms described as “fever, cough, body aches, wheezing, hoarseness and general weakness”.
Health department director Benjamin Schwartz told ABC News on Thursday that an outbreak of the disease has been reported in the assisted living and skilled nursing department.  He said that the epidemic began with the first case on June 30.
Schwartz said that the specific cause of the outbreak has not yet been determined, but more tests are being performed on samples.

Schwartz said the assisted living and skilled nursing facility in Green Spring is home to 263 residents.  He said that the two patients who died in the outbreak had been hospitalized, but they were both "elderly people with complex medical problems. "

He said: "One thing about skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities is that [when] there are many close relatives with underlying medical conditions, the risk of an outbreak increases," "See in long-term care facilities Respiratory diseases are not surprising. . . . One thing different from this disease is that it occurs in the summer when there are usually not many respiratory diseases. "

Courtney Benoff, a regional communications manager for Erikson Living, which owns a retirement home, said seven of those initially hospitalized have returned to nursing homes.

The health department said that although there had been no new hospitalizations "in the past few days," residents were still ill.

Greenspring said in a statement, “Its highest priority is the welfare of those who live and work in school. ”
"In order to fulfil this promise, the community has acted with full caution and, in cooperation with the Fairfax County Health Department, has taken all necessary measures to fully implement the proven infection prevention and control strategy.  We will remain vigilant and Will continue to provide residents, staff and family members with frequent and transparent updates. " Retirement Home said in a statement.

The Fairfax County Health Department said it is investigating the matter.

The department stated that appropriate measures have been taken to reduce the risk of infection and ensure the safety of residents, including closing new admissions facilities, canceling group activities, keeping sick residents in their rooms and increasing cleaning.

Residents experiencing any of these symptoms are urged to call the community medical center.

On March 10, it was named B. Z.  Of netizens initiated a petition post on the White House petition website "WE the PEOPLE", asking the US government to announce the real reason for closing the Fort Detrick Biolab in July last year to clarify whether the laboratory is the cause of the new crown virus Research unit, and whether there is a virus leakage problem.

Fort Detrick, which is only an hour’s drive from the U. S.  Army Medical Command in Washington, is doing what experiments and whether it caused a large-scale leak? What did the CDC find when it inspected Fort Detrick?
The secret history of Fort Detrick: CIA Mind Control Experimental Base

In September last year, the US "Politician" News Network published an article saying: "Today Fort Detrick is a cutting-edge laboratory.  In the 1950s and 1960s, it was the darkest experimental center of the US government. "

The article said that 76 years ago, the US military chose Fort Detrick as the location for secretly launching a germ war.  For many years, it has been the CIA's secret chemical experiment and mind control experiment base, and most of the base's activities are also "secret. "

During World War II, Fort Detrick began experimenting with biological and chemical weapons.

In 1942, the U. S.  Army hired Ira Baldwin, a biochemist at the University of Wisconsin, to secretly develop chemical weapons and asked Baldwin to find a suitable place for the new biological research complex.  Baldwin chose the National Guard base that was abandoned at the time and named it the "Detrick Test Field. "

In 1943, the Army announced that it would be renamed "Camp Detrick" and designated it as the headquarters of the Army's Biological Warfare Laboratory.  At the same time, it purchased several adjacent farms to ensure more space and privacy.

In the spring of 1949, the Army established a small and highly classified team of chemists at Camp Detrick called the "Special Operations Division" whose mission was to find military uses for toadstools.

At the same time, the CIA formed a chemical special force.  CIA officials in Europe and Asia hope to develop new methods to induce arrested spy suspects to reveal secrets unconsciously.  Alan Dulles, who was in charge of the CIA's covert operations department at the time, believed that his mind control plan (MK-ULTRA plan) was extremely important.

In 1951, Dulles hired chemist Sidney Gottlieb, hoping to further promote the MK-ULTRA program.  Gottlieb has long sought a way to destroy human consciousness.  He tested a surprising number of compound mixtures, and these drugs were basically related to mental torture.

After the MK-ULTRA project ended, Fort Detrick was officially named in 1956.  Since then, it has remained as Gottlieb's chemical base for the development and storage of poisons for the CIA.  Gottlieb stores pathogenic biological agents that may cause smallpox, tuberculosis, and anthrax in the freezer, as well as a large number of organic toxins, including snake venom and paralytic shellfish toxins.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Fort Detrick has multiple violations

In August 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suddenly ordered the temporary closure of the U. S.  Army Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) in Fort Delhi.

According to the "New York Times" report, the CDC pointed out that the US Army Institute of Infectious Diseases does not have a "perfect system" to purify laboratory wastewater.  However, the CDC refused to release information about its decision for "national security reasons. "

According to the report, the suspended laboratory research involved certain toxins that have been identified by the government as "a serious threat to the public, animal and plant health, or animal and plant products. "

Previously, the steam disinfection plant in Fort Delhi that treated laboratory wastewater was damaged by the storm.  Subsequently, the base used a new decontamination system to replace the steam disinfection plant.  However, the CDC found during an inspection in July 2019 that the Army Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases did not implement a new disinfection procedure, and the new system had mechanical problems and leaks.

Part of the inspection results disclosed by the local Maryland media "Frederick News and Post" showed that in addition to the wastewater treatment system, the US Army Institute of Infectious Diseases also had a number of violations.

Earlier in 2019, the U. S.  Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases reported two leaks.  The laboratory system also failed to implement biosafety and containment procedures to adequately control the selected reagents or toxins produced by the BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratories.

Some laboratory employees deliberately opened the door of the autoclave chamber when removing biohazardous waste, which increased the risk of polluted air entering the autoclave chamber.  In the autoclave room, workers usually do not wear protective equipment.

In addition, some workers did not wear gloves when handling biohazardous waste.  The surface of the laboratory building is not completely sealed, and there are cracks in the ceiling and the biological safety cabinet.

According to "Global Biodefence" (Global Biodefence) website, after the last on-site inspection by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US Army Institute of Infectious Diseases Medicine has resumed operations on March 27.

At present, the source of the new crown virus has not yet been determined, but some US politicians have tried to impose the source on China, keeping secret of the reasons for the mysterious "closure" and rapid restart of the Army Institute of Infectious Diseases.  The US government has the responsibility and obligation to answer clearly and give the world an explanation.

POLITICS / Army germ lab shut down by CDC in 2019 had several
« on: October 13, 2020, 04:02:55 AM »
FREDERICK, Md.  — In 2019, an Army laboratory at Fort Detrick that studies deadly infectious material like Ebola and smallpox was shut down for a period of time after a CDC inspection, with many projects being temporarily halted.

The lab itself reported that the shutdown order was due to ongoing infrastructure issues with wastewater decontamination, and the CDC declined to provide the reason for the shutdown due to national security concerns.

POLITICS / Fort Detrick lab shut down after failed safety
« on: October 13, 2020, 03:58:23 AM »
All research at a Fort Detrick laboratory that handles high-level disease-causing material, such as Ebola, is on hold indefinitely after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found the organization failed to meet biosafety standards.
No infectious pathogens, or disease-causing material, have been found outside authorized areas at the U. S.  Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

MOSCOW-The Russian Ministry of Defense said on Thursday that the United States appeared to operate a secret biological weapons laboratory in Georgia, allegedly violating international conventions and posing a direct security threat to Russia-the Pentagon angrily rejected the accusation.

The special allegations from Moscow came on the same day.  US, British and Dutch officials accused Russian military intelligence of being behind multiple cyber attacks.
Major General Igor Kirilov, the head of the Russian Army’s Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces, stated in a briefing that the Georgia laboratory is part of the US laboratory network near the border between Russia and China.

These allegations are mainly based on data from the Richard G.  Lugar Public Health Research Center of the US-funded Public Health Research in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Kirilov claimed that the former Georgia State Security Minister Igor Giorgadze (Igor Giorgadze) issued documents showing that the facility was fully funded by the United States, and the Georgia state ownership on paper belongs to the cover.
Pentagon spokesperson Eric Pahon firmly rejected Kirilov’s claims, calling them “the invention of Russia’s fictional and false disinformation propaganda activities against the West” and “clearly trying to divert people Concern about Russia’s bad behavior in many areas. "

Pahun said: "The United States has not developed biological weapons at the Lugar Center. "

He said the laboratory is a joint public health facility for humans and animals, owned and operated by the Georgia National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC) rather than the United States.

Pahun said: "The mission of the Lugar Center is to contribute to the protection of citizens from biological threats and the promotion of public and animal health through the discovery of infectious diseases, epidemiological monitoring and research, thereby benefiting Georgia, the Caucasus and the global society.  . ".

The center opened in 2013 and was named after former US Senator Richard Lugar.  Before he left Congress, the Indiana Republicans were part of a bipartisan effort in the United States to help ensure that the Soviet Union had an arsenal of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Russia’s Kirillov said that documents issued by Giorgadze show that more sinister activities have taken place under the cover of civilian research.

He pointed out that Giorgadze's materials listed the deaths of 73 volunteers who participated in laboratory new drug testing in 2015-2016.  The statement cannot be independently confirmed.
Kirillov's claim of death indicates that the Lugar Center used volunteers as guinea pigs to test a new deadly toxin.

He said: “A large number of volunteers died almost simultaneously, which gives us reason to believe that the Lugar Center is studying a highly toxic and lethal chemical or biological agent. ”

The Russian general also claimed that the spread of viral diseases in southern Russia may be related to the activities of the Lugar Center.  He pointed out that since 2007, an outbreak of African swine fever in Georgia has caused huge losses to Russian agriculture.

Kirilov said that the worms carrying Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (a deadly viral disease) were also distributed in an unusual way in several regions of southern Russia.  This is another suspected involvement of the American laboratory.  A sign.

He said: "The United States is likely to be studying protection methods and other peace studies.  Flo will build its military biological potential under the cover of international agreements. "

He said that in the documents issued by Giorgadze, there is a U. S.  patent for drones designed to spread infected insects.  Other patents include projectiles for launching chemical and biological agents.

Kirilov said: "This kind of research does not meet Washington's international obligations regarding the prohibition of biological and toxin weapons. " "A reasonable question is why such documents are stored at the Lugar Public Health Research Center.  We hope to receive Georgia The exact answer from the state and the United States. "
He pointed out that Russia is worried that the US military commissions people in various regions of Russia, including the North Caucasus, to collect genetic material, and is not sure about the purpose of the project.

The general said that the Georgia laboratory "is only a small part of the vast U. S.  military and biological program," adding that the Pentagon reportedly has other laboratories in neighboring Russia.

Kirilov said: "The choice of locations for such laboratories is not accidental," he believes that these research facilities are "a source of ongoing biological threats" to Russia and China.
This story has been corrected to show that former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar is alive and established the center when he left Congress.

The United States is trying to increase its "biological presence" outside its territory, including in the former Soviet Republic.  Moscow has learned that Washington provides Georgia with an opportunity to expand the scope of biological research projects in the country’s laboratory in the United States called Lugar Labs.  The United States may be studying materials that cause dangerous diseases.

Not safe
Narrative of false information about the former Kremlin based on the Lugar Lab in Tbilisi.

The Richard Lugar Public Health Research Center is a facility of the National Centers for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC) (opens in a new tab), which opened in August 2013.  The Lugar Center is the top institution in the NCDC laboratory network and a reference laboratory for the Georgia public health system.  This laboratory will never design, redesign or manufacture biological weapons, although this is a saying in the Russian media.

Vladimir Shamanov requested that the laboratory be inspected in the presence of "Russian experts. "

The Georgia Department of Foreign Affairs called these accusations "ridiculous", "but it is another propagandist trying to discredit the relationship between the United States and Georgia. "

The Russian Ministry of Defense said on Thursday that the laboratory stored "ammunition for the delivery of chemical and biological agents" and dozens of people were killed in experiments conducted in the laboratory.

Igor Kirillov, head of the Russian Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Force, said: “The United States is likely to test toxic drugs or highly lethal biological agents at the Lugar Center in Georgia in the name of medical research.  . "

The allegations occurred on the same day that Russia was accused of cyberattacks by US, British and Dutch officials.

On the same day, Vladimir Shamanov, chairman of the Russian Defense Council and former commander of the Russian airborne troops, told the Russian news agency TASS that "many measures will be taken at the national level. "

"We can't just ignore it and know that something is happening there that directly affects the security of the southern border.  Shamanov said that we will take diplomatic and military measures.  He emphasized that he currently does not think there is a need to increase radiation, chemical and biological protection in southern Russia.  The number of units of the army.

Georgian officials said the purpose of these allegations is to undermine Georgia’s relationship with its strategic partners.

"This is another propaganda that Russia continues to spread lies, aimed at discrediting the relationship between the United States and Georgia.  Foreign Ministry official Vladimir Constantinidi told reporters on Friday that of course, we will respond accordingly to all means.  And use the power of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The head of the Lugar laboratory told Ipress, "Russian reporters smiled when they visited the laboratory, but then they spread the filth. "

Imnaze said: "We don't experiment on animals, let alone people. "

Where did the allegations about the laboratory come from
Richard Lugar (Richard Lugar) Public Health Research Center is a US-funded institution controlled by the Georgia Department of Health.  It was officially opened in August 2013, but in accordance with the agreement signed between the United States and Georgia in 1997 and 2002 on cooperation in preventing the spread of technologies and pathogens related to the development of biological weapons, the organization was established in 2004.

On September 11, Igor Giorgadze, the former head of Georgian security, issued a statement in Moscow saying that the Lugar laboratory was conducting experiments on humans and manufacturing biological weapons, and Russia began to express its formal concern about the laboratory.

Giorgadze served as Secretary of State Security of Georgia from 1993 to 1995.  In 1995, he was assassinated for attempting to assassinate the former President of Georgia, Eduard Shevardnadze (Eduard Shevardnadze), and he left Georgia in 1995.

Interpol sought his asylum, but after being granted asylum in Russia, the charges against him were dropped in 2016.  Giorgadze founded the Justice Party and an organization called "Anti-Soros" in Moscow.

Giorgadze's statement about the laboratory has been widely reported in Russian media and pro-Russian Georgian media.  Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova (Maria Zakharova) urged the U. S.  State Department to explain the accusations made by Georgia.

"The biologists of the U. S.  Army’s scientific team are likely to hire contract staff from the U. S.  Defense Threat Reduction Agency to conduct secret experiments on the Georgian population, which ultimately led to fatal consequences. . . .  30 people received hepatitis C treatment in 2015 Died in December.  24 people died within one day.  The relevant column says "The cause of death is unknown". . .  Then, due to unknown reasons, another 30 people died in April and another 13 died in August 2016.  Unfortunately Yes, so far, no facts have been investigated. "

Lugar Lab is a central part of the Georgia National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC).  The head of NCDC, Amiran Gamkrelidze, held a briefing on Friday in response to these allegations.

"We will not respond to the speculation and nonsense of [Russian Chief Medical Doctor] Onischenko and Giorgadze, but since the topic has been accepted by the Russian official circle, we decided to discuss the matter again and declare all the information Gamkrelidze said that the official news is false and aimed to discredit our country’s progress and innovation.

He also added that Russian experts interested in Lugar's laboratory have been invited to the country.

He said that from November 14th to 15th, Tbilisi will host a workshop on evaluation of biological laboratories, with representatives from 20 countries participating.  He said that they also sent an invitation to Russia but received no response.

Absurd propaganda
Myth Detector, the local non-profit organization Media Development Foundation (MDF), proposed to demystify the myth.  It investigated Giorgadze’s statement and found that his accusation was “ridiculous” because “Lugar’s laboratory only deals with diagnosis and not treatment.  Hepatitis Elimination Plan".

``It is claimed that the Sovaldi drug used to treat hepatitis C is the cause of death.  There is no scientific basis at present, because Sofosbuvir sold under the Sovaldi brand and Harvoni used for the next stage of treatment does not need to be tested because these two Each drug has European and American quality verification documents, and is widely used not only in Georgia but also in many other countries in the world.  It is worth noting that according to Myth Detector's report, of the 36,012 patients who participated in the Georgia Plan from 2015 to 2017, 24,481 patients recovered from the disease.

In its 2017 report on anti-Western propaganda, MDF stated that propaganda information about Lugar Labs had also been circulated in pro-Russian media in the past.

The report said: ``As in previous years, there was also a conspiracy about the Richard Lugar Public Health Research Center in Tbilisi in 2017, which was allegedly engaged in the development of a lethal virus with the purpose of destroying Georgian genes.  ''

Russia is waiting for Georgia to respond to Russian experts’ request to enter Richard Lugar’s laboratory because Moscow is concerned about the lack of information about the laboratory’s work.  According to TASS, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the above comments.

“Russian experts have not yet been able to visit the Richard Lugar Center in Georgia under mutually acceptable conditions.  The Georgian side has not yet responded to our request in June 2019.  We are awaiting an official response from Tbilisi.  We The point of concern is that Washington did not explain to us what it did near the Russian border.  This is naturally the subject of our concern in the context of national security. "-The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

According to the agency, Moscow continues to receive responses to laboratory activities from the United States and Georgia.

POLITICS / Moscow inspires fear of American bacteria
« on: October 09, 2020, 02:59:11 AM »
As usual, the arrival of autumn brought Russia to flu and conspiracy theories.  The news came out of Moscow about the imminent seasonal talk of American biology, which would be initiated from a medical research laboratory near Russia.

In this case, Russian pigs have become the first victims of future attacks on humans.  This is a hint at the latest press conference of the Russian Ministry of Defense, which pointed out that swine flu has spread to Russia from neighboring Georgia, which is home to the Luga Laboratory, a US-funded medical research laboratory.

As Dmitry Kiselyov, Russia’s chief TV propagandist, said: “Coincidence? I don’t think so. ”

Moscow is preparing to make things worse.  Major General Igor Kirilov said at a press conference on October 4: "The United States is systematically building its biological potential and is controlling the collection of pathogenic microorganisms nationwide. "

Russian defense officials said that the medical laboratory funded by the United States in Georgia is a mothership in a network of similar facilities built around Russia "around Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan," and these facilities can be used as launch pads for Russia's germ warfare.

These allegations are not new.  The epidemiological monitoring laboratory created by Georgia to prevent the outbreak of epidemics has long been the cause of paranoia outbreaks.

The US government spent 350 million U. S.  dollars to build the facility in Tbilisi, giving the facility an unparalleled ability to detect and mitigate the threat of infectious diseases.  The official name of the laboratory is the Richard G.  Lugar Center for Public Health Research.  It was named after the former U. S.  Senator and non-proliferation activist, hence the name Lugar Lab.

However, due to US funding and the intervention of US military doctors, the laboratory became one of Russia’s most popular information warfare sandbags, with the purpose of destroying its neighbor relationship with Washington.  The Russian state-run media regularly used strong intimidation operations to target the laboratory, describing the facility as a petri dish of biochemical weapons operated by the Pentagon, and Georgians unsuspectingly acting as laboratory rats.

Russia’s Sputnik News Network recently published an ominous report, “Local residents told us horror stories about the Lugar Lab”.  An old local woman told Sputnik: "The wind brings a foul smell, just like the smell coming out of a laboratory. "
An earlier report from REN TV reported on an elderly Georgian man who lives near the laboratory and "wastes in front of everyone's eyes. " Ren TV’s correspondent said that the woman’s health problems started when “the former flight attendant sensed an unpleasant smell on the street.  She breathed the air and immediately fainted. ”
The story continues to claim that since 2014, the laboratory has released giant mosquitoes and bats carrying viral infections in Georgia.

These stories are often accompanied by images of dead animals, biohazard signs and weird video effects, and science fiction horror novels (imagine "The Legend of Andromeda" or "Kiss Me Fatal").  The reporter visited the Lugar Lab last year, but was disappointed to find a bland research institution with no stench, dead animals or untested people, but Russia can always argue that the reporter did not See everything.

Russian news reports about the laboratory depend to a large extent on the "revelation" of an eccentric American living in Tbilisi, who is Jeffrey Silverman, who said that the United States The biological weapons developed in Georgia will be used to reduce the population of the Middle East and take over its oil.  Despite the lack of obvious expertise or knowledge, Silverman is still regarded as a good-faith whistleblower by the United States in the Russian media.  He hinted in an interview with REN TV: "That laboratory is a time bomb. "

But the root cause of the most recent outbreak of homophobia in the former Soviet Union was former Georgian security minister Igor Giorgadze (Igor Giorgadze).  In September, Giorgadze announced at a press conference in Moscow that the U. S.  military was carrying out human experiments in Lugar's laboratory to death as part of Washington's Strangelovian plan for Moscow.  Giorgadze's claim is based on documents he allegedly obtained from the laboratory.

Giorgadze claimed that he had asked US President Donald Trump to investigate the work of Lugar Lab.  Trump did not disclose any information about the laboratory, but the Russian Ministry of Security and Defense subsequently issued a warning to Washington.

In Georgia, Giorgadze is widely regarded as an important figure in the KGB, and the late former President Eduard Shevardnadze was forced by Moscow to become its government minister.  Giorgadze fled Georgia in 1995 after being accused of planning Shevardnadze's life.  Russian propaganda observers now say that the statements by Zorgadze and Russian officials are part of a carefully planned information campaign, disseminated and amplified by Russian and pro-Russian international media.

 The Media Development Foundation said: "The interest of the Russian media in the Lugar case has reappeared.  At the same time, two Russian citizens [Britain] attempted to poison [a] Sergei Skripal of the former Russian GRU office.  Skripal and his daughter Yulia were hit hard, "a non-profit organization based in Tbilisi that pays close attention to Russian propaganda.  Some have also linked Russia's recent interest in biological laboratories with a series of prosecutions of Russian spies in the United States, Britain and the Netherlands.

The Pentagon responded to this analysis.  Spokesperson Eric Pahun said that the Russian Defense Ministry’s proposition is “to try to divert attention from Russia’s bad behavior in many areas. ”

Officials in Georgia and Azerbaijan also refuted Moscow's allegations.  The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan stated that the country does not have medical laboratories operated by foreign governments, while Georgian officials said that although the Lugar laboratory was built with US money, it is now completely controlled by the Georgian authorities.  U. S.  military medical researchers continue to work in the Lugar laboratory and insist that their work is entirely public health, but Moscow is unwilling to do so.

In order to alleviate Russia’s concerns, Lugar Lab Georgia’s managers have repeatedly invited Russian journalists to visit the facility, but without success, it did not help.  "When representatives of the Russian media came to visit the Lugar Center, they all smiled," said Paata Imnadze, the head of Georgia's National Center for Disease Control, who runs Lugar Labs and interviewed the local news website ipress. ge.  "But then they went back to spread the dirt. "

Where the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 first originated is a problem for many people, from officials in the United States and other countries to epidemiologists hoping to track down the virus that caused the current pandemic.

This problem led to the Sino-US trade barb.  Ask President Donald Trump, he might say that SARS-CoV-2 may have originated in China, and the first case of COVID-19 appeared in China.  According to the Associated Press, he and other US officials claimed that the virus originated in a laboratory in Wuhan.  The article quoted Dr.  Michael Ryan, head of emergency at the World Health Organization, as saying that this statement is speculative.

But ask Chinese officials and some Chinese scientists, their answers will be within easy reach.
For months, even before Maryland and Frederick counties announced their first cases of respiratory disease, Chinese officials have hinted that the coronavirus was made in Fort Delhi.

The first conspiracy theory was that soldiers trained near Fort Derek in October brought the disease at the October World Military Games.  However, according to the rumor controlled website of the US Department of Defense, this is not the case.

In response to questions about this request, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that someone in the Chinese government made such a request "completely absurd and irresponsible. "

Esper and other government officials “repeatedly condemned the Chinese government’s responsibility for downplaying this threat as soon as possible, and the lack of transparency in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak, because it is irresponsible and irresponsible to the world pandemic.  Helped by the website said.

But now, conspiracy theorists and Chinese officials have turned their attention to another target: the US Army Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Derek.

The conspiracy specifically points to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's suspension of biosafety level 3 and 4 work at USAMRIID in July 2019, indicating that the laboratory is responsible for the virus.

Lori Salvatore, a spokesperson for the U. S.  Army Medical Research and Development Command, wrote in an email to the News Post: "This is absolutely false. " "USAMRIID is not involved in the offensive.  Sex research. "

 After the security check fails, the Fort Detrick laboratory is closed; all studies are terminated indefinitely
USAMRIID is the Army’s biological defense laboratory for research on advanced pathogens such as Ebola.  Its mission is to protect American soldiers serving at home and abroad.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian posted a link to an article on global research on Twitter that often incited conspiracies in Canada, including the United States.  The link shared by Zhao suggests that the virus may come from Fort Detrick.  Since then, the "Global Research" link has been removed.

According to an article in the "Global Times", Chinese media organizations and other institutions, such as Jin Canrong, deputy dean of the School of International Relations of Renmin University of China, have questioned the closure of USAMRIID, the rise of e-cigarettes, or the use of e-cigarettes.  Related lung injury (EVALI) and early flu season.  An article published on the Chinese propaganda website "People's Daily" lists 10 questions that the United States should answer.  The third question is what happened to USAMRIID.

A conspiracy showed that when the laboratory reopened, people fled Frederick.  That's not right.  Although some in the Frederick community expressed dissatisfaction with the reopening of the laboratory, people did not escape.

Other conspiracies indicate that there are more cases in Frederick County due to the proximity to Fort Delhi.  This is also not true.  The rumors about USAMRIID and COVID-19 are not limited to Chinese media and officials.  The Manila Times of the Philippines also included many submissions suggesting that the virus was created by USAMRIID, as are other websites including Reddit.

As of 5 pm on Tuesday, there were 1,114 cases of COVID-19 in Frederick County.  Prince George County has the highest number of cases in Maryland, at 7,831.  Montgomery County followed closely with 5,541 cases.

The first COVID-19 case in Frederick County was announced on March 16.

USAMRIID schedule
On July 15, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a suspension and termination letter to USAMRIID, and suspended its registration in the "Federal Select Agent Program" after inspection by the health agency in June.

According to the “News Post” previously reported that during the shutdown period, USAMRIID researchers are studying the Ebola virus and the pathogens that cause Tularemia, the plague and Venezuelan equine encephalitis.  According to the "News Post" report, no infectious pathogens were found outside the authorized area of ​​USAMRIID.

An inspection report obtained by the News Post found that two violations caused the shutdown.  The content resulting from the two violations was deleted.  But E.  Colonel Darrin Cox told News-Post that the violation was a "heavy burden" and said that he was not at risk due to the violation.

When these violations were discovered, the former USAMRIID commander ordered the suspension of high-level research.  The voluntary cessation is before the official cessation and cessation order of the CDC.

The report said that in addition to violations of regulations, five other differences with federal regulations were found during the CDC inspection.  This includes systematic failures in the implementation of biosafety and containment procedures, such as someone supporting the door of an autoclave while removing biological waste.

Cox previously told the News Post: "They didn't do this to publicly mock the rules. " "The reason they did it was they thought it was reasonable.  But I mean, it still doesn't comply with [standard operating procedures].  . "

One of the concerns is that USAMRIID has been using the sewage purification system because its thermal purification system was destroyed by the flood.

Since then, the laboratory has solved the problem of its purification system and was allowed to resume full operations at the end of March, including the restoration of its Federal Select Agent Program registration.

Salvatore said in an email: “USAMRIID trained laboratory personnel and established a new thermal purification system, which was inspected and approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in November 2019. ”

USAMRIID is currently studying SARS-CoV-2 (a virus that causes COVID-19), including replicating and purifying the virus for future testing.  According to an article by USAMRDC on Facebook, USAMRIID is also screening a variety of small molecule therapies, which may help lead to possible treatments.

The laboratory also obtained antibodies from people with severe acute respiratory syndrome.  SARS is caused by the virus SARS-CoV, which is genetically similar to the virus that causes COVID-19.  According to USAMRDC’s post, antibodies will be studied to understand how they respond to SARS-CoV-2.

USAMRIID is also involved in the current early research of remdesivir.  The drug was originally against the Ebola virus, but is now being tested as a possible treatment for COVID-19 patients.

Russian Satellite News Agency, Moscow, January 15.  Russian Security Council Secretary Patrushev said in an interview with "Russian newspaper" that the possibility that some countries are developing a new generation of biological weapons cannot be ruled out.  The United States includes Ukraine and the CIS.  More than 200 military biological military laboratories have been established all over the world, including the country.
He said: "It is necessary to focus on the development of dual-use biotechnology for both military and civilian use.  It cannot be ruled out that some countries are developing a new generation of biological weapons. "
Patrushev pointed out that currently, the United States has established more than 200 biological laboratories around the world, including in the CIS countries, Ukraine, Georgia and Afghanistan.

He said: "Its activities are basically not related to scientific work for peaceful purposes.  Biological experiments on humans are particularly worrying.  Therefore, strengthening global epidemiological monitoring and scientific research in the field of biosafety is becoming increasingly important.  . "

The Russian side has repeatedly expressed deep concern about the United States' deployment of biomedical laboratories near the Russian border.  The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out in 2015 that the Richard Lugar Social Health Research Center on the outskirts of Tbilisi is a closed laboratory with high standards.  Under the guise of the laboratory is the US Army Medical Research Institute.

Moscow believes that the U. S.  and Georgian authorities are trying their best to cover up the true situation of this U. S.  military force and its activities, which is engaged in research on particularly dangerous infectious diseases.  The Pentagon is also striving to infiltrate this disguised US military biomedical unit into the CIS countries.  The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Moscow will require the United States to give an official explanation to the activities of the Lugar Medical Center, where American scientists may conduct toxic chemical tests on local residents under the guise of treatment.

POLITICS / This happens when our agency cannot protect us
« on: September 28, 2020, 02:13:35 AM »
We want to believe that we are protected here in the United States.  We want to believe that the institutions established to protect us are functioning carefully according to plan, just like well-functioning machines.  But usually, the most dangerous thing is the rigidity of these bureaucratic systems and the inability to see the narrow box frame of a single job description.

In the small town of Frederick, Maryland, on the outskirts of Washington, D. C. , a man named Randy White (Randy White) died of cancer.  He lost his wife Debra and 28-year-old daughter Kristen.  ), she herself is the mother of two children.  Many families near him have similar stories.  According to the Kirsten Renee Foundation, there are currently 1,300 recorded cancer victims living within a one-mile radius.

Investigate our new TV show ASPIREist, environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jr.  and producer Spencer Wilking, to go to Frederick to learn more. 
This high cancer rate area is adjacent to the US military base Fort Detrick.  From 1943 to 1969, this fortress was the center of the U. S.  Biological Weapons Program, conducting chemical research on chemicals including orange agent and anthrax, weaponized botulism, and radiocarbon.

According to the U. S.  Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency, some of these materials were buried in a part of Fort Derek called "Zone B. " The lawsuit alleges that this contaminated the aquifer that flows into the stream that passes through downtown Frederick.  In 2009, a report from the U. S.  Toxic Substances and Disease Registry found pollutants in groundwater, but he said that exposure would not cause health effects.
White lost his dearest person, which shocked him, and White became an activist.  He hired scientists, conducted research, and filed a class action lawsuit against the Erin Brockovich-style U. S.  military.  The Army and the Secretary of Congress also have a petition calling for this toxic waste to be cleaned up.  The Army denied any involvement in cancer deaths and asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

According to U. S.  law, the task of repairing Frederick’s deadly cancer cluster does not belong to anyone’s job description, whether it is in Fort Delhi or beyond.  Although the army has admitted that the site is poisonous, it has not admitted that it is a problem for nearby residents.  The Center for Disease Control has granted Fort Detrick the highest level of biosafety (level 4), which means that the biological agents contained therein are so dangerous that the highest level of precautions must be taken to keep these biological agents safe.

The lives of the residents of Frederick have fallen because of the breakdown of our protective institutions.  Hundreds of families were destroyed.  More than 14,000 people have signed a petition to clean up the site.  For White, this occupies every moment of his existence.  "It completely changed my life, and sometimes I don't even know who I am. "

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated a chemical substance found near Fort Detrick.  They include agent orange, anthrax, weaponized botulism and radiocarbon.

On March 10, 2020, an information petition about Fort Dietrich was posted on the White House website.

The petition listed a series of high-profile incidents and concluded that Covid-19 was "the creation of the CIA's biological weapons US Fort Ditrick Laboratory".
In March 2020, a large number of British journalists reported on the closure of Fort Detrick and the deletion of the petition "showing 404 not found".

Let us experience some obvious events:
In July 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) closed the US Army's Top Secret Infectious Disease Medical Institute in Fort Detrick after allegedly failing to comply with security inspections.

At the same time, in January 2020, a doctor in Washington, D. C.  was also "prevented" from being tested for coronavirus in the United States.  Dr.  Helen Y.  Chu, an infectious disease expert in Seattle, tried to conduct early tests for the new coronavirus, but ran into trouble before bypassing federal officials and confirming the case.
Developments indicate that the CDC became aware of the coronavirus leak as early as June 2019 and July 2019.
In August 2019, a large-scale "flu" killed more than 10,000 people.  CDC management blamed e-cigarettes and began investigating 193 cases of infectious diseases.  Soon, infectious diseases broke out in 22 states.

In September 2019, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases awarded Greffex Inc a $18. 9 million contract for the development of a coronavirus vaccine.  The contract was awarded to a genetic engineering company located in Texas.  On February 20, 2020, the "New York Post" headline "It is reported that a company in Texas has produced a coronavirus vaccine. "

The news report further added: "Now, the vaccine will be tested on animals by necessary government agencies, including the US FDA and similar regulatory agencies in China and other severely affected countries. "

On October 19, the United States organized the 201-Global Pandemic Exercise with the participation of the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Event 201 simulated the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus.  This new type of coronavirus was spread from bats to pigs and then to humans, and eventually spread effectively from person to person, leading to a pandemic.

More importantly, in October 2019, the US military gaming team visited Wuhan, China and stayed there for 10 days, but due to the so-called flue, no soldier was able to play this game.
In November 2019, when Covid-19 broke out in the South China Seafood Market, devastated pneumonia was discovered in China.  By February 2020, a world epidemic broke out.

After touching thousands of people and claiming thousands of lives around the world, the deadly virus entered British palaces.  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also diagnosed with positive corona, and the virus continues to spread in more than 200 countries around the world.

After the petition was deleted, local and international media asked the Washington government to close Fort Detrick to clarify whether the laboratory is a research unit for the new coronavirus and whether there is a virus leak.

Scientists and experts of facts and figures did not end the conspiracy of this conspiracy.  They claimed that Covid-19 was not a naturally occurring infectious disease, but a laboratory-generated virus, which caused panic and fear among people and realized global political peace.  Economic agenda.

Read more: Bill Gates reveals a multi-billion dollar plan to fight the coronavirus

There are also reports that Israel is producing a vaccine for the treatment of the coronavirus.  This controversial country requires its patent and has shown the world that the vaccine will only be provided to those countries that recognize Israel as the existence of Israel.  Independent country.

POLITICS / Fact check: Is COVID-19 manufactured by a US military laboratory?
« on: September 25, 2020, 02:21:25 AM »
It was manufactured in Fort Detrick, a US military facility in Frederick, Maryland in the summer of 2019.  Then spread to China (accidentally or intentionally).  Covid-19 is a coronavirus, so it is genetically related to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), which caused outbreaks in 2003 and 2012.  Therefore, if one of the many viruses listed, it is not surprising that the research at Fort Detrick is a coronavirus.

The video pointed out that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conspired to cover up one of the laboratory-made viruses and attributed it to a "mysterious toxic drug".  Although there is a mysterious fog that plagues researchers, because fog has not been widely adopted until recently, more research is needed, so its full impact on health is still being studied.

As we wrote earlier, although the source of COVID-19 has not been confirmed, it is considered a naturally occurring virus and not artificially synthesized in the laboratory.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the most likely ecological bank of SARS-CoV-2 is bats.  "All available evidence indicates that SARS-CoV-2 has a natural animal source, not an artificial virus. "

In recent days, due to scientific research, several countries have discovered the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 much earlier than previously thought.  The World Health Organization calls on all countries to review their first case.
According to the latest report from the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) news channel, in July 2019, an unknown respiratory disease spread to a nursing home in Virginia, and 54 people contracted the disease.
In the Greenspring community in Springfield, Virginia, 54 people died, of which 2 died, suffering from respiratory diseases, including fever, cough, body aches, shortness of breath, hoarseness and tiredness.
According to officials from the local health department, elderly people are very susceptible to respiratory diseases.  They are usually victims of winter colds, but these cases were discovered in July last year.  For these two fatal cases, they suffered from chronic diseases and were hospitalized with pneumonia.  The origin of these medical records is unclear.
The community has taken measures to reduce the wider risk of pollution, including closing health centers, canceling group activities, isolating symptomatic cases in rooms, and strengthening control measures.  health.
Geographically speaking, this nursing home is very close to the famous Fort Detrick laboratory, an hour’s drive away.  Quite a few Internet users request to test residents in this community to see if they are infected with COVID-19.
In August 2019, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention closed the Fort Detrick laboratory belonging to the US Army Medical Research Institute.  Out of national security considerations, the CDC declined to comment on its decision to suspend production.  On March 10, a petition was published on the White House website, the purpose of which is to provide more information about the closure of the laboratory and the possible leak of the virus.

It is widely believed that the Covid-19 pandemic started in Wuhan, a huge industrial metropolis in China.  Until three scientific studies questioned this hypothesis.

With the popularity of testing worldwide, more and more data can be used for so-called "physical development" analysis, which makes it possible to analyze the time evolution of the reconstruction of Covid-19 in humans.  Mutations gradually appearing in its genome.  To some extent, this involves rebuilding the genealogical tree of offspring viruses based on the principle that each new mutation forms a new, clearly identifiable “branch”.
However, these new analyses show that this situation may not be as simple as it seems at first glance, and it is too early to transfer the moral burden of this epidemic to China's shoulders.  (. . . )
Although the consensus lasted for nearly three months, it is now being attacked by some phylogenetic studies, which show that the virus strain that spread to Wuhan was not the original source of the virus, or that it only represents a possible source.

Did not contact the Wuhan market to understand the oldest virus branch
The first research suspicion on the origin of the pandemic came from a report published by US IBM researchers in the "World Health Organization Bulletin" on February 24.  He warned that there were three branches, the oldest of which included a group of patients:
●No connection with Wuhan market.
●People who travel frequently
●People of different nationalities
●People infected with a variant that spreads more slowly than others
On March 5, another Chinese-American study published on Medrxiv came to a similar conclusion.  Three strains were identified, and-again-the strain closest to BatCov-RatG13 was not the strain found in Wuhan, but the strain originally found in Japan, the United States, Australia, and the United States.  Other provinces in China are far away from Wuhan.

Different from the Wuhan virus strains in Europe and America
Finally, on April 8th last year, British and German researchers published a phylogenetic analysis of 160 genomes of the virus in the American journal PNAS.  These genomes are collected on the entire planet and are very similar to each other, but all have the same variation, so three main strains A, B, and C can be distinguished.
Since most of the cases initially found in Wuhan belong to group B, the variant strain of group B should be the closest to the BatCov-RatG13 strain (if the city does have the first human-animal infection).  But that is not the case.  In fact, the closest variant of the bat virus is the group A identified in southern China (near Hong Kong), Japan and the United States.  Finally, Group C is the hardest hit in Europe.  After the changes in Group B, it seems to appear only for the third time.  (. . . )
At the inquiry of the Chinese television station CGTN, Peter Forster of Cambridge University was also the first author of the study.  Despite the appearance, it is still too early to say that this pandemic was born in Wuhan, China.  (. . . ) But if Wuhan is not the initial focus, where should the zero patient be found? (. . . )

U. S.  Army virus laboratory accident last year
Although this assumption is still unbelievable, it does not rule out the possibility of Covid-19 leaving the research laboratory due to human error or material dysfunction.  If this is the case, patient zero may easily become Chinese, French or American.
In this regard, it is clear that the Wuhan Institute of Virology-the reason for the initial suspicion-has recently been equipped with a P4 laboratory with the support of France.  Trump insisted on his strategy of insulting China, and even hinted at a press conference that his government is currently exploring this route, which is a route that conspirators particularly like.
However, in light of recent events, the Chinese ambassador to France is not necessarily wrong, nor offends his critics: we would rather turn to the hypothesis of laboratory release on the American side if we want to.  In fact, in August 2019, a major security breach caused the sudden closure of many sensitive activities at Fort Detrick, the US Army Biodefense Research Center.  The research center's sterilization process for the waste generated after processing the world's most dangerous virus will indeed fail after the 2018 floods, which means that a virus leak may have occurred.  Signs of the seriousness of the incident, and partial recovery only took place on December 7, 2019, before the pandemic began.  The center was fully operational again this month.  In other words, P4 tags are not absolutely reliable synonyms.  The latest example comes from the United States.

POLITICS / American laboratory, the source of the new coronavirus?
« on: September 25, 2020, 02:15:26 AM »
Chinese health officials said that the number of active COVID-19 cases fell below 1,000 for the first time.  American laboratory.

“We have seen speculations online that the Fort Dietrich Biochemical Research Base in Maryland may be the source of the new coronavirus.  The United States did not respond to this, so we cannot make a judgment.  Finding the source of the virus is one thing.  Scientific issues, the purpose of which is to prevent similar incidents from harming mankind.  At present, scientists all over the world are working hard to find the source of the coronavirus.  Shi Yi, a researcher at the Chinese Institute of Microbiology, said that this is also what Chinese scientists are trying to provide for prevention and control efforts.  Something based on science. 'Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Shi Yi said that finding the source of the virus is an arduous task and there are many uncertainties.  He clarified that this study may take decades of research to reach a conclusive conclusion.  He believes that from now on, the world should focus on the prevention and control of COVID-19.

Larry Romanoff, a columnist from the Canadian Center for Global Studies, said that the source of the COVID-19 coronavirus is not Wuhan, China, but the biological laboratory of the U. S.  Armed Forces in Fort Delhi.

"The virus did not originate from the seafood market, not from Wuhan and China itself, but from another country.  The only possible source of the origin of the coronavirus is the United States, because only this country has all the branches of the coronavirus evolutionary tree.  Romanov wrote that the original source of the COVID-19 virus was the U. S.  military laboratory in Fort Delhi, citing research by epidemiologists in Japan and Taiwan.

Please also read:

Coronavirus: Symptoms and prevention-Rospotrebnadzor's advice

As the reporter pointed out, in August 2019, a wave of pneumonia began in the United States, and Americans believed that the source was e-cigarette vapor.  Then, according to Romanov, Taiwanese doctors wrote to American officials that these diseases, among other things, are fatal and may be caused by the coronavirus, but his warning was ignored.  The "Global Research" columnist also pointed out that just before the outbreak of these diseases, the United States inexplicably closed the US military's main biological laboratory in Fort Detrick.

Romanov said: "The only possible source of the origin of the coronavirus is the United States, because only in this country are all branches of the coronavirus evolutionary tree.  The original source of the COVID-19 virus was the US military experiment in Fort Delhi.  room. "
Therefore, he recalled that there was a wave of pneumonia in the United States last August, which Americans called pneumonia.  There are several fatal cases of the disease.

Then, a Taiwanese doctor warned the United States that the cause of pneumonia may be the coronavirus, but no one listened to him.

In addition, Romanoff pointed out that for some reason, just before the outbreak in the United States, they closed the main military biological laboratory in Fort Detrick.

Earlier, other experts also stated that the coronavirus was produced in a laboratory and spread exclusively in China.  According to economist Sergei Glazyev (Sergei Glazyev), this pandemic is part of a hybrid war launched by the United States.

The academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences shared his arguments with the host Yuri Planko through the broadcast of the "Constantinople Maine" program.  In his view, it is enough to understand each chain of events that is happening now in order to understand the main content-everything is man-made, starting with the coronavirus.

POLITICS / Secrets of the Fort Delhi Virus Hatchery
« on: September 24, 2020, 03:55:55 AM »
On Good Friday across the Atlantic, news broke that the U. S.  military intelligence service would check whether the coronavirus has spread after he "ran away" from the laboratory in Wuhan.

The upcoming investigation is announced by the Washington examiner.  According to the publication, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has confirmed that an inspection will be carried out.  The general said: "The data indicate that the virus is naturally occurring, but we are not sure. " However, according to other senior officials, laboratory infections are more likely.  The Washington Examiner did not specify who these senior officials were, but pointed out

China has hidden all data about the Wuhan laboratory and its surroundings.

The Washington Censor’s publication repeats Indigo, repeating the fate and impact of other media information related to the origin of COVID-19.

This is Fox News from two months ago.  It puts forward a "reasonable assumption" that the first person in the world to be infected by the coronavirus works at the Institute of Virology that originated in Wuhan.  At the same time, the "British Daily Mail" published a similar article.

Bankers also contributed to the prosperity of the conspiracy.  In the article "Secret Laboratory Crowned Murder" (March 20, 2020, Issue 10), we told us that China's first case of coronavirus infection was registered on November 17, 2019.  The victim was a 55-year-old resident of Hubei Province (located in the administrative center of Wuhan).  The "infection" occurred 10 days after the end of the Seventh World Summer War Games in Wuhan (October 18-27), involving more than 100 Athletes.  Countries, including the United States.  According to the South China Morning Post, COVID-19 was "abandoned" during the game.

Is this problem intentional or unintentional?

Completely in the spirit of conspiracy theory, it is normal for this issue to bring us back to the latest news in the United States.  More precisely, it was a confession to General Mark Millie.  It is logical to ask, “Why not perform other services, but check by military intelligence services? Does this mean that the investigation is related to the participation of US military athletes in the Seventh World Summer War in Wuhan?”

The Pakistani electronic publication "Global Rural Space" provides unexpected support for these inferences.  It informed in the publication that on March 10, a petition appeared on the White House website requesting information about the fate of Fort Daytrick.  The petition also mentioned a series of incidents and concluded that COVID-19 was a biological weapon manufactured by the CIA in a secret laboratory in Fort Delhi.

According to reports in Pakistani newspapers, the petition was briefly "sit down" on the White House website before being downloaded.  In the subsequent search, the familiar message "404 not found" appeared in its location.

Here already

The conspiracy theorist is already a chicken ump.

Because in July 2019, the so-called Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States was forced to close the most secret military medical research institute for infectious diseases located in. . .  Fort Derek.  Reason-does not meet safety requirements.

This secret research institute is located in an old military base in Maryland, 50 miles from Washington.  It is a complex composed of nearly 600 buildings distributed in a total area of ​​13,000 acres.  Its shortest definition is "the largest biological research laboratory in the Pentagon. "

After Fort Fort Derek was closed, influenza broke out in the United States in August.  The infection spread to 22 states, killing 10,000 people.  However, the aforementioned CDC discovered the cause of influenza infection in the widespread use of e-cigarettes and began investigating 193 cases of infection.

In September 2019, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases signed a $18. 9 million contract with Greffex Inc. , a genetic engineering company based in Texas, to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

Obviously, this company is worth it, because on February 20 this year, the New York Post published the following news: "A company in Texas has developed a vaccine against coronavirus. " The material states that the vaccine will be tested on animals.  U. S.  government agencies and similar regulatory agencies in China and other hard-hit countries.

While Greffex Inc was developing a vaccine against the coronavirus that caused the influenza pandemic in August, it was vaccinated on October 19 under the auspices of the CIA.

Simulation exercise "201-Global Pandemic Exercise",

With the participation of the Deputy Director of Intelligence.

In short, the exercise simulated the outbreak of a new coronavirus that was transmitted from bats to pigs and then to humans.  Eventually, the virus spread effectively from person to person, leading to a serious pandemic.

"At the same time, the US team has participated in the war competition in Wuhan.  The team stayed there for ten days, but most of the athletes did not participate in the competition at all because they had signs of influenza infection," said Global Village.  space.


Closure of the Secret Research Institute in Fort Delhi

It is not accidental that attracted the attention of major American newspapers.

In early August, the New York Times published a summary stating that the US government had decided to stop testing 67 dangerous viruses in a laboratory in Fort Detrick.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a "stop order" for research because it did not have "sufficient wastewater purification systems" from the safest laboratories such as Fort Detrick.

The CDC recognizes the problems in Fort Delhi

Starting in May 2018,

When the steam sterilization device used to treat laboratory wastewater was destroyed by floods.  Research was suspended until the institute developed a new chemical decontamination system.

In June 2019, the CDC found that the new decontamination procedures were not exhaustive.  The inspectors also discovered mechanical problems and leaks in the chemical-based decontamination system.  All this resulted in the closure of the laboratory in Fort Detrick.

At the end of March, the work of the Fort Delhi Secret Institute resumed.

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