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STOCK and FOREX EXCHANGE / Re: The Beauty of Trading
« on: August 13, 2016, 04:20:22 PM »
Quote from: Terry Pumpkin link=topic=477550. msg833371#msg833371 date=1467148356
Lol seriously? Without profits for one year? And suddenly changed so quickly with broker? It?s more like a film then reality.   Anyway, I never had such dramatic changes, I was struggling, but wasn?t like losing for 1 year or something like that, I was struggling for consistency and ever since I joined up OctaFX broker, it changed things, but it wasn?t a miracle, it was mostly to do with their demo contest where I participated regularly and improved my consistency level.
Yeah I agree.  Your trading will not be improved by joining a new broker.  But if you already have a profitable trading system and if your present broker is coming in your way of success,then you need to change it. With me,I was previously with Liteforex and their trading conditions was very bad and they would not allow many of my strategies and then I joined FreshForex and I continued my usual trading and got a helpful hand from FreshForex,I can earn good though not much but not in a restricted way!

It is about the trading conditions,services,reliability,regulation,trust etc which makes us refer our friends to a particular broker.  I have been with FreshForex for nearly a year after a horrible time with Ironforex.  Ironforex would repeatedly cancel my profits made in trading citing some unwritten rules and cancelled the bonus too.  They don't like us to make profits. Their trading conditions was very poor and their customer support did not care.  So,I had to leave it and have found a realible broker in FreshForex with which I have no problem so far now. . .

STOCK and FOREX EXCHANGE / Re: Signal provider
« on: August 13, 2016, 03:47:29 PM »
I use the Analytics and other views/suggestions of FreshForex staffs to get the necessary Signals.  I do not need to subscribe to any regular signal service provider.  It is upto on whether you want to accept the signals or not. It just gives you an idea and possible movement of the market and you must also put some effort from your side.  With FreshForex ECN account I trade with the best of the trading conditions!

Quote from: Grahamaus link=topic=506478. msg832205#msg832205 date=1466666964
Well, There is a perfect bonus on deposit - https://freshforex. com/traders/promotion/tradable-forex-bonus. html, which you can receive more then 1 time))
Very nice of FreshForex  :) I am also with them and found their trading conditions and other services good so far without any problem.  Some Bonuses are forever(or till the time the broker continues giving it) and some are within the limited time.  So,we must read the fine prints of the broker to know the exact details.  FreshForex has helped me in my trading with their many services like interests on deposits,megarebate on trading,bonuses,contests,good customer support etc.

Pending orders are good if you are targeting a particular price and don't want to enter the market presently! Your level might or might not reach.  This you need to confirm via analysis.  Have good risks managements too.  I trade with FreshForex whereby I can use Pending Orders whether Limit or Stop,and with the excellent true ECN conditions with near 0 spreads,I don't have to worry about high spreads.  Together with low latency execution and almost instant withdrawals,it is really easy to trade with FreshForex!

Quote from: Chris Woakes link=topic=497420. msg839850#msg839850 date=1469368260
I recommend you FreshForex, but it?s not just because they offer unbelievable 15 dollars Megarebate, but it?s because they are one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies in the world who you can rely and trust upon completely!
Yeah I am also with FreshForex and have activated & taken this MegaRebate offer from them.  I have chosen the $7. 5 per trading lot for the winning trades though they have the $15 rebate per trading lot for the losing trades too,two schemes altogether.  Pretty good in my opinion cuz you get paid extra just to trade with them and paid irrespective of profits/losses which adds decently to our overall profits or minimizes losses!

STOCK and FOREX EXCHANGE / Re: FreshForex - 33% bonus
« on: August 13, 2016, 02:42:48 PM »
Quote from: Grahamaus link=topic=400532.       msg839827#msg839827 date=1469351109
Did anybody try 101% bonus from that broker? Could you please share your experience? Thanks.       
I have been with FreshForex for nearly a year.  I did not take this 101% Bonus offer,but I took the Megarebate offer,which pays for rebates for both winning & losing trades from the spreads/commissions!You can check more from here:
https://freshforex. com/traders/promotion/megarebate. html
Rebates works for me better than Bonus,though it differs for everyone and I had activated Bonus too from the earlier offers from FreshForex!Bonus helps in increasing your capital without the need for additional investment!

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