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In Choosing Solar Panels, which cell technology is better, Mono or Poly?

Mono cell is generally more efficient than a Poly cell.  However, the cell area of a Mono is less than a Poly; Mono cell has more efficiency cell-wise but not power wise.

The cell colour of a Poly cell is generally blue and Mono is blue.  Mono absorbs more heat which is caused by the black colour being a warm colour and the more heat that is absorbed reduces the efficiency; blue being a cool colour does not absorb heat as much and it means the Poly panels don't absorb heat as much as Mono panels.

So the choice of solar panels should be based on the environment.  A very sunny and hot region should use more of Poly panels; a place like Nigeria will be better off  with Poly than Mono.

Mono is good in temperate regions, cool regions.

So consumers, engineers and installers in Nigeria you should consider more of Poly panels in your installations to get better efficiency; most especially in the Northern regions.

Now you know the right one to use.

In case you need supply and/or installation of solar products, Inverters, batteries, charge controllers, solar mounting accessories etc.  We offer such service at competitive prices and we give top quality service.
Courtesy: A. O. A Integrated Technologies Limited

Contact us: 07066669834

EDUCATION / Installation of 1.5KVA Inverter System
« on: May 27, 2018, 02:43:38 AM »
Thispackage consists of a 1. 5KVA/12V Inverter with one battery of 200Ah.  Power all your basic home appliances conveniently with this system.  You can choose to add one more battery or more in order to enjoy longer run-time.

If you're interested and ready for it, contact us via whatsapp through this number 07066669834.  We will deliver it and install it for you in your location.  Our installation service is available to Lagos and Ogun state residents only.

The Price: N188,000

Courtesy: A. O. A Integrated Technologies Ltd

EDUCATION / Installation of 2.5KVA Inverter System
« on: May 27, 2018, 02:35:04 AM »
Power all basic appliances in your home or office with this 2.   5KVA Inverter package.   

We will deliver it to your given location and install it.    This service is available to Lagos and Ogun State residents.    Call us today and start enjoying uninterrupted power supply within 24 hours. 

Price: N283,000

we can also be reached on WhatsApp: 07066669834

Courtesy: A.   O.   A Integrated Technologies Ltd.    We are simply reliable.   


Crowd Rising Nigeria How It Works ? With Just N7,400; Earn Millions

Crowd Rising Nigeria is indeed rising really fast, with just N7,400 you can become a millionaire making a whopping sum of N2,775,000 in just one month and more as you progress in the levels.

I know you have probably heard of MMM Nigeria which has in fact helped several people, probably you as well, but Crowd rising works even better and in a shorter period of time and with less amount of money from your pocket.  See below How Crowd Rising Works.

How It Works.

Once you have registered you will add your bank details and upgrade to grade 1 by making payment of 7400naira(20$) to your up line?s bank account (that is shown on your back office) Then You become A full Member with a referral link that will enable you to refer others; you are expected to introduce ONLY 5 persons Who are to pay #7400 Each to your Account, which will sum up to N37,000.

Then you are expected to take N14,800 from the N37,000 and upgrade to grade 2.  Details of who to pay to will be indicated in your back office.

Once you upgrade to grade 2, you are qualified to receive N14,800 from 25 persons each, who are your 2nd level down lines, when they are upgrading to stage 2 which will sum up to N370,000.

From that point you are expected to take N22,200 from the money to upgrade to grade 3; once you upgrade to grade 3, you are qualified to receive N22,200 each from 125 persons , who are your 3rd level down lines, when they are upgrading to stage 3, Which Will Sum up To N2,775,000.  That is how it goes till u get to grade 15. Go through the details below to understand what you stand to gain by joining this great business opportunity.

Grade 1: You Donate N7400, 5 persons donates N7400 back to you.  Total Donation received N37,000.

Grade2: You donate 14, 800, 25 persons Donates N14,800 back to you.  Total donation received N370,000

Grade 3: You donate N22, 200.  125 persons donates N22, 200 back to you.  Receive Donations of N2,775,000

Grade 4: You donate 37, 000, 625 persons donates 37, 000 back to you.   Receive Donation of N23, 125, 000

Grade 5: You donate 74, 000, 3125 persons donates 74, 000 back to you.   Receive Donation of N231, 250, 000

Grade 6: You donate 111, 000,  15625 persons donates N111, 000 back to you.  Receive Donations of N1, 734, 375, 000.

Grade 7: You donate 148, 000, 78125 persons donates N148, 000 back to you.  Receive Donations of N11, 562, 500, 000

Grade 8: You donate 185, 000, 390625 persons donates 185, 000 back to you.  Receive Donations of N72, 265, 625, 000

Grade 9: You donate 259, 000; 1953125 persons donate 259, 000 back to you. Receive Donations of N505,859, 375, 000

Grade 10: You donate N366, 300; 9765625 persons donate N366, 300 back to you.  Receive Donations of N3, 577,148, 437,500?????. Down to GRADE 15 Just by donating and receiving donations?nothing else but just 100% member to member donation platform, payable directly into your local bank account. . HURRY.  NOW!!All that is needed is just   your first DONATION?and that?s the only donation directly from your purse.


Join Crowd Rising now by using this link: hxxp: bit. ly/2hdY7jy

Do you have inverter batteries that are no longer working? Instead of just disposing them you can make money from it by exchanging it with recyclers for some easy cash.
If you have them, just reply to this advert by giving your name, phone number, your address, the type of battery and the quantity.
We will pay you based on the type of battery you specify and you will be paid that amount on each one even if they are up to 50 or much more.
We pay N9000 for 200Ah Battery
We pay N5000 for 100Ah Batttery
We pay N7000 for 150Ah Battery
We pay N4000 for 2V/500 Ah Deep cycle battery
We will also come to your given address to pick them up and also pay you.
So hurry up if you have and make some cool cash.
You may also send the required details as text message to the phone number on this advert.  07066669834

This system consists of 1. 2kva Prag Inverter and
one deep cycle battery.  Call to order for it, or send
a message reply to this advert through email to ocheadoga@yahoo. com, your reply should contain your name,
phone number and address.  It will be delivered to
you and you pay on delivery.  You may also call 07066669834

Price: N139,000

This system consists of 2.  5kva Prag Inverter, 4
units of 200 Watts monocrystaline solar panels,
one 40 amps solar charge controller, 2 units of 12
volts 200 Ah deep cycle batteries, Luminous,
Genus, or SafePower.   Estimated Load Capacity of
this system: Two Televisions, 10 lights, 4 fans,
phone and laptop charging, computer, and just
about all your basic appliances that does not
consume much power.   Not so suitable for pressing
iron except if you can get a 800Watts Iron and
switch off other appliances when using it but avoid
it anyway, it could power a small fridge if you
reduce the load of some not so important
appliances but if you can, you can leave the fridge
alone.   Benefits: You can enjoy constant power
supply with this system as the batteries would be
charging in the day time in the presence of sunlight
then before night fall you would have had the
batteries fully charged which will then take you
through the night till the next sunlight.   Very ideal for
people who live in areas that lack power supply
completely or that have it but it never lasts long,
this will help you save a lot of money in the long
run as you wouldn?t have need to be buying fuel to
run your generator for about 10 hours just to
charge your Inverter batteries.   Just buy it and
enjoy constant electricity.   Solar panels can serve
you for as long as 25 years or more.   The cost of
installation is not included but that can be analyzed
and carried out after delivery.   Order for this
system if you?re a serious buyer and it will be
delivered to you almost immediately or on the
same day and it will be delivered at no extra cost. 
Cost of installation will only be determined after
delivery, I assure you that installation does not
cost much.   If you need it now and you?re in Lagos
or Ogun state, you can have it today or tomorrow,
depending on the time you place your order,
delivery to other states is also possible, call for
discussion in this case.   So to order for this system,
reply to this advert by email to ocheadoga@yahoo.  com;  your reply should contain your name, desired
delivery address and your phone number; delivery
will be after we call you for confirmation
and delivery will be done at no extra cost.   Payment
to be made on delivery. 

Price: N446,000

You could own a fully functional bulk SMS website with just N18,000 and start making continuous extra money through your website, run paid adverts on the website and many more.  It's a lucrative business opportunity. 
If you're interested, call 07066669834.  Serious clients only.

SOCIETY / A better solution to power supply in Nigeria
« on: July 20, 2015, 03:47:00 PM »
The challenge of energy (electricity) we face in our
nation today is enormous and has made so many
businesses to collapse, many houses go on
blackouts for days, not to talk of the high cost of
diesel in running power plants.  An average home or
organization spend thousands of Naira yearly to
keep the light-on with fossil fuels while polluting the
environment and leaving the neighbours sick.  Let?s
begin to think of the long term impact of this on the
Looking at this trend and how long it has lasted, we
discover that so many big organizations like yours
spend so much in keeping their plants running not to
talk of maintaining these plants.  What you probably
spend on diesel or petrol in a day, month and in a
year could have been reduced drastically if the
conventional power source was effective.  Having
your lights on day and night is very important and
necessary but the economic side of it is demanding.
This is why we are proffering the energy generated
from the sun (SOLAR ENERGY) as an alternative
and lasting measure.  With this system, you will not
need a generator or conventional power again.  It is
designed to serve your basic business needs and
energy is conserved and managed.
Renewable energy especially solar and wind are
fast gaining ground as people are becoming more
and more interested in solutions rather than relief
from the epileptic power supply in our environment.
This technology that surpass any form of
technology we might have known in time past due
to its numerous benefits (No noise, no fumes, no
pollution, easy installation, long life span and others
If you need to purchase an inverter, solar modules please ask your questions here and you will be given technical advice and quotation.
You may also send your requests or enquiries to ocheadoga@yahoo. com
We have all the capacities of Inverter and solar modules you may need and we deliver.

« on: May 08, 2015, 03:47:39 PM »
This inverter is a very portable and light weight inverter that gives off a maximum power output of 1000 Watts.  It can be used to power minor electronics like Laptops, Fan, Radio, TV, Light bulbs, and the likes of it.  An interesting feature of it is that it can be plugged into the cigarette lighter port in your car and used to power your laptop while traveling in your car.  This inverter can be powered with 12Volts battery or the cigarette lighter port in your car.  Recommended for everyone and especially if you use your laptop in your car while traveling in it or when parked.  If you use an external battery, you will have to get a battery charger or use a solar panel to charge the battery because this inverter being a light weight inverter does not have an inbuilt charger.  So save the money you spend on fueling your small generator by using this wonderful product.  Batteries are available in the following capacities in case you want it too: 100 AMP Fairly used: N15,000 Brand New: N24,000 200 AMP Fairly Used: N24,000 Brand New: N50,000.  Please call if you need the inverter alone or with the battery for home use.  We deliver to your location if you want it that way.  Shipping fee involved in this case. 

Call: 07066669834

This inverter is very effective for powering all your electronics in your house such as Fridge, Fans, Lights, Sound system, laptop, hair dryer and any low power consuming device.  However it cannot power air conditioners.  It has a very effective inbuilt battery charger and it is powered with a DC supply of 12Volts from batteries.  It can supply electricity for as long as 9 to 10 hours depending on the load on it and the length of time can be doubled or extended if two batteries are used and connected in parallel.  It can only use a maximum of two batteries and a minimum of one.  It is noiseless and it gives out clean electricity that prevents humming from transformers.  Buying this product will help you save a lot of money because you won't be faced with the hurdles of fueling a generator every day.  The price for this item as shown in this ad is for the inverter only because you can choose to buy only the inverter if you already have some batteries somewhere.  We deliver to your location if you want it that way, delivery fee involved in this case.  Call or reply to this message if you need it. 

Call: 07066669834 or 08053351268

« on: April 24, 2015, 09:55:19 AM »
Do you have an Inverter and you need to change batteries or you have an Inverter and you're yet to buy batteries?

These batteries will do you a lot of good service because they are very reliable and long lasting.  It's available at very affordable price and we offer home or office delivery; delivery charges would apply. 

Call 07066669834 to place your order.

The price is N48,000

« on: April 10, 2015, 12:43:26 PM »
Bulk SMS business is a very good way through which you can make a good financial fortune and it requires a low start-up capital but it is worth doing because it?s very lucrative and easy.   

In this form of business you will be making money from bulk SMS service as a reseller.   
As a Bulk SMS reseller, you will have your own fully functional SMS website which will be designed for you by your SMS gateway provider which in this case  www.  gnbsms.  com will be your SMS  gateway provider.   

This site has its own database so that your customers can register on your site and pay to you for their SMS credit.   So as a reseller your site will be connected to an SMS gateway provider (www.  gnbsms.  com) which you will partner with to run your own SMS business. 
You will get this site designed for you by paying a subsidized fee of N13,000 and your site will be ready within 2 or 3 days; this site will have your desired business name e.  g.   www.  yourbusinessname.  com.   So before or after making your payment you?re to determine what you want your business name to be so that your site can be designed and hosted accordingly.   
Your site will also be enabled to receive payments electronically to prevent your customers from going to make payments in the bank every time and to ensure that your customers can pay you and have their accounts automatically credited anytime of the day or night; in this case you will be making money even when you?re sleeping.   I experience this also, and many are enjoying this business too.   

As an SMS reseller your business is to buy SMS credit from your SMS gateway provider at a very low rate, for example you can buy SMS credit on www.  gnbsms.  com @0.  95Kobo per unit and then you can determine what you want your profit to be on every unit of SMS credit that will be bought from you by your customers, in this case you may decide to make 20kobo, 30, 40, 50, or 60 as the case may be and it is solely your business.   So after deciding what your

profit will be you will add it to your purchasing price of 95Kobo and sell to your customers @ the result.   

This business is a very profitable one if you effectively promote it by writing proposals and giving it to people who would need it very well such as Churches, Schools, Business organizations, Clubs and advertising companies.   You can also use social media to advertise it, you can print your business name on T-shirts, and you can print flyers and share to people and many other advertising media.   You can also write about your business as your email signature so that every email you send will have the advert of your business on it.   

If you have 100 active customers who subscribe for 1000 units of SMS credit from you and your profit happens to N500 on every 1000 units, you would be making as much as N50,000 every week.   Now that?s good business and it is attainable.   
Many are already making millions from this seemingly small business venture.   

Billions of bulk text messages are sent on a daily basis so you can imagine what you can make out of it if your website becomes a major SMS portal used by the majority.   You may even go the extra mile in advertising it by paying facebook some money in their advertisement program to have your business shown to over 2 million facebook users in Nigeria.   

This is an effective online business that has very high potential and here is an opportunity for you now to tap from this secret gold mine.   

So if you?re interested in tapping from this gold mine, you can get further information by vising the reseller page of www.  gnbsms.  com.   

Stay blessed.   

Compiled by Mr.   Ameh Oche Adoga

« on: April 01, 2015, 03:20:25 PM »
As you can see from the pictures this car being a Tokunbo car will pass for brand new, very clean interior and exterior and the seats are leather seats, the AC is factory fitted and functional and it has a 4-plug engine (4 Cylinders) with automatic gear transmission and electronic windows.
This car has a very low mileage and this shows how new and reliable this car is.  Being a portable Toyota product you can be sure that the engine is very efficient and has good fuel economy even if you?re using AC you will still use your fuel for a good length of time.
As seen in the pictures, it?s plain to see that this car comes with a factory fitted DVD player and has LCD screens at the back of the head rest of the two seats in front and it comes with very attractive and well developed black leather seats and a touch of wooden finishing (Wood Trim).  Now this is very attractive and prestigious, and I must say that this is truly a Luxury car.   So get this car and boost your prestige in the society at a very affordable price.
This is a good choice of a first car that is also very classy and presentable; do yourself a good favour by buying this Toyota Corolla and enjoy good and luxurious driving experience.
Interested in it? Call 07066669834 for more info.

Diskeeper 12 Professional was redesigned with a new, more intuitive user interface.  Now it?s easier than ever for business users to gain increased system and application performance.
Improve the performance of your computer with this new product.

Diskeeper not only accelerates application performance, it also improves disks performance.  By proactively preventing files from fragmenting at the Windows level, your PCs can write or read in an optimized manner ? one contiguous access ? improving drive performance while extending the drives useful life.  This increased PC speed and performance, allows users to do more in less time ? saving you money.

Buy or get more information here: https://store. bdantivirus. com/order/product. php?


Now you can enjoy constant electricity without spending money daily buying fuel for generators and at the same time enjoy a quiet and air pollution free environment.
This 1KVA inverter is a low capacity inverter and it should not be used to power heavy power consuming electronic gadgets like pressing iron, air conditioners, washing machines, electric cookers and any related one.  However, this inverter is very effective for lights, fans, TV?s, and a small fridge of 150Watts.
So why wasting your hard earned money on fuel every day in your house and in your shop, get this hybrid power plan of 1KVA Inverter + A battery and a solar panel at this very affordable price of N56,000.
With this you?re sure to have electricity throughout the day because the solar panel will keep the battery charging then at night with reduced load on the inverter you can have electricity throughout the night.  You also know that from time to time there will be general power supply which is another opportunity to get the battery charged so you can be rest assured that you will enjoy uninterrupted power supply without your finances being affected.
So do yourself a favour and take advantage of this opportunity now by calling 08053351268 for your order. 

We also deliver to your location.


Hello everyone, just like many people I have been working hard and trying different internet money making programs but many of them turned out to be outright scams and a waste of time and resources. 
In spite of all these setbacks I refused to give up because I know that it?s possible to legitimately make money online as many are already doing today.  I am so glad that I just found a secret method on how to make good money online on daily basis like I am already doing today and I must tell you that there is nothing like it, it?s easy and I don?t need to walk around the streets of Lagos to achieve this feat. .  It?s so cool that even if you don?t have money to start business you will still make money a lot. 
Many are of the notion that money can only be made when you spend money, well that?s true but in the case of this secret I am about to reveal to you that saying is not 100% true, you can make money with this system without spending a kobo except of course your one or two hours on the internet; that?s all.
This method is fool-proof and I promise you don?t want to miss this information for any reason in this world because this method is 100 percent legitimate and it puts money in your pocket almost immediately after practicing it.
I have succeeded in compiling the information into a simple E-Book of a few pages and because I don?t want anybody to be denied of this information due to my good will, I am giving it away at a very small price of only N1, 200. 
In this e-book you will also be introduced to a bonus business opportunity that requires a small start-up capital but that can be done after you have made a lot of money from this particular secret method about to be revealed to you.

As I have affirmed before, I promise you that this information will change your financial situation instantly just like I am experiencing now.  I believe you want to be smiling to the bank on regular basis so it will only take N1, 200 now to change your financial situation.

So what are you waiting for?
Go to GTB and pay N1, 200 to account Name: Ameh Oche Adoga ; Account Number: 0119774026.

After payment, send your name as written on the deposit slip, email address, teller number and phone number as a text message to 07066669834 or as email to ocheadoga@yahoo. com and the e-book will be sent to your mail box within 30 minutes.
Before writing your name, write ?E-book Payment? in the message then the others can follow.
Remember that being poor is because you Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly, don?t be POOR, it?s time you get RICH, hurry and place your orders now!

Time is money!

Have you ever thought of driving your own cars, living in your own house, having an enduring wealth and saving lives? .  .  .  .  .  .  .  if yes, TLC (The Life Changers) will surely make it a reality whether you believe it or not.   Make it a date with us on Saturday by 11;00AM at 7th Avenue, AA Close, House 6, Festac Town, Lagos for a Life Changing business seminar.   

Call: 07066669834

Keep a date with us by all means. 

B&C Digital studio needs the service of a mature female Computer operator to manage a Cyber Caf?.

Interested applicant should be in her mid-twenties and should have the following skills:
  • Should be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Applications, especially MS Word. 

    Should have a satisfactory typing skill with speed and accuracy. 

    Should have some knowledge of computer networking.

    Should have some knowledge on troubleshooting slow or faulty computers. 

    Should have ability to form good customer relationship thereby causing them to return regularly. 


The computer operator would be required to attend to customers by selling internet access tickets, type and print documents for customers, scan documents, generate and print internet access tickets, keep records of daily business transactions etc. 

This is a full time job and a very promising one because the remuneration is very attractive. 

The Cyber Caf? is located in a very busy place; hence there?ll be lots of customers to attend to daily so the applicant should be ready to work very hard and with little or no supervision.

The applicant should have at least an O?Level and any other qualification in the area of Computer studies will be an added advantage. 

Note: We need someone who lives close to Alakija Bus-stop, Old Ojo Road.  Please send your application and CV to ocheadoga@yahoo. com or call 07066669834 for a chance to be invited for interview. 

« on: March 02, 2015, 02:57:06 PM »
Exposed! learn how you can make up to N5000 +
daily or weekly.  See it here hxxp:
www. gnbsms. com/makemoney. html

« on: February 23, 2015, 04:59:45 PM »
Home Revelations brings you a variety of exotic flowers for decorating your environment such as Church altar, door step, sitting room and anywhere for that matter.  We will deliver it to you anywhere you are in Lagos within the shortest time possible, 1 to 2 days.  Just call 07066669834 if you need anyone of them from the pictures here and we'll deliver it to you.  The details of each one are written on each picture.

Note: Delivery will attract very little delivery cost where necessary.

« on: February 20, 2015, 02:31:29 PM »
Jumia is a very reputable online retail company in Nigeria and within the few years of her existence it has achieved great success and it is now a household name in Nigeria amongst online shoppers.   Due to the work load associated with this very successful company, Jumia have decided to increase her work force and so we need people to work with us as sales consultant.   Our pay package is very attractive and you have the opportunity of making up to six figures on a Monthly basis.   This Job offer gives you more time for your self and gives you a lot of money too.   It requires no high academic qualification so this offer is open to you if you consider yourself to be smart and hardworking. 

If you consider yourself ready to change your financial status for the better and you consider yourself ready for the work and you can add value to Jumia NG.   Simply send your Full name, valid email address, phone number and your location (State) to ocheadoga@yahoo.  com or send it as text message to 07066669834. 

You will be contacted and invited for interview when we get your info.   

Many are benefiting from this job and now is your turn.   Hurry up. 

The Life Changers Group (TLCG) is a group of compassionate individuals globally that came together to give hope to the less privileged in the society by pooling funds together under this NGO called TLCG and helping them according to their needs.   It was founded by a woman named Clem Turner in France and it now has its headquarters in India due to the high level of poverty experienced in India. 

This NGO generates funds through a form of Multi Level Marketing Platform known as Generic Board Breaking System.   This system requires people who share in the view of helping the less privileged to become members of the NGO by registering under the Generic Board Breaking platform with a one time registration fee of $50 (N8,500) and this becomes a source of funds to help the NGO achieve her goals. 
The name of the NGO is TLCG and the funds generating part of this NGO is known as TLC (The Life Changers); you?re a life changer by becoming a member. 

Members are not left high and dry after their donation but they?re in turn made to become privileged or better privileged because through the business plan called Generic Board Breaking plan they get paid a wholesome amount of money, drive brand new cars, enjoy foreign vacations, get apartments and many other benefits according to given criteria in the system. 

There is no Network like our Network because it gets better every time and the process is very easy. 

Other things members enjoy are as follows:

1.     Members are entitled to empowerment fund for business development and this fund/loan needs no collateral and it attracts 0% interest, and repayment can be done daily, weekly, or monthly within the space of 6 months to 1 year. 

2.     Members are entitled to 10% refund of the total cost spent on foreign trips and tourism. 

3.     Members are entitled to 10% refund of the total amount of money spent on buying personal effects and household gadgets. 

4.     Members can write to TLCG about any less privileged person that needs help and TLCG will be glad to help.   For example you meet an accident victim and get him hospitalized but he has nobody to pay his bills and he also has no money, TLCG will be glad to help in such situation if you as a member writes a request to them with some evidence. 

5.     Some of the above privileges have certain conditions that must be met before a member will be entitled and that has to do with the rank of the member on the board. 
The Business plan and the compensation plan
The Generic Board Breaking Business Plan has 9 main stages, namely: Donor, Trainee, Senior Trainee, Manager, General Manager, Director, Executive Director, Professional, and Expert respectively. 

Each stage has its corresponding compensation.   
Let?s look at them one after the other. 

To come on board a prospective member will register with $50 or N8,500 and he automatically gets into the first board stage called Donor. 

Donor:       A donor will have to refer at least 2 new members and that gives him an opportunity to cycle out of this stage to the Trainee board and because he is just a donor he gets nothing. 

Trainee :   A Trainee will cycle out from this board stage and get $140 paid into his e-wallet instantly. 

Senior Trainee:    A Senior Trainee will cycle out from this board to the next board and get $400 and a smart phone instantly. 

Manager:      A Manager will cycle out from this board to the next board and get $1500 and a Tablet worth $300 instantly. 

General Manager:   A General Manager will cycle out to the next board and get a brand new TLC car worth over $18,000 (Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, or Geely Product). 

Director:   A director will have to cycle out to the next board and get a brand new SUV worth over $22,000 or he can choose to exchange it for money and get $15,000. 

Executive Director:    An Executive will have to cycle out to the next board and get $16,000 instantly. 

Professional:   A Professional will cycle out to the next board and get $8000 instantly + an apartment worth over $30,000 and an all expense paid trip to Dubai or Paris. 

Expert: An Expert will cycle out of this stage and get an instant $40,000 and he will be re-entered into this stage for another chance to get another $40,000 and at this point he will be called a TLC Ambassador.   And if an Expert cycles out the third time he is said to be a TLC Global Ambassador and that?s the very last stage of the board. 
Money earned can be withdrawn easily using a TLC Debit Master Card, Bank Transfer, Perfectmoney or simply exchange with another member. 

Benefits of a TLC Ambassador

1.     A TLC Ambassador will earn $10,000 annualy till infinity and that requires no further work; it?s just like retirement benefit and this can be passed as a legacy to your children and beyond.   Remember its till infinity. 

2.     A TLC Ambassador also gets an additional $1000 each for two children as allowance till infinity. 

3.     A TLC Ambassador will be given an SUV of his choice worth over $40,000, + a Duplex worth over $250,000. 

4.     A TLC Ambassador will be sponsored for vacation to any country of choice every year. 

5.     A TLC Ambassador will be given an ECOWAS ID Card and enjoy all the benefits attached to it. 

Benefits of a TLC Global Ambassador
A TLC Global Ambassador will continue to enjoy all the benefits of Ambassador but in addition he will get a voucher worth $500,000 to be used for shopping anywhere in the world. 

I know you feel this is too good to be true but it is true and I am already benefitting from this business platform.   It is not difficult, it is just a game of two, register, bring two new members who will also do likewise and in no time at all you have achieved your goal. 

I am looking for serious minded people who want to change their lives this year to join me and let?s build a strong business together as we work diligently.   
It requires commitment and hardwork as nothing good comes easy. 

TLC Have an Orphanage at 7th Avenue, AA Close, House 6, Festac where we also hold our business training and seminar every Saturday.   Join us this coming Saturday and let?s see how we would help you change your financial situation. 

Join us on facebook @ www.  facebook.  com/thelifechangers and you can also visit TLC website @ www.  lifechangersgroup.  com. 

For enquiries and for registration, call: 07066669834 or 08053351268. 

See you at the top!

A brand new Infinix Zero

It is available in Black colour and White colour.

This phone is very reliable, a trial will convince you.


    Network: 2G/3G
    Bandwidth: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, WCDMA: 850/2100 MHz
    SIM: Dual Sim card/Dual Standby
    Operating System: Android 4. 4. 2 KitKat
    Dimension: 140* 70*7. 9 mm
    Display: 5. 0" IPS HD Capacitive Touchscreen
    Resolution: 1280 x 720
    Processor: Octa Core 1. 4GHZ
    GPU: Mali 450
    Battery: 1920 mAh
    Camera: 13 megapixel camera , AF, BSI with 2 megapixel front facing camera
    Internal Memory: 16GB with SD card slot that supports up to 32GB memory card.
    RAM: 2GB RAM
    Flashlight: Yes
    Video Recording: Yes
    Video Calling: Yes
    Sensors: Proximity, Gyro, Hall
    Connectivity: Bluetooth 4. 0, WiFi (802. 11 b/g/n), WiFi Hotspot, USB Port.
    OTA Updates: Yes

If you need it, send an email to ocheadoga@yahoo. com with your name, phone number, address, the name of the item and your desired colour or send it as a text message to 07066669834.  It will be delivered to your address within 3 days and you pay on delivery.  Phone calls are allowed too.

Hurry! limited number available.

Colour:  Multi Colour

Key Features

    Main Material: Metal,Plastic & Rubber
    Variation: 20"
    Colour: Multi Colour
    MTB frame
    CP 26 36H 1. 75
    18- Speed
    Stainless Steel Mudguard
    Water Bottle


If you need it, send an email to ocheadoga@yahoo. com or send a text message or call 07066669834  and give the following details: Your name, phone number, address, name of the item and the item ID.  It will be delivered to you at your address and you would pay on delivery.  Delivery takes 3 to 8 days.

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