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Just keep and making man practices guys, you will find your own strategy.  Its nature in learning forex trading. . .
I also trying hard making money in liteforex broker.  and thanks now i can gain $200 per month.

How does the system work of this free risk programs sir??

Please answer my question guys. .

Do the broker's money from it clients really given to the forex dealer (head of broker)

STOCK and FOREX EXCHANGE / Re: beware of fraudstars in forex business
« on: December 23, 2013, 05:46:01 PM »
Quote from: 419 Scam link=topic=57167. msg373286#msg373286 date=1301319633
The best bet is to learn the ropes in forex yourself and never give your money to anyone to trade for you.

pretty good idea sir. . .
Forex is our friends if we know where the market will going on. .

Thanks GOD, tonight I got some dollar and closed in profit

Quote from: agus-sutitis link=topic=23279. msg688427#msg688427 date=1387720117
Quote from: Shuvalov link=topic=23279.  msg687989#msg687989 date=1387559080
Dear clients,

Christmas and New Year are coming soon, and therefore we would like to inform you about the working schedule of the LiteForex Company.   

On the threshold of Christmas, on 24th December, all company?s departments will work in standard mode, although the CFD instruments will be available for trade from 17:30 till 21:00 according to the platform time.    Depending on the market liquidity, gold and silver trading will be suspended on 24th December, from 21:00 till 23:59.   

On 25th December, at Christmas, the market will be closed from 00:00:01, trading will be also suspended.    LiteForex?s staff will have a day off as well.    The work will be resumed on 26th December, at 00:00:01 in usual mode.   

On the threshold of New Year, on 31st December, all departments of the company will assist you till 14:00, and trading will be available till 18:00 according to the platform time.    The first day of the new 2014 year both LiteForex?s staff and clients will be able to take a rest and enjoy the company of friends and family ? trading will be stopped on 1st January, from 00:00.    On 2nd January, Forex trading will be resumed starting from 00:00:01.    The LiteForex Company wishes you to have a good rest and gather all strength for new achievements in the Forex market!

With best wishes,
LiteForex?s staff

Thanks you so much for this important message sir.  . 
Watch out all traders,, see the schedule for this month.   In chrismast, lite and other broker will close for more days.  .

Thanks for your information sir. . .

Hello dear samuel,,where do you know the information that the rare used of payment system will be deactivated.
Why do this must happen??

« on: November 14, 2013, 01:54:54 PM »
I'm newbie about stock.  But i'm beginner in forex. . .
Which do you like most, stock or forex??
and why do you like it??

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