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INTERNET / ICTwithCFA Android Phone Giveaway
« on: September 21, 2014, 12:34:36 PM »
Win a Dual Sim Android Phone via the ICTwithCFA September Giveaway plus a ticket to the October Edition of CFA's Digital Media Training also up for grabs.  Visit hxxp: ictwithcfa. com/september-giveaway-win-a-dual-sim-android-phone/ and follow the simple steps.  Participate, Share & Enjoy :)

JOB and CAREERS Discussion / We're Hiring Change Makers!
« on: October 31, 2013, 03:16:40 PM »
A soon-to-launch top-notch online newspaper, primed to be a pace-setter in Nigerian journalism, is assembling a class of young, highly skilled and well-motivated team players who are keen on having challenging and rewarding careers.  Candidates should be able to prove they have experience of finding original, off-diary stories and of breaking news.  There are exciting roles for motivated self-starters who thrive under pressure.  They will be able to build and maintain contacts and will be comfortable using social media to find stories and maximise their potential.  The newspaper in based in Lagos.


Responsibilities: The Editor is the head of the Editorial Team and will be directly responsible for the editorial contents of the website: news, features, opinions, analyses, photos and videos.  The Editor shall oversee the entire content production process.

Requirements: Relevant journalism experience, with strong analytical, creative and organisational skills.  Candidate must possess proficiency in modern, digital journalism.  Experience as a line editor in a mainstream newspaper is an added advantage.


Responsibilities: The correspondent will be based in Abuja and shall report mainly political activities in the Nation's capital, particularly the political parties and the Three Arms.

Requirements: Journalism experience with hands-on skills in New Media.  Good reportorial and analytical skills are essential.  Candidates who already live in Abuja have an advantage. 


Responsibilities: The correspondent will be based in Lagos and shall report mainly finance and the services industry.

Requirements: Journalism experience with hands-on skills in New Media.  Good analytical and writing skills are essential.


Responsibilities: The correspondent will be based in Lagos and shall report entertainment and the social circuit.

Requirements: Journalism experience with hands-on skills in New Media.  Reportorial skills are essential.  Good knowledge of global entertainment industry is an added advantage.


Responsibilities: The correspondent will be based in Lagos and shall report crime, health and related fields.

Requirements: Journalism experience with hands-on skills in New Media.  Reportorial skills are essential.


Responsibilities: The correspondent will be based in Lagos and shall report local and international sport.

Requirements: Journalism experience with hands-on skills in New Media.  Reportorial and writing skills are essential.  A good knowledge of international sport is an added advantage.


Responsibilities: The journalist will be responsible for photographic and video contents of the website, from sourcing to editing and production, including voice-over.

Requirements: The ideal candidate must understand the modern journalism environment.  Reportorial experience is an added advantage.


Responsibilities: The candidate will be based in Lagos and shall be responsible for the technical side of website operations as well as management of social media community.

Requirements: Experience in content management systems is a pre-requisite.  The candidate should possess great copywriting, sub-editing and proof-reading skills with a brilliant digital understanding of user experience and accessibility.

Method of Application: All applicants should send their CVs and applications to myunlimitedjobs@gmail. com.  NOTE: The position applied for should be the subject of the mail.

Deadline: November 11, 2013.

Remuneration: Our packages are competitive and are influenced by the experience, level of education and job description of the successful applicants.

« on: May 03, 2013, 03:26:45 PM »
I have read some good articles on Cyber Crime from Sundays Punch Newspaper.   The ICT Clinic

Here are the links. 

punchng.  com/business/ict-clinic/cyber-crime-and-the-future-of-the-internet-1/
punchng.  com/business/ict-clinic/cyber-crime-and-the-future-of-the-internet-2/
punchng.  com/business/ict-clinic/cybercrime-and-the-future-of-the-internet-3/

INTERNET / Where do I find Google Panda and Penguine Algorithm?
« on: May 03, 2013, 03:17:36 PM »
Where do I find Google Panda and Penguine Algorithm?

Suggest links Please.

Use of social media is now so deeply ingrained in the lives of a large number of high school-going as well as an average college student that it?s nearly a second nature to most of them by now.  Nevertheless, if you find yourself in the process of applying to some college or are seeking a particular scholarship, it?s essential for you to take a few moments off from your indulgence in games such as ?FarmVille" . . . . .

Read more here. . . . 
hxxp: ow. ly/jNRvP

INTERNET / Facebook Profile Look
« on: April 03, 2013, 08:00:51 AM »
As you can see you have got a new Facebook profile look.  Yes not everyone's got it but I'm sure you will.  So what do you think about it? How does it look?

For me the changes made are pretty smart.

GENERAL DISCUSSION / Kim Kardashian fake tweet
« on: March 28, 2013, 06:07:22 AM »
Just yesterday Kim Kardashian who was in Nigeria for a concert disclaimed the tweet about 'Nigerian women looking like apes" !!! The tweet said  "Nigeria is such a disgusting country.  I couldn?t wait to leave.  lol Scott said their women look like apes and I agree". 

But it was said that she didn't tweet it and she would never do such thing.  What is the truth of the matter???

Source- hxxp: www. naijapundit. com/news/kim-kardashian-disclaims-fake-tweet-insulting-nigerian-women-for-looking-like-apes

INTERNET / 2013 SME Toolkit Nigeria Conference
« on: March 25, 2013, 09:04:06 AM »

The 2013 SME Toolkit Nigeria Conference is here.  Please register because Limited spaces available.
hxxp: www. cfagbata. com/sme-toolkit/

GENERAL DISCUSSION / List of Radio Stations in Lagos
« on: March 20, 2013, 11:10:19 AM »
I found these radio stations list in Lagos, please suggest if any left.   :)

88. 9 - Brila FM
89. 7 - Eko FM
90. 3 - Craig FM
90. 9 - Top Radio FM
92. 3 - InspirationFM
92. 9 - Bond FM
93. 7 - Rhythm FM
94. 1 - Rainbow FM
94. 8 - Altitude FM
95. 1 - Wazobia FM
96. 1 - Traffic radio
96. 9 - Cool FM
97. 3 - Classic FM
97. 7 - Metro FM
98. 1 - SMOOTH FM
98. 9 - Kiss FM
99. 3 - Nigeria Info
99. 9 - Beat FM
101. 5 - Star FM
102. 3 - Radio Continental
102. 7 - Naija FM
103. 1 - Unilag FM (University of Lagos)
103. 5 - Choice FM - FRCN
105. 1 - City FM
105. 9 - NOUN FM (National Open University of Nigeria)
106. 5 - Faji FM
107. 5 Radio Lagos
94. 5 Paramount FM
111. 5- Flow FM, Lagos
112. 90 Lil Frez FM
103. 5 - Radio 1 - FRCN

« on: March 20, 2013, 10:35:18 AM »
I also read this topic but I don't think researchers are completely right about it.  People have a lot of secrets but not all secrets reveal through Facebook!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing, SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of Websites by increasing their visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), through Search Engine Optimization and Advertising.  SEM may use Search Engine Optimization, SEO, by adjusting or re-writing Web contents to achieve higher ranking for visibility in search engine result pages or through Pay-Per-Click, PPC Advertising , referred to as PPC listings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is a process of affecting the visibility or Webpage ranking in search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, in a natural way, which is referred to as organic because it is a natural way of affecting the search engines in a positive way for your Website?s visibility through increased traffic to your site and higher ranking on the search engines

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) / Do you know Digital Marketing?
« on: March 16, 2013, 03:23:16 PM »
Digital Marketing

The use of electronic devices, such as computers, smart phones, cell phones, tablets, to engage with consumers, prospective clients and other business partners is known as Digital Marketing.

People are so focused on SEO that it lacks behind.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have become a well known source of web marketing, digital marketing.  Please reply what you know more about Digital Marketing.

INTERNET / Google AdWords Introduction
« on: March 12, 2013, 06:26:30 AM »
AdWords is Google?s online advertising platform It helps you drive interested people to your website.  Millions of searches are conducted online on Google and AdWords takes the advantage of it.  Your create Ads on Google and you choose them which appear above or next to relevant search results.  Mainly it?s the use of ?keywords?.  You enter words that are relevant to your services or product and then AdWords shows your ad on Google when someone searches for that word or relate words.  Now there are already thousands of search results and other businesses or services appear as top results on Google.  So how can you make your business appear on Google? AdWords gives your business visibility even though your website is not in the top results.  When someone searches for a product or a service, if the keyword is relevant to your business your website appears on Google.  Your potential customers search and then click on your website and that?s how they get to know about your business.  That?s when they could become your customers.  You can attract customers internationally and also in your local area too. 

Using AdWords you can show your ads on different websites as well.  It?s very useful as people now search businesses with their mobile phones.  They can call you directly for more information.  With AdWords your business can be wherever your customers are.  AdWords helps you manage and control your advertising costs.  You can select the maximum amount that you are willing to pay and you only pay when someone clicks on you ad and someone visits your site.  So AdWords is very important to grow your business or service online.  Your potential customers may find you on Google and also many other websites.

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