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When it comes to getting traffic to your website whether you a newbie or have been in the online business for a while one of the best feeling you would ever have is getting people to visit your website without you having to pay for advertisement and posting on social media.   

We all know that content is king when it comes to the success of any website, no matter the niche you are into and how beautiful your website looks without the right keywords in your title and content no one will be able to find your website online so using the right keyword is very important.     The days of having to figure out the right keywords to use on your own is over as there are tons of keyword research tools out there that you can use to get this done.   

When you are starting out, you might not have enough money for you to subscribe to most keyword research tools example ?I call them the king of keyword? Google Keyword Planner which is free but requires you to run campaigns on Google Adword before you can use this tool.    Thankfully, there are still other free keyword research tools you can use and I will highlight some of them in this article.   

What Is Keyword

Keywords are the words that are typed in search engines by people to locate a particle content or website.    Example ?let?s say you just published a post on how to fix a bicycle tyre and someone wants to learn how to do it, if they type in search engine how to fix a bicycle, Google will be able to locate and show your website to them because your content has a keyword related to what the individual entered.   

You can?t expect to write content on how to fix a phone and expect Google to show your website to someone who typed how to fix a bicycle.    So whatever niche you are into you have got to look for keywords related to your niche.   

Benefit Of Keyword Research Tools

I should not just start listing the research tools you can use if you don?t know how beneficial it would be to you.   
Most people wonder why after publishing a content they still don?t get traffic from search engines, this is because they fail to do a keyword research on the particular topic they are writing about.   

Keyword research tools helps you know what works and doesn?t work.    It serves as Gods eye to help you know what people are searching for related to your niche so you can position your content to get traffic from search engines.    Most keyword research tools give you the actual monthly search of any keyword you are looking for so as to enable you make the right decision of the keywords to use in your content.   

With that said lets jump into the best free keyword research tools you can start using today

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hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/10/24/5-best-free-keyword-research-tools-you-can-use-to-rank-on-google/

BANK AND FINANCE / How To Become A First Bank Firstmonie Agent In Nigeria
« on: October 19, 2018, 09:54:44 AM »
With the hours I have to stay in the bank to make a transaction or withdraw money from the ATM because of the long queue has made going to the bank one of my worst fears.  If you stay in Port Harcourt like me or in any of the crowed cities in Nigeria where it is very difficult to see an ATM that has no queue or you have to stay in a banking counter to make a payment or withdrawal you will understand what am talking about.
With the advancement of technology and how it can help to reduce the stress of humans, banks have found a way to use technology to reduce the over dependence of having to go to the bank to make any transaction.

For this to work effectively and reduce the number of people going to the bank, banks have started partnering with small businesses to use them as an outlet where people can go and perform the same transaction they would have gone to the bank to do.  With this, the stress of going to the bank and queuing in front of an ATM will reduce and First Bank of Nigeria has made this possible.

About First Bank

First bank of Nigeria which was founded in 1894 is one of Nigeria?s most used and trusted bank with over 15 million active customers and over 1,000 branches scatted across Nigeria.  The bank which has also gone global having presence in other parts of the world such as Paris, Ghana, Republic of Congo, Senegal, London etc.  has been able to withstand the test of time as it focus mainly on providing quality and efficient services to its customers and has earned them award as the most valuable bank brand in Nigeria from 2011 to 2015 by the Bankers Magazine.

About First Bank FirstMonie

The program which was launched by First Bank of Nigeria in July 2017 as a six month scheme in six different states of the nation namely Lagos, Kano, Abuja FCT, Oyo, Rivers and Anambra to test the Firstmonie Agent network of providing financial services to the public recorded a huge success after its six month in December 2017 which made the bank to re-launch the scheme in January 2018.  According to thenationonlineng. net, Firstmonie Agents processes over N1billion transactions daily.

With the Firstmonie scheme, customers can now easily perform financial services using their smartphone thereby reducing the risk and cost of having to go to the bank.

continue reading hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/10/19/how-to-become-a-first-bank-firstmonie-agent-in-nigeria/

In Nigeria today, one of the things that people spend money on and no matter how much it increases people will keep purchasing it is recharge cards.   On a daily basis, the average Nigerian buys a ₦100 recharge card be it Glo, Airtel, MTN or 9mobile and if you calculate the amount you spend in one month it would amount to ₦3,100.   This might look small but am talking of the average Nigerian but when you talk of top Nigerians that have to use calls to control their business and so on, they spend nothing less than a ₦ 1,000 daily multiply that. 

People always want to get in touch with others maybe for a friendly conversation.   To book an appointment, get information on a particular thing etc.   making the use of recharge cards very important in our day to day lives. 

Now a days, the process of recharging our phones has become easy as we no long have to walk to a recharge card seller to purchase it but through your bank or a website you can easily recharge without having to leave your home.   Believe me the amount of money your bank and those websites you purchase recharge card from make per month is amazing and you can also tap into this as a VTU representative. 

What Is VTU

VTU which means Virtual Top Up is a process by which you act as a vendor to help people recharge their phones without them having to go out to purchase any recharge card.   I remember when mobile phone first entered Nigeria sim cards where sold for ₦ 10,000 but today you can get a sim card of any network for as low as ₦ 200.   In Nigeria there are over 160 million active sim cards and a minimum of ₦ 1,000 is spent per month on recharge cards.   When you do the maths, you will find out that telecommunication companies make billions of Naira on a monthly basis from recharge cards alone. 

As a VTU vendor you can recharge for people any amount ranging from ₦ 100 to ₦ 1,000,000 and you earn %5 of all the recharge you make in a month.   For you to be successful in this business you will have to put yourself out there so people can get in touch with you at any time therefore getting a good location is very necessary. 

continue reading hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/10/18/how-to-start-a-vtu-virtual-top-up-service-busieness-in-nigeria/

WEBMASTERS / How To Make Money Posting Videos On Dtube
« on: October 17, 2018, 11:29:29 AM »
YouTube is no doubt the number one video sharing platform in the world with thousands if not millions of user every month both sharing and streaming videos which makes them stand out among other video sharing platform.      With the amount of money you can make on YouTube through ads, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, sponsorship etc.      people prefer to use YouTube more than any other platform.     

Due to the harsh rules of YouTube that for you to be able to monetize your channel with ads,  you will have to  get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views before ads can be placed on any channel, this can be very challenging to reach most especially if you are a newbie.      This is why having to look for an alternative is not a bad idea (I recommend that you still focus on building your YouTube channel while you consider other platforms).     
Today I want to share with you another platform that can be used to generate income for your videos and it?s called DTube.     

What Is DTube

DTube can simply be described as a decentralised video sharing platform that runs on the Steemit platform.      Before I continue, let me explain what Steemit is.     

What Is Steemit

Steemit is a social media website that works under the umbrella of Steem Blockchain Technology.      Steem is also a crypto currency just like bitcoin, ethereum etc.      Before you are granted access to use DTube, you must first have a Steemit account which will enable you log into your D.     tube account using a private posting key that is made available to you when you open a Steemit account.     

When using Steem, users get to earn Steem Crypto currency which can be converted to bitcoin and when sold, the money will be deposited into your local bank account or any online payment method you provide.     

Back To DTube

As earlier said, DTube is a decentralized video sharing platform that works with the Steemit platform.      Once you have set up your Steemit account you can then log in to D.     Tube and start uploading your videos.     

continue reading http:naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/10/17/how-to-make-money-posting-videos-on-dtube/

In Nigeria today, lots of people are totally dependent on their monthly salary to survive and also cater for their families.  No matter where you work and how much salary you earn per month, if you focus solely on that money to take care of your needs and that of your family after a long period of time, you will have no savings to fall back to when the need arises that is why setting up a side business that will bring in extra income is necessary.

Everybody wants to have money so they can be comfortable and be able to get the best things in life which includes building a house, buying a car, changing their wardrobe, send their kids to the best school etc.  but this cannot be possible if you only depend on your monthly salary to meet your needs.

Having a full time job in Nigeria is not easy as you have to wake up early, rush out of the house so you can beat traffic to get to work and after spending 9 to 10 hours at work when you get back home you are so tired that you don?t have time to do anything for yourself not to talk of having time for your family and at the end of the month you receive a salary that may not be able to meet your needs.  If you can set out time even if it?s one hour a day to focus on a side business, you can grow that business to a point where you eventually will have to quit your job to become an entrepreneur.

There is no full time job that is permanent, if you are lucky enough to get a full time job be it in the public or private sector, you will have to retire one day either after you have served 35 years or when you turn 60 you will have to leave the job (retire) so if you don?t have a side business to fall back to you will suffer.

When Nigeria went into recession in 2017, many companies could not stand the bad economy so they had to let go of some stuffs so as to be able to stay afloat, thousands of people lost their jobs and this made poverty level to increase.  This is just to give you a sense of how important having a side business is in Nigeria.  Even the richest people in the world don?t rely on only one source of income to survive.

Starting a side business while you have a full time job is not an easy task to embark on it requires you putting time and resources to make the business work.

Without wasting much time let?s jump into the 9 side hustle businesses you can start today and still be committed to your full time job.


The internet has provided humanity with a platform that can be used to make extra cash and also live their normal lives.  Creating a blog is one of the best side businesses anyone can do.  The cool thing about blogging is that it can be done anytime anywhere and does not require much to start.  There are lots of Nigerians that have made and are still making millions of Naira from blogging and you can also tap into this business hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/09/03/how-to-start-a-blog-and-make-money-from-it-in-nigeria/.  When it comes to blogging, picking a niche that interest you to blog about is very important be it fashion, sport, entertainment, business, etc.  as it takes time to build to an extent where you will begin to make money from it.  You will have to be determined and consistent to make money from blogging.  There are different ways you can earn money while blogging which includes displaying advertisement on your blog, posting your affiliate links, etc.

continue reading hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/10/10/9-side-hustle-businesses-you-can-start-if-you-have-a-full-time-job-in-nigeria/

WEBMASTERS / How You Can Start Your Drop Shipping Business In Nigeria
« on: September 22, 2018, 11:28:15 PM »
There are lots of online businesses that bring in huge revenue which anyone can do and drop shipping is one of them.     I am sure you have seen top Ecommerce websites such as Jumia, konga, yudala etc.       and you would like to setup your own online store but the cost of logistics and having to purchase the goods you will be selling has made you slack back then starting a drop shipping business is something you should consider going into.   

The cost of having to run your own ecommerce website is very high as you have to get a space for storing your goods, employ staffs, get vans or bikes that will deliver your products to customers etc.     but with drop shipping all you need is a supplier and your laptop.   

I am sure the word drop shipping is not a new thing to most people but for those who do not know what drop shipping is, let me explain below.   

What Drop Shipping Means

Drop shipping is the act of retailing products for wholesalers (suppliers) that has the products without you having to purchase the products.     In a drop shipping business, you serve and the middle man between the supplier and the consumer.   

Let me explain further, unlike a normal ecommerce website where when a customer purchase a product, you will have to be the one to package and deliver the products to the said customer but in drop shipping your job is to display the products on your website and when a potential buyer makes an order, you transfer that order to the supplier who stores, package and delivers the products to the customer and you get paid.   

Talking about getting paid, let?s say you want to retail a product like a smartphone and the supplier puts the price at ₦100,000 as a drop shipper when you put the image of the phone of your website you can fix your own price let?s say ₦110,000 so for every sale of that phone you make ₦10,000 sounds cool right?

How To Start A Drop Shipping Business

If I have been able to convince you that drop shipping is a business you should consider doing then here are the steps you can follow to start

Pick A Niche

The first thing you should consider doing before starting a drop shipping business is to find out the niche you would be venturing into.     What would you be selling on your website? There are lots of niches to go into which includes: fashion, health, fitness, gadgets, home items etc.     you can search Google for more niches.     Always make sure that the niche you will choose has low competition and high profit.     There is no need to rush when it comes to picking a niche, take your time and do a research on various niches before settling for the right one.     You can also visit top ecommerce websites to get ideas.   

continue reading hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/09/22/how-you-can-start-your-drop-shipping-business-in-nigeria/

WEBMASTERS / 7 Trusted Social Media Platform To Grow Your Business
« on: September 21, 2018, 07:58:33 AM »
Marketers all over the world are always searching for ways that they can use to showcase their products and services to large audience so as to promote their businesses and also increase sales.  The traditional ways by which business use to do this was Newspaper, TV, Radio, Magazines etc.  which are great ways to make your business known to the public but there is a better way that you can use to leverage your products online and it is no other than social media.

Social media is a place where millions if not billions of people converge for so many reasons which includes creating and sharing of contents, videos, ideas, networking with people etc.  and marketers can tap into this traffic source to grow their business.

Unlike the traditional ways of growing your business as I mentioned earlier, social media is a far cheaper way to grow your business and produces a high ?Return On Investment? for marketers on a daily bases.  90% of the world?s populations have a social media account and they keep signing up for more as long as it interest them,  so you are rest assured that no matter the social media site you decide to invest your time on you are guaranteed of reaching large number of potential customers.

Social media has gone from just a place where people get to meet new friends but people are now using it to purchase an item which is why top ecommerce websites use social media to advertise their products.  One of the ways top brands and businesses use to engage with their followers is through social media.

With all this said, not all social media platforms might be good for your business so you have got to figure out the ones where you are likely to meet people interested in your business so you can market to them.

In this article, we will be listing out the best social media sites you can use to market your products as well as grow your business.


I call Facebook a country of its own, it is estimated that Facebook has over 2. 1 billion monthly actives users which makes it one of the best social media sites marketers and businesses can use to reach their targeted audience.  Whatever your intentions are on using this platform whether it?s to get traffic to your website, drive sales to your products, make people aware of your brand etc.  this site provides all you need.
Facebook has a wide demography as you are able to reach people in other countries using this platform.  There are lots of ways you can use to get your targeted audience on this platform but the fastest though involves you spending some money but can still be done on a small budget is Facebook advertising.  The Facebook advertisement is great as it allows your target your audience by location, age, gender, desires and lots more.  With this feature only the right people will get to see your products.  Another way of getting traffic from Facebook is by posting on groups.


Well we had to put Instagram at number 2 as it is owned by Facebook and huge traffic can be gotten from this site.  Instagram is basically a photo and video sharing platform and has over 1 billion monthly active users.  This platform deals mostly with graphic contents so if you are going to use Instagram to grow your business you should consider creating images and short videos of your products and business.  This platform also gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers directly so your customers can message you if they have any question to ask you.


Pinterest in another great social media platform you can use to grow your business but I must say it depends on the business you are into that will determine how successful you would be using this platform.  Pinterest is a social media platform that has over 200 million monthly active users and majority of them are into lifestyle and anything related.  This platform can be very profitable to people that are in the fashion, food, home decoration niche and can drive insane amount of traffic to your website.  (every business needs a website).  It is also an image sharing site so you can start posting images of your products and business on Pinterest.  This social platform allows you to start organised as you can create different boards for different products.

continue reading hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/09/20/7-trusted-social-media-platform-to-grow-your-business/

So you just created a website and have posted contents on the site and filling all excited but there is one more thing to do which is ?Drive Traffic To Your Website?.  A minimum of 10 websites are created almost daily and if you don?t get your website or blog out there for people to see, your will end up having a lovely website without anyone or just you and some few friends visiting it (nobody wants that).

The main aim of creating a website is to provide information to people and in return make money from ads and affiliate marketing.  This can only be possible when you have people visiting your website on a daily bases.

The internet is where millions if not billions of people converge when they want to get out of their normal lives, lots of activities takes place on the internet.  Some are there to meet new people, get information?s, have fun and most especially to make money.  You can also use it to drive massive traffic to your website.

There are some practical steps that need to be followed so as to drive traffic to your website and in this article we will be highlighting few ways you can do so.

1.  Guest Posting

Most authority websites such and forbes. com and other top ranking websites welcome people to write contents that would be published on their websites.  As this websites get lots of visitors daily and you are able to get your content published on their website you can add your signature and website url to the post thereby when people read your content and want to know more of the information you have, they will click on the URL you provide to them and in turn increase your traffic.

2.  Optimize Your Contents

Getting to optimize all your contents helps search engine to drive organic traffic to your website.  Most times when people go online and type in a particular keyword, Google would search for contents related to that keyword and present it.  Whatever keyword you intend to rank for example if you are into the make money niche and want to rank for affiliate marketing, you have to make sure that your content is quality and carries your intended keyword both on the title and in the content.  This way it will be easy for Google to rank your content when someone searches for that keyword.

3.  Post On Social Media

Social media is a great place you can use to drive an insane amount of traffic to your website.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.  are great social sites you can start sharing your contents.  One of the good thing about this websites is they allow you post links from your website so when someone clicks on that link it takes them directly to your website thereby increasing your website traffic.  Make sure you are active on social media.

continue reading hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/09/19/9-practical-ways-to-increase-website-traffic/

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As the internet continues to advance and as people keep moving from analog to digital which makes life much easier as people can get information?s on anything they want using their smartphones and other devices from the comfort of their homes it is safe to say that the internet has done more good than harm in our generation.   The hours must people spend on their smartphone and computers is more than the time they spend having a face to face conversation or reading a book.

Every day, millions of people are on the internet doing different activities such as chatting, skyping, playing games etc.  and majority of the people are searching for information?s that would add value to them.  The internet has provided a platform for people to meet, share ideas and lots of people in different ways has used this opportunity to generate massive income whether it?s from blogging, vlogging, freelancing, etc.  and most of them have turned it into a full time income stream.

For ages book publishing has been a huge part of human existence as people needs books to read to gain knowledge.  There are lots of people out there who have an idea of writing a book but the high cost of getting a book publishing firm to edit, type, print and market a book has hindered lots of books from being published.  But there is a way out for you to get your books published.  The internet has made self-publishing a better option for writers as they can now bypass the traditional printing press and now write and sell their books online.

As people spend more time on their smartphones and computer there is a high possibility of them picking a material online and reading it and it comes in the form of eBook.

EBooks have become popular on the internet as millions of dollars are generated every year from this source of making money online.  EBook is an easy way to access information if you are not able to get your hands on hardcopy books.

This article would focus on how you can create an EBook and make money selling them online

What is An EBook?

EBooks is an electronic book which can be sent to people over the internet and then downloaded to a device inform of PDF example smartphone, tablets and computers for people to read.  Unlike publishing a hardcopy book that requires the aid of a publishing firm, Ebook is much easier as it can be self-published and created from many sources.  When it comes to EBooks, any topic can be written about ranging from fitness, weight loss, public speaking, make money, technology etc.  and it gives you total control of anything you intend to write.
Without wasting much time, lets jump into the process of how you can create an EBook

Here are steps to take

continue reading hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/09/18/how-to-create-an-ebook-and-make-money-from-it/

The world is gradually moving from manual to computers as most large industries now uses robots which are controlled by a computer to accomplish a job that needs 4 men to do thereby reducing it to just one man operating the computer and getting the job done.  Example when it comes to coupling a car, instead of people to do the hard work of fixing the doors and other parts, a machine is in place to do the job.  This has made some people jobless.

In Nigeria today, things are also moving from manual to computers, be it in the financial sector where a computer and an internet is needed to transfer money from one place to another thereby reducing the risk of having to carry money in a bag and move around or in the educational sector where most examinations are now done using a computer.  Sadly enough most people still do not know how to use a computer which is a big disadvantage for them in this present day.  Though I was lucky not to write JAMB with computer but I remembered following a friend who wrote JAMB with computer and after the exam, I saw a lot of sad faces and when I got find out what the issue was, it was their lack of knowledge in using a computer that made most of them not able to attempt most of the question thereby reducing their mark.

As many people are getting to know the importance of a computer, a computer is not like out smartphone that you can just purchase and start using without having any prior knowledge of it and this is where a computer training centre comes in to help and teach people how to use a computer and I can assure you that if it is done the right way you are sure to excel in this business.

Who Needs Computer Knowledge

No matter the level you are, having at least the basic knowledge of computer is very important whether you employed, unemployed, student etc.

Students: In Nigeria, most schools especially in higher institutions, student?s needs to know how to use a computer as it is needed for research purpose, typing of projects, assignments etc.  In recent time, Nigeria has embraced the use of Computer Base Test to set exams for students.  JAMB has moved from pen and paper to full time use of computer and most schools are also doing that example National Open University.

Unemployed: Once when I applied for a job, I was giving a day to write an examination and to my greatest surprise I received a mail with a link and username and password for me to go online and write the examination and thank God I knew how to use a computer.  Though it might not be a major requirement but for any job you are applying for but having knowledge of a computer gives you an added advantage.

continue reading hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/09/17/how-to-start-a-computer-training-center-in-nigeria-a-guide/

WEBMASTERS / How To Make Money On Youtube: 4 Ways
« on: September 16, 2018, 04:32:51 PM »
A lot of video creators have turn YouTube into a full time income stream and if you ready to start making money online and need a cool place to start then you should try YouTube.  Most people believe that one of the easiest ways to make money online is by having a blog which I agree total with them but in recent time, I have found out that for most people instead of having to start reading a blog on a particular topic, they prefer watching it.  This gives video a more advantage over blog.

People tend to engage more with video which is why 90% of top brands and marketers use video to drive lots of traffic to their landing pages or website.  YouTube is a great way to increase your revenue and the number one platform to share your videos if you are a video creator.

One of the things that first scared me about YouTube is the fact that it is free to create an account and any kind of video can be shared on YouTube and you can make money from it.  (Sound?s cool right).  Even a video shot on your phone and shared on YouTube con go viral and instantly make you a YouTube/online celebrity.

If you are a video creator or want to start sharing your videos on YouTube and thinking of ways you can monetize your channel there here are my 4 ways you can do so.

1.  Google AdSense

As we all know, Google which is one of the biggest search engines owns both AdSense and YouTube making it the first thing to consider using when you setup your channel.  Google uses AdSense to display ads on your website which lets you earn when people clicks on it.  Same goes for YouTube.  For a website with a decent amount of traffic Google will display ads on your website but with YouTube, you have to get up to 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 views for ads to display on your channel.  Trust me with the right video and proper SEO you can get those even in a week.

continue reading hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/09/16/how-to-make-money-on-youtube-4-ways/

FOOD / How To Start A Natural Fruit Juice Business In Nigeria
« on: September 14, 2018, 07:39:34 AM »
In a country like Nigeria where it would be difficult to go through a whole day without having to see a place where one celebration or another is holding starting a fruit juice business will be a good idea.  In every occasion fruit juice is one of the most found drinks and believes me everybody loves fruit juice.

Due to the fact that most of the fruit juice we see around are processed and packaged from other countries, they contain preservatives which are meant to give the juice a longer stay but most times tend to run peoples stomach thereby making people sceptical about drinking any kind of fruit juice.  Natural fruit juice on the other hand is much advisable as they don?t contain any form of preservatives.

Natural fruit juice goes beyond just squeezing fruits but also how you process, mix and package it for sale.  In this article, I will be sharing with you how you can start your own Natural  Fruit Juice Business and make money out of it.

Here are steps to take

Be creative

The success of any business is how well you able to implement new methods to it and same goes for fruit juice making.   This involves you experimenting on different fruits, get to mix them together and try out their different taste example you can mix apple and banana, guava and apple etc.  while doing this, and make sure to taste them yourself before producing it for the masses.   Also get to know all the types of fruits and their benefits this will help you decide how to mix them.

continue reading hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/09/13/how-to-start-a-natural-fruit-juice-business-in-nigeria/

There are lots of ways and strategies that can be used when it comes to making money online and if you careful, you can get confused.  Blogging still stands top when it comes to making money online.  Since the inception of E-commerce websites which allows people buy things online and get it delivered to their door steps without having to leave their homes this has made life easy for so many people.

E-commerce websites are huge as they provide a long list of items people can shop for online and they generate a lot of money.  One of the richest people in the world owns one of these sites (Amazon).  This been said, not everyone can open an e-commerce website because of what?s involved (logistics) but through affiliate marketing you can squeeze out some money from e-commerce.

A Little On Affiliate Marketing

Lots of E-commerce websites have a thing called Affiliate Program that people can sign up for and are given a custom link to share with others online and when they purchase using your link you get a percentage (commission).

Today we will be focusing on Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon. com is one of the biggest if not the biggest E-commerce website with more than 1 million items on their site and have a lot of people shopping on their website every day.  This is good as it gives you a lot to search for on their website.

Creating An Amazon Affiliate Website

 Once you have signed up for the Amazon Associates Program and logged into your account you cant just start walking on the street and asking people to buy from Amazon using your link (I guess that could also work LOL) you will have to create a website where you can post your link and a review of what you selling.

My 5 Steps To Creating An Amazon Affiliate Website

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As shelter is one of the basic needs of man as everyone needs a place where they can reside and perform different activities housing projects must always be required.  Virtually in every part of the country, houses are built constantly and blocks are needed to lay a solid foundation and also build the house.  In spite of the advancement of technology that houses can now be built using Steel Metals, the use of blocks cannot be left aside at least not in Nigeria as it is important for any building project.   Every structure you see around was built using blocks be it schools, churches, hospitals, etc.  as more of these buildings will be erected making the block moulding business a very lucrative and profitable business to venture into.

If we are to put a list of business that will surely stand the test of time, the block moulding business will be the next after agriculture.  The reason why most people don?t give much thought about this business is the fact that they consider it as a business for the illiterate?s but the truth is the block moulding business can be done by anyone and the more knowledge you gather about the business will guarantee your success.

You might say the business requires you to get dirty but hey come to think of it most of the business that requires your hands to get dirty pay the highest example crude oil, but this business can be started without you having to lift a finger and can generate millions of Naira per month.

If you are considering starting your own block mounding business then here is a guide you can follow.

Take A Survey Of The Business

Like the popular saying ?whatever is worth doing is worth doing well? and this also applies to the block moulding business.  Taking a survey of the business allows you gain more insight of the business, what is needed to start the business, the different approaches you can use in the business and the amount it would cost to kick start it.  Al this can be done by getting to meet other that are into the business, reading books and searching on the internet.


Like I earlier said that you can start this business without having to lift your hands and make any block but I still believe that whatever business anyone decide to go into they should have knowledge of the business.  You can go as an apprentice for any top block moulding business for at least 3 months with that you will get the basic idea of how the business operates.

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I remember a few years ago, when you tell someone that you want to become a photographer they will laugh at you and probably tell you that you going to end up taking pictures for students in the university.  That used to be through then but now things has changed as the photography business is a very lucrative business to venture into.

I guess you have been to a wedding where you see photographer?s standing outside and taking shots of people and the maximum you pay to get your picture is ₦200 this made people think that the photography business is not profitable but have you ever imagined how much the main photographer that was contracted by the couples to cover the event really gets paid? In recent time, the minimum a photographer is paid to cover an event is not less than ₦250,000-₦300,000.  I am not stating this figures to deceive you but is a confirm figure as my elder brother is into the business.

In Nigeria, there is absolutely no weekend that an event does not take place, as we know that Saturdays are for weddings, Get together, events, seminars,  shows, church programs etc.  and all these events needs a photographer to take photos.  No matter your phone camera quality everybody still needs a photographer to take them pictures and print hardcopy so they can keep for future purpose.

Believe it or not, Nigeria is a great place to start a photography business no matter the state you reside if you position yourself well and take advantage of every situation you can be successful in this business.

Being a professional photographer comes with advantage as it can be done on a full time or part time basis, allows you earn money while doing your hubby, travel, meet new people etc.  though there are some disadvantages as it takes time to build if you just starting out, your income will vary as the amount you charge Mr A might be different from the amount you charge another person.

This article will be directed to those that have little or no idea about this business and would like to get into the business.

Here are what you would need to start a photography business

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Due to the state of the economy in Nigeria and how difficult it is for people to get a job after graduating from the university unless you know someone in high authority and even after getting the job, the stress of having to work a nine to five job with little pay at the end of the month many people tend to dive into starting a business both full time and part time without ever considering some factors before they start.

There are lots of business that are been setup every day and those businesses never get up to a year before it is closed down.  Not that the business was a bad one but most people never got to seat down and acquire knowledge on how to start a business and this is what this articles is meant to teach start-ups.

Venturing into starting a business is not an easy thing to do as businesses requires lots of capitals, efforts, late nights, hard work before it can break even and most people fail in business because they are not willing to put in the hard work.  There is apparently no business that starts making profit in the first year, it is widely said by most entrepreneurs that it takes a start-up business 3 years before they can start making profit.

Believe me starting your own business is a wonderful idea.  Nobody can ever be wealthy working a nine to five job but with your own business, depending on the amount of time you are willing yo put into it you can scale it up to a million if not a billion Naira/Dollar business.
For you to start you own business, here is what you need to put in place

Assess Yourself

We all are created differently, there are certain things Mr A can do that Mr B cant.  So first of all get to know your strength and weaknesses, what you are passionate about.  When you do this, it will help you know the kind of business you should consider going into

Get An Awesome Idea

Not every business you see out there is right for you to jump into, this would involve you seating down and brainstorming what business you can do.  One thing to consider while thinking of a business idea is to make sure that whatever business you would be doing must be able to solve other people?s problem.  If you have a skill like sewing, hair making, hat and bead making etc.  you can think of starting a business around that area of specialty.

I would have love to list out different business ideas but its best you find that out for yourself so you don?t end up moving with the crowd.

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Writing is a skill that is very enjoyable if you can take the time to seat down and put your brain to work you can come up with a master piece article that people will want to read.  One of the things I hated back then in secondary school was writing an essay and this comes up almost in every English exam, I always look for ways to skip this question but unfortunately, it is always the compulsory question.  Some years down the line I got to realize that one of the things I can do easily is writing be it a story, a quote for my motivational page on facebook @righthinkers  and any other thing that needs writing.

Every textbook, novel, comic etc.  was all written by someone same goes for the contents we see online.  There are lots of people who love to write even much better than I can but don?t know how to profit from their talent.  To me writing is a talent when I scroll through my facebook account or on Whatsapp, there are some articles I see which when you settle down to read them they add value to you but those writing such articles just do it for fun without realizing how much they can generate from this articles.

Most people think that the only way to make money as a writer is by publishing and selling in hard copy but the truth is the era of hard copy books is fading away as people prefer to read on their PC, Smartphone and tablet.

This article is aimed at showing writers out there some other ways in which they can use to make money with their contents and not have to do it for free any more.

Here are the ways you can make money as a writer

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All over the world, Nigeria is known as one of the countries were crude oil can be found and when refined, you can get PMS (Premium Motor Spirit), DPK (Dual Purpose Kerosene), AGO (Automated Gas and Oil) etc.  which is used by virtually everybody making it a lucrative business to jump into.

The oil and gas business as we all know is a multi-billion dollar industry and the major source of revenue generation in Nigeria making it a competitive business as lots of top companies have taken over the business and are not ready to share with other start up.  The oil and gas business requires a huge capital to start which also discourages people from going into.  But there is a way you can also tap into the business and make some money for yourself.

In Nigeria, due to the difficulty of having steady power supply most organisation and business have to fall back to generators or bigger machines to generate light so their business can go on.  As most of the generators, machines and even vehicles uses diesel to operate, you can use this medium to provide service to organisations.

How The Diesel Supply Business Works

Most big organisations such as Banks, Tele communication companies, hospitals, factories, manufacturing industries and so on rely on steady power supply to work, the demands for diesel is on the rise as they have to work every day.  So this business involves you supplying diesel to these companies at a cost.

The diesel supply business is a serious business that requires lots of capital to start and if done properly can bring huge return on investment.  There are lots of reasons why I prefer the diesel supply business to PMS as diesel is less expensive compared to PMS and when you check around most of the big generators and cars used by top industries no longer use PMS to run but diesel.

The business can be started but on small scale or large scale but for the purpose of this article we will be dealing with the large scale option.

Here are what you will need to start a diesel supply business in Nigeria

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Among the three basic needs of life Clothing (fashion) is very important in our day to day life and it not only cover our nakedness but also make us look presentable in public.  The fashion industry is a huge business all over the world making it a multi-billion dollar industry.
In Nigeria, the fashion business is on the rise as everyone wants to look good and wear things that will fit them no matter the amount it will cost them to purchase it.  Every event you attend in Nigeria, you are sure to see fashion at its best as different attires, designs etc.  are used to make clothes now a days.

As we all know that there are lots of individuals out there who claim to be fashion designers but know little or nothing about the trade all they know is to cut and sew giving the fashion business a bad name.  The fashion business has grown from just ordinary clothes to a way people express themselves, culture, believes etc.  mostly in Nigeria, fashion is no more about suits as casual wears, traditional attires are also classified under fashion.

Who Is A Fashion Designer?

A fashion designer is a person who sews or designs clothes for people.  A fashion designer has to go from the normal designing of cloth to being creative so as to stand out and succeed in the business.  A fashion designer has to be acquainted with the trade and be able to give their clients maximum satisfaction at all times.

Here Are The Things To Do To Setup A Successful Fashion Design Business

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Businesses in the past have focused more on TV, newspaper and magazines to advertise their products and services and have neglected the going online.  But now things have changed as the internet keeps evolving many business have realized the importance of getting an online presence.  Every business most especially start-ups needs an online presence to market their business and attract more client this is where a web designer comes in.

Though through the help of different platforms such as blogger, wordpress, wix, weebly etc.  building a website is much easier now a days but many businesses still prefer to hire a web designer that will build and manage their website for them.

The job of a web designer is not an easy one, its not about getting clients and making money but you have to be very I repeat very good at what you do for you to be able to succeed in this business.

Who Is A Web Designer?

A web designer is a person who is creative and have the ability to design and customize a website for people so as to give them an online presence.  There is no necessary basic certificate a person must have to be a web designer, but as a web designer you must be good in designing, understand how to mix colours and fonts when it comes to creating a website, must be able to organise a site for easy navigation and have knowledge of different coding languages such as PHP, CSS, SQL etc.

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Since our railway system is not functioning as it is supposed to and the cost of using airlines and ships to move goods around the country is very expensive this has made transportation by road the best option to consider when you need goods to be moved around.   This makes the haulage business a lucrative business to venture into.

What Is Haulage?
Haulage can simply be defined as the movement of materials and goods from one location to another using heavy trucks such trailers, tankers, vehicles, tippers etc.

The haulage business is growing rapidly as lots of goods needs to be moved around take for example the potatoes that we see in the south, east and west was transported from the north and for it to get here it needed a haulage service to bring it.  There are other things that haulage can do such as transporting goods from the seaport to any destination the shipper desire.

The haulage business is not an easy business to venture into as it involve huge capital and very risky but if done right can generate lots of returns as the need to transport goods around the country keeps increasing.

There are things you should put in place for you to start a successful haulage business and I will list them below

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When you step out of your home and take a look at young people both male and female you will get to notice that 80-90% of them are wearing T-shirt.  They wear it not necessary because of the weather but T-shirt is gradually taking over as we get to see celebrities and even workers in different organisation (excluding bankers) rock T-shirt which makes it cool.

The T-shirt business is growing rapidly as billions of dollars are spent in the purchase of T-shirt every year and unlike other business, the T-shirt printing business can be started with little capital and can be done in your home when you get the right equipment.
Every Nigerian youth, children and even adults rock T-shirt everyday which makes it a lucrative business to jump into if you know what you doing.

For lovers of fashion and those that are willing to go into this business and put in the hard work, in this article I will be showing you ways in which you can use to start your own T-shirt printing business and make money from the comfort of your home.

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