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INTERNET / What is PtcShare and What to expect from PtcShare
« on: June 02, 2019, 08:38:46 AM »
PtcShare is going to be a hybrid of a paid to click and a revenue sharing website.  In many ways it will be similar to Paidverts, but far easier to understand.  ?Ease of use? is our main objective for PtcShare, for both the advertiser and the earner.

Advertisers will have the possibility to advertise on PTCshare without having to go through 9 different options, such as on Paidverts.  You select whichever delivery method you desire and we do all the complicated stuff regarding the pre-selection of our products.  We?re making it a fast and pain-free method for every advertiser, both new and experienced.  We expect to have a ton of traffic during the early phase of the project, which means the advertising methods will almost surely be undervalued for the results they bring!

For the user we?re making things extremely simple and as financially attractive as we possibly can.  Users will have a wide variety of earning methods, all neatly portrayed and explained.  Users will be able to earn by watching ads, playing games, fulfilling offers/tasks on the offer walls and by sharing in the profitability of the website by buying bulk ads.

But that?s not all! PTCshare intends to add many more earning methods, methods which haven?t been seen before in Paidverts just yet.

We are launching in June and will have a 7 day countdown when we?re certain we can offer you a great experience.  Right now is probably the best time to prepare for the launch and build your downline.

WhatsApp 08113849391
Chat soon 

INTERNET / Pre-register to the biggest ptc Launch of 2019
« on: May 20, 2019, 06:40:27 AM »
Pre-register for the biggest ptc Launch of 2019. 

You have the opportunity to spread the word and build your downline before the official launch begins .

What you are to gain when the site is lunch on first week of June?

You get to earn commissions on every ads bought and interactions made by your downline.  

For every adpack you buy you earn %118 profits.  

For everyday you login you earn point which helps you to earn more even as a free member.  

What makes it more unique and interesting to me is the fact that the same company that own paidvert is the one launching this particular one which I have been earning from it since 4 years now.  

If you are interested in earning passive income online why not join now and spread the word before others do.  

Please remember that you can as well earn without inviting others and as a free member.  

To register which is free and follow the company Facebook page for the latest news, promo, and update please chat me on WhatsApp 08113849391
Thanks for reading
To your success 
Chat soon.


Hi everyone,

I can say that it is possible to earn great income from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world. 

With a little investment of $10 that's around N3700 you can earn big income you can as well compound your earnings or withdraw them. 

The beauty of it is it only takes five minutes of work time to get paid as long as you have internet connection a smartphone or computer. 

These companies have been around nothing less than five years and they keep paying their members including myself. 

To be honest with you guys it worth the risk every Businesses both online and offline involved risk and I can say I make nothing less than $10 everyday from one of my investment sites. 

If you are serious about taking that bold step to be financially free while you can move around with your day to day activities buzz me up on whatsapp 08113849391 registration on the sites are free to do.

To  success. 

Step 1.  Install the App
Step 2.  Sign up
Step 3.  Fill out the form

All set!

Lock and unlock your smartphone screen to see your first banner

Free registration

Would you like to become one of those who are already earning on the banners App platform ? Register on the site absolutely free and start receiving money for each views of banner advertising.

Up to $5 a view!

Up to $5 a week on your account,regardless of the time of day or night and location.

All you need to make money is your smartphone and, of course Banner App.

To get the link send me DM on whatsapp 08113849391 or drop yours.

I've looked long and hard and I know that there is no other business on the face of this planet within the Network marketing industry that can come anywhere close to FutureNet for both passive and active income.

If you want to become a millionaire then yes you can with FutureNet.   If you want to make money without sponsoring people the with FutureNet you 100% can !

If you have little time on your hands then FutureNet can make you money every day for only 10 minutes per day.

If you want to travel the world and go to there events then yes you can.     If you want a business with a purpose for good then FutureNet has it with their FutureNet Foundation and the New FutureNet Planet Environmental and sustainable development products that launch in 2019.

If you want a business that is offline as well as online then FutureNet has it with their stunning FutureNet Cafes and Restaurants.   If you want a business you can join for free and make money for free then FutureNet has that aswel.

If you love technology then FutureNet is at the forefront of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency so you have that also.     There is literally everything anyone could want in a business.    It has low cost of entry and High Ticket products.   It has passive income and it has active income.    Nothing beats FutureNet Period.

Come and Join Me WhatsApp 08113849391 thanks

Hey friends,

At 4NEW we are very excited to announce the next exchange that we are listing on.

Our first announcement on exchanges came a few weeks ago, when we made public that we were listing on both HotBit and Exrates exchanges.

Now we have our biggest announcement yet for an exchange listing. . .

HitBTC has approved 4NEW's KWATT tokens for August 21!

HitBTC is a top 10 crypto exchange.

As shown on CoinMarketCap, HitBTC is the 9th most active exchange based upon daily trading volume in the whole worldwide 24/7 crypto economy.

Being listed on an exchange of this caliber brings a strong message to the crypto community. . .  that 4NEW is a major new coin, and will have instant liquidity in the crypto markets. 

We promised you that we'd bring the KWATT token onto a major exchange, and once again we're hitting our milestones and targets, delivering upon our promises to you, the 4NEW community.

What does this mean for you?

Your KWATT tokens are going tradable in one of the biggest exchanges on Earth.

Which means now is the best time to get more KWATT tokens.

Right now is your only opportunity to get the 25% bonus on KWATT tokens. 

Become part of the 4NEW GLOBAL MISSION to clean up our world and generate free, clean, environmentally friendly energy to power crypto mining.   

We are excited to have you part of our vision to help save the planet with tokenized electricity.   

Now is the time to get your KWATT tokens, and get yourself ready for the exchange listings on 3 exchanges.

WhatsApp 08113849391 for more info. 

See you on the inside! 

Some of you are about to miss out on one of the easiest money making opportunities ever. . .


I just don't understand why though because this is a SURE THING. . .  I AM SERIOUS!

It's like Income for Idiots or Dollars for Dummies. . .  literally anyone can do it regardless of age, location, education level, or any other excuse you can think up.


I surely hope not. . .  bad move on your part if that's the case!

For those that are serious and really want to earn, here's the scoop. . . .

YOU DECIDE exactly how much you want to put in and you always get back more even if you don't sponsor anyone. . .  NO JOKE!

However for those that want to sponsor they can make BIG MATCHING bonuses. . .

You can buy in via PayPal (you know you are safe), Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. . .  Options make it easy!

Are you curious what it is?

Chat me on WhatsApp 08113849391

Don't be the dummy that misses out. . .

INTERNET / These is for Cryptocurrency lovers
« on: February 06, 2018, 09:28:09 PM »

It's finally live and it's amazing!  We are getting positive reviews in the media from all sources and I could not be happier to be part of this amazing initial coin offering.

Want to know what it is?  hxxp: bit. ly/2BMW7FL

Go ahead and create your free account then fund it with BTC, BCH, BTG, LTC, or ETH and then on February 21st you can buy the token.

I expect you to double your investment in as little as 75 days then it will go higher and higher. 

Here's why. . .  During the pre-sale you can purchase the token at just 4 cents.   When the ICO launches on March 24th the price will be 40% higher. . .  when the token becomes a coin then it will be well over $1. 

This is hands down one of the best opportunities ever to earn passively simply because you are in the right place at the right time.

In case the link didn't work you can email me on fshaldre@yahoo. com.

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