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MONDAY JOBS POSTING / 100% method of earning
« on: October 11, 2018, 11:38:14 AM »
100% method of earning on forex, do not waste your time. Take advantage while this loophole is open! On forex market you can earn without knowing how to trade!!! DO NOT BELIEVE TO THIS? AND IN VAIN! Do you know what it is to make money by using swap? Any open position on forex market is transferred to the next day.  Comission  is charged  for each such transfer, it can be both negative and positive.  Now imagine that we have two opposite open positions with different brokers, and at the same time one of them has accounts without a swap, that is mean, no fees for transferring transactions.  This is our surest way to make money !!!!! Do you understand what I'm saying? No? So what about, we take $ 200, and make two deposits, with two brokers for $ 100, we open one BUY deal, the second one SELL, thereby protecting ourselves from losses.  We wait until the swap becomes profitable, and we close both deals, we make a profit, and we do this indefinitely until the moment comes when there is no place to put the profit.

If you still not understand how it works this example for you:  We open two trading accounts with LiteForex and FXTM, with FXTM we open an swap free account.  We will trade Turkish lira, as the values ​​for the swap here are much more than other pairs.  Open two deals with LiteForex https://liteforex. com/?uid=786688921&cid=14184 open a SELL deal for a pair of USDTRY and FXTM www. forextime. com/?partner_id=4922154 open a BUY deal and also for a pair of USDTRY.  Insert the volume of the transaction 0. 1 lot for the amount of $ 100.  Opening price of deals 6. 122 closing price 6. 14.  In the case of SELL, after the transfer, we get a positive $ 23. 4 swap.  As soon as we get a profit in the swap, we can close both deals , or wait for the moment when the profit on the swap becomes even greater, because every day it is one transfer of transactions.  And if you make large deposits, the profit can be increased many times.

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