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SOFTWARE and PROGRAMMING / Taatafoo, A Fun App For Android Phones.
« on: November 02, 2013, 09:33:25 PM »
Taatafoo is a unique AndroidBot that crawls over the web and fetches latest news headlines, that cut accross various categories/interest.

Be it Sports (premier league), Entertainment and Arts (movies, music, books . . . ), Politics(world, african . . . ), Relationship, Business, Science. . .

You do not need to be on the app 24/7, as taatafoo will keep you up to date with a whats-app like notification, as new events occur around the world.  All that is required is to start the app.

You can filter the sort of news (notification) you receive by choosing your interests.

Download link: hxxp: nextapps. mtnonline. com/31810

GAMES / Azigo Game App! The African Board Game.
« on: November 02, 2013, 09:25:59 PM »
The yoruba's call this african board game - Ayo, the igbo's - Azigo, in west africa it is referred to as oware.

 "It's an adult's game, and when it is in process no one talks.  Both the competitors and spectators remain mute, working with their eyes, heads and hands.  Sometimes a champion is tied up until his wife comes, overturns the board, and says: Leave this nonsense thing and come home for dinner. "
 - Mbonu Ojike

 Initially each player has six holes with four seeds (okwe).  He begins to play in an anticlockwise manner, until he runs out of seeds (last seed ends up in an empty hole) . . . 

 To capture seeds a player must get four seeds in his/her hole, or when his last seed ends in an opponent hole containg 3 seeds.

 Game is over, when a player has failed to capture four seeds after a round.

 Java phone and Blackberry support.

Download link: hxxp: nextapps. mtnonline. com/app/azigo. 32095

EDUCATION / Master "GMAT" On Your Mobile Device
« on: November 02, 2013, 09:11:18 PM »
PoPqUiZ is a database driven question and answer mobile application with a simple but elegant User interface. 

PoPqUiZ enables a user to perfect his/her knowledge over a topic/field, simply by taking on randomly generated questions in realtime.  Requires no internet connection to work.

This version "Gmat (problem solving)" has Its database packed with over 200 real questions with correct answers.

Android, blackberry, and java phones support.  Requires no internet connection.

Download link:

hxxp: nextapps. mtnonline. com/app/gmat-popquiz. 31813

HTML Buddie is meant for anyone who wants to learn how to create web pages or understand the language of the Web much better, through practise.   

 You do not need any previous programming experience to work with HTML Buddie.    As the use of HTML Buddie is only an introduction to Hypertext Markup Language.    So, whether you are just a hobbyist or want to make a career of web programming, HTML Buddie will teach you the basics of the language of the Web.   

Features include:
   Comprehensive Tutorials - (HTMLCode -- Explanation -- Real time Browser preview).   
   Practice - Practice what you have learnt from tutorials (Real time coding and browser preview)
   Study - Download and study website source code of any website.    You have the provision for editing/customising source code and saving to

              Basic webpages can be built with HTML Buddie and saved to file.   

 Android, blackberry, and java phones (including java enabled china phones)support.   

Download link:  hxxp: nextapps. mtnonline. com/31812

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