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SHOCKING!!! 6 PhD Holders, 704 Masters Degree Holders Submit Application For Dangote Driver Vacancy

The ugly unemployment statistics of Nigeria has been highlighted by the number of applications from higher degree and first degree holders who sought employment as drivers in Dangote group.  The staggering figure stands at 13,000.  Of the 13,000 applications received by the Dangote Group for the Graduate Executive Truck Driver, there were 6 PhD, 704 Masters and over 8,460 Bachelor degree holders. 

For how long will you keep searching for job when God has given you talent to develop and make a living from?

If you are anywhere in Lagos and don't want to be like the above mentioned applicants or you desire to change your job, or you wish to help your loved ones, then join our FREE business seminar that will empower you this Saturday by 2. 00pm @ Our Place, 7, Olufunmilola Okikiolu Street off Toyin Street, behind Eko Bank, Ikeja, Lagos.

Make it a date with destiny and please be punctual!

For more info please call 08056074597 or send a mail to busolaolumide@gmail. com

Get away for some fun in:
Dubai(24-30thNov 2012)
Rwanda Air Single: 255,000
Rwanda Air Twin: 215,000
Ethopian Air Single: 285,000
Ethopian Air Twin: 240,000
Qatar/Etihad Single: 305,000
Qatar/Etihad: Twin: 260,000
Emirates Single: 330,000
Emirates Twin: 285,000
Deadline is 14 Nov 2012

(13-18th Feb '13) 6 days Valentines special
Couple: N570,000, singles: N290,000
Deadline is 3 Feb 2013
The fee covers return tickets, visa, accommodation, daily b/fast, desert safari+ belly dancing+ bbq dinner, Dhow cruise + buffet dinner, half day city tour and all applicable taxes.

Facilities to pay for the February trip in 4 instalments is available between now and January ending.
Please send enquiries and booking to busolaolumide@gmail. com.
Thank you

BUSINESS and ECONOMY / Financial Independence Seminar
« on: October 11, 2012, 02:36:03 PM »
Hello folks, this is Busola Olumide. 
I have a couple of questions to ask you and I have a solution as well. 
Do you have a plan B? What other financial plan or benefit do you have if you lose your job now? Are you interested in having multiple streams of income? Do you believe that you can be financially free within the next five years? Join our seasoned members who have made it to the top through Avenues to Wealth.  They can tell you the secrets behind their successes at any A2W meeting going on this weekend. 
Benin A2W will be holding @d Top floor Peddrochi house, opp Edo State Water Board.  185 Sapele Road, Benin City on sat'day 13th October. . . 1-3pm (1st session) and 3-5pm (2nd session).  All are free sessions.  Listen to platinum and gold A2W members tell all you need to know about A2W. 
A2W in Ibadan on Saturday 13th Oct @ 2, Arigidi Close Off Oshuntokun Ave, Old Bodija.  Ibadan.  2pm-4pm.  Admission fee is N250.  Come and hear from someone who's been in A2W for four years. 
A2W Warri: National Inland Waterways (Warri Dockyard) Authority (the hall), opp Deco junction, Warri.  Sapele rd.  Time is 3pm.  Date is sunday 14th oct 2012. 
If you will also like to know about a center close to you where you can attend a meeting. . . please send your location to pin 275bedb4 and I'll send an address to you.  You can also reach me on busolaolumide@gmail. com or call 08056074597.
You can also join our online presentation on mondays and tuesdays on www. instantpresenter. com/avenuestowealth10.  Its A2W folks and its all about financial independence!!!
It all depends on how financially free you want to be.

« on: August 14, 2012, 12:19:24 PM »
Tired of the hype?

Are you sick of programs that do NOT deliver? Have you tried everything out there? Do you desperately need and want to change your financial future?

Many of us have tried so many programs in an effort to gain wealth.  I bet you have too.  Have you spent a small fortune on programs that do not deliver what they promise?

So, let me ask you, would you be willing to learn from the real experts in the industry? What if you could have access to the same knowledge that the wealthiest people in the world already have? You know, that is the only difference between you and them - having the knowledge and the tools necessary to gain wealth.

I was thrilled to find Avenues to Wealth.  Finally, I found a program that makes sense with a low cost, AND best of all - it delivers what we all need to change our financial future.

Here's just a sample of what Avenues to Wealth offers its distributors:

Access exclusive wealth education products and opportunities
Enjoy discounted global travel, products and services
Benefit from cutting-edge health services at remarkable prices
Qualify for a free luxury vacation up to twice a year
Receive a free vacation package in Thailand or Las Vegas
Share in the 60% of sales revenue that is paid out each week
Create multiple streams of passive income
If you're tired of failing, then take a few minutes to view our no obligation tour.

www. avenuestowealth. com/segunolu

I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you have.

Best wishes,
Busola Olumide
busolaolumide@gmail. com

Residual Income can be divided into two:
Active Income and Passive Income????
What's all the grammar about?

Active income is money you earn while been involved actively like paying transport fees to go to work, buying newspapers to watch your stock. . .
Passive income is the money you earn while your money works for you like rent, dividends from your stock. . .

There five ways you can be financially free by earning both active and passive income world-wide:
a.  Real Estate
b.  Paper Investment. . . stocks, shares and bonds
c.  Automated business. . . putting a system in place in your company and watching it bring money
d.  Intellectual Properties e. g writing a book, voice recordings where you are paid royalties(not so popular in Nigeria ;))
e.  Network Marketing

Network marketing is an industry that has made billionaires and millionaires.
The only clause is that you have to be in the right networking platform because there are a lot of scams out there. . . pyramid and ponzi schemes.
Network marketing is all about advertising for a particular company and getting paid(in cash or with benefits). . . . its as simple as that.
Doing it the right way and being with the right network will make you lots and lots of money for you to be financially free.
to be continued tomorrow. . . .

Good morning people! Grab this exclusive offer to spend your holidays in Dubai!!!
Package includes:
Visa, Return ticket, airport transfers, 3/4 star hotel accommodation with breakfast, Tours (Dhow cruise with buffet dinner, belly dancing with BBQ, Atlantis city combo, desert safari and lots more)
July trip is N270,000
August trip is N265,000
Hurry because we are running out of spaces. . .

3-4 nights in USA, Mexico City and Asia for just $330.  Package includes tours, accommodation with breakfast.
You cant believe it?
Then contact me. . .
Please contact me on 08056074597 or pin number 275bedb4.
Thank you!!!

« on: July 11, 2012, 07:43:40 AM »
Dubai This Summer
Fun | Memories | Adventure
August 19th - 24th 2012

Deadline August 3rd 2012

In this amazing package, experience Dubai, an icon of the Middle East and a beauty to behold.
The trip promises to take you from the thrills of the desert safari to the serenity of the Dubai creek to awesomeness of the emirate not to mention the shopping experience and the people, this is a trip not to be missed.

It is going to be fun, memories and adventure like never before, join the train and get set for an unbelievable summer experience. . .  What are you waiting for?

Traveller's Fee: Adult
Single Emirates: N 380,000
Single Qatar: N 295,000   
Twin Emirates (twin sharing): N 350,000    
Twin Qatar (twin sharing): N 260,000
Optional Tour: Abu Dhabi Ferrari World: N 18,000

Package Inclusions
Return Flight Ticket
Return Airport Transfers
Accommodation ***
Daily Buffet Breakfast
Desert safari + Belly dancing + BBQ dinner
Dhow cruise + Buffet dinner
Half Day City Tour
All applicable taxes
Applicants are required to submit the registration form along with the information page of their travelling passports
Any application after August 3rd, 2012 will not be considered

Terms and Conditions:
-Registration closes on August 3rd, 2012
-All visa requirements and payments must be paid on or before August 3rd, 2012
-Visa processing fees, hotel fee and 40% of flight fare once booked are non-refundable
Although high visa success rate is enjoyed, the power lies with Dubai Immigration not us on its issuance and timing of release
-If for any reason, visa release is delayed by the Dubai Immigration service, we would not be responsible for any extra cost that might apply
-Flight fares might change as they are subject to availability from the airline.  Therefore it's imperative to act fast
-Payment for this trip implies you agree to the aforementioned terms and conditions
If you are interested in the 'Dubai This Summer' trip, then contact Busola Olumide
on 0805 607 4597, pin 275BEDB4
Promises to be fun. . .
Thank you.

« on: June 30, 2012, 06:45:24 PM »
Are you facing a project crisis right now?

Do you have a project that you feel will never get done?

One that has a deadline that you feel is going to be impossible to meet?
One that is running out of funds?

One that you feel that you should never have taken on because you
don?t have the skills for the project.  Do you feel like skipping to Tahiti
so that you can get away from the project?

I have just the right solution for you.

Please visit www. businessconcept597. blogspot. com

« on: June 21, 2012, 10:25:15 AM »
E-books for sale on www.     businessconcept597.     blogspot.     co.     uk
Titles cover health and lifestyle, jobs, family and relationships to network marketing.     
Please avail yourself of the opportunity as the prices vary.     
Check the blog from time to time for updates.     

 ;DAlso avenues to earn some extra cash.     .     .     .     
Thank you.     

Post Merge: June 21, 2012, 10:28:19 AM
Be rest assured that there are no issues with copyright.    .    .    .   
and the business opportunities there are guaranteed
as I am actively involved.   

Post Merge: June 24, 2012, 12:17:57 PM
Hello People,
Sorry about the wrong blog address.   
The correct blog address is www.   businessconcept597.   com
Please indicate you saw this post on nigerian best forum to get a discount on an e-book you will love to purchase.   
Thank you.   

Post Merge: June 24, 2012, 12:21:11 PM
This is an e-book on weight management. 
Its a bonus book. 

Post Merge: July 04, 2012, 11:52:56 AM
Hello Nigerians!

New e-books are going to be loaded on the blog soon.

Titles include:
-21 sources of income
-body detoxification made easy
-massage therapy
-win war against stress
-lower your cholesterol
-personal development
-natural remedies

And guess what, @ a give-away prices between N1,000-N2,000

The e-books will loaded on www. businessconcept597. blogspot. com www. businessconcept597. blogspot. com before the end of this week.
Watch out. . . .
And if you are in urgent need, please send an e-mail to busolaolumide@gmail. com with the title of book you are interested in as the subject.

Thank you.

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