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Here comes the PINGFU IRIS TUNNEL settings i promised free of charge as sent to me by a friend in Kaduna.  I have really not have the time to test it but to show ma commitment to free ma people from these exploiters who can sell anything at all, am posting it here as fresh as i got it.  Dont worry, its a three-day trial but guys are working hard to crack it and make it full.
- Go and download the PINFU software thru this direct link: hxxp: www. artofping. com/download/pfiris_setup. exe
- Install PF (pingfu iris tunnel software) but don't run it immediately
- connect ur fone to ur pc thru the pc suite, using internet. ng. zain. com as the suite's apn
- As soon as u are able to establish connection, run PF.
- On ''configuration, click '' I am behind a proxy server''
- Manually configure it using ip: 172. 18. 254. 5 and port: 8080, then, click 'apply change''
- It will test ur connection and once successful, it will write it
- At this stage, go to ur mozilla firefox, and change ur settings to these: ip:127. 0. 0. 1 and port:2020 or u can use also 'localhost' as ur ip.  Click ''use this ip for all protocols'' and ok
Then, continue browsing.

NOTE: Like i said, it has not been tested by me yet.  Try it and lets hear ur feedback.  As for the crack, dont worry, it shall soon be settled.  If u can use it successfully for those 3-day trial period, just keep it.  U'll just have to enter the registration code or crack key to make it full version, all the settings remaining the same. . .
 Pls give ur testimonies and experience with it here for others to benefit from and for the 'marketers' to be put to shame! Send me no dime pls.  Am comfortable wt ma job.
Do enjoy

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