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To get the resources on IT training Videos and IT opportunities in Nigeria visit www. lumecom. com or read on.

From the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age to the New Economic Era Age, The Internet?.  ( Not a Recession)

What Smart People Already Know: We are NOT in a Recession. . We are Transitioning into a New Age.  The Internet and IT Technology.

I came across this amazing information and I just had to share this with you. 

In Agricultural Age?. Great Farmers are the wealthiest and most respected, in Industrial Age?it was Industries.  The New Economic Era Age, Internet and IT Technology, It was IT profession.

The good part of these three Ages is that in agricultural and industrial age it takes a good amount of money, time and hard work to create wealth, this age is different?. it takes only your head and being SMART.

Can you imagine making one million dollars while you were still young? The following Smart Guys didn?t just imagine it; they did it.  Through IT skills maximized with power of internet.
  • Jermaine Griggs of Hear and Play ? 23yrs- worth $5 Million
  • Robert Small of MiniClips ? 24yrs ?worth $23 Million
  • Matt Wegrzyn of Bodis ? 19yrs ? worth $1 Million
  • Ashley Qualls of What Ever Life ? 17yrs ? worth $3 Million

Let not call the big guys like FaceBook-26yrs now, Mozilla, YouTube, Dell, WordPress, in fact the list is endless.  Visit: www. lumecom. com to see more of this smart guys and how they made it.

As you can see it takes skills to make money in this age.  Why not get the skills, even get it faster, easier and most cost effective with CBT Video Training.
Video Training will give you:
        Comprehensive quality training from world leading Experts
         Well structured from basic knowledge to advance IT skills with right guidance.

         Train at your own pace, at your own convenient time

         You learn faster?increase comprehension and retention

          Burn on DVDs?. Gives your unlimited access?. Anytime?Anywhere

          Yet you get it almost free from Lumecom. com

Visit: www. lumecom. com it contains the information and IT training Videos you need to be an IT Certified Professional and make the most of the huge opportunities.

If 50 to 70% returns monthly are ok for you, then, Check out the login details of active running account of this robot at naijawarriors. com

A bit analysis of the Robot in terms of Risk Management: Sound Risk Management which is the first thing you will look for before investing on any Robot, even if that system doubles account in one week but lack Risk Management, it is absolutely useless because it will still close up the account without giving you a quit notice.     

The Robot use Hedging strategy in managing your risk.      Hedging in the Forex realm is like buying insurance in order to get oneself insured from accidents such as fire or theft.     

The hedging strategy works this way, let assume that the robot was on buy position and  market moves against it to a pre-set specified parameter @ 50pips, it automatically enters sell position with a little bit higher lot size to first hold the loses and secondly recover the loses.     

Visit this page for active account login details of this robot to view the result yourself.      naijawarriors. com or email: chidiobi55@gmail.  com 0r call 08034247247

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