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Hello friends welcome to my poll: Do you know how to invest in penny stocks?

The term penny stocks generally stands for any stocks that trade outside the major stock exchanges and is taken as ?deprecatory?.   The major stock exchanges would include: NASDAQ, AMEX, or NYSE.   The term is also often used interchangeably with small caps and nano caps.   The title of penny stock yet should be determined by the share price instead the listing service or market capitalization.  The easiest way to get your foot into the market is to get into a company that is trading under $5 a share. 
The following tips to help the penny stock trader avoid making costly mistakes. 

Due Diligence
Low investments
means low risk
Do your own research
Size matters
Stocks that no longer trade over $1 on the Nasdaq
Make your own strategy

Vote as well as share your thoughts

www. pennyinvest.  com

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