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STOCK and FOREX EXCHANGE / Re: beware of fraudstars in forex business
« on: April 10, 2010, 05:18:58 AM »
Quote from: legsceo link=topic=57167.  msg293020#msg293020 date=1270808949
The problem is basically the mentality of our people.    People want to make money but are not prepared to do what it takes to get to the promised land.  

I have been in forex for four years now, and it took me a good while to get a grip of the market.    Even now, we get occasional surprises.    I always advise against giving money to anyone to trade for you.    It's better to learn the trade and do it yourself.  
Hear hear! I think this just about sums up the whole picture in Nigeria.   We've had all kinds of promises from wonder banks, scammers, one-time successes (God knows where they are now), etc.   The fact is it's best to learn on your own, or get training from someone with a solid foundation.   Many people want to get rich quick, without putting in the necessary sweat and blood and tears.   I run training courses and market a good self-developed system myself on www.  stresslessforexsystem.  com, but personally I would not wish to train or offer help to someone who would not want to see the reality of the situation and be patient and disciplined enough to learn.  Plus all these supposedly no-loss robots and systems - sheesh! I would have been amused if I did not feel pity for those who fall victim to such.

 :o Eeya; sorry gabjosiah, I agree with FTA above that the main reason for your loss was bad Risk Management.    It's the number one reason most of us initially fail at forex trading.   If you can master this and get a solid trading system built on good principles, you can only win in the end because your profits would always exceed your losses in the long run.   You may download a free copy of the e-book "7 Reasons Why Most Traders Fail" on www.  stresslessforexsystem.  com, as well as another e-book.   Hope it would help.  

« on: April 03, 2010, 01:59:53 AM »
I am always amused by those who say forex is too risky.   So how would have you described the stock market 1-2 years ago, when people were buying shares unknowingly at their peak prices? Investment in any financial market is always risky; increasing one's knowledge is what greatly reduces that risk.   Forex had always been portrayed as a get-rich-quick scheme by ignorant seminar conveners and scammers.   Hear the truth: if you have a firm grasp of risk management it would be difficult for you to lose! And with a little diligence in self-education, you could become a competent trader quietly making your profits monthly without being thrown about by every wind of doctrine (or robot or magic indicator).    
Little advice, for those who have not done it yet: go to www. babypips. com for a thorough grounding and initial foundation.   Go to www. forexpeacearmy. com to find out which broker(s) you can trust.   Open a demo account ASAP and start practicing, even if you have only a few minutes a day.   You could also open a micro acct with N1,500.  
Oh, I forgot.   Also check out www. stresslessforexsystem. com and download 2 free e-books; plus get access to a cheaply-priced trading system.   And get a lot of tips and mentoring advice thrown in free!
My advice to anyone who thinks it's impossible to succeed in forex trading: I once was there; but patience and diligence have paid off big time.   SO YOU TOO CAN DO IT!

STOCK and FOREX EXCHANGE / Re: beware of fraudstars in forex business
« on: April 02, 2010, 02:09:15 AM »
I agree with those comments.    If you are thinking of giving your funds to a manager make sure you do your due diligence.    Personally, I would prefer to learn myself - and anyone can! Go to www.  babypips.  com to get educated, and to www.  forexpeacearmy.  com to get trained.    And check out my free e-books at www. stresslessforexsystem. com!

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