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TRAVEL, IMMIGRATION and RECREATION / Is this genuine driver licence
« on: November 07, 2011, 03:58:35 PM »
Pls the attached driver licence do belongs to my friend living in abroad, he paid for it before travel back to Sweden due to reason best known to him but instructed me to collect it from the agent who process it for him, but when I get this driver's licence 6 days ago this is what the man gave me, to my surprised bcos they are now issue new driver's licence and this do look like old one to me, and don't even look genuine too bcos my own has coat of arms and FRCN cross my photograph but this one don't have, I just want to know if their is no problem with it, I told him of my suspicious and told me to verify it's if it is genuine before sending it to him bcos he too can't identify it if it is genuine and he need it in Sweden for purpose and must be genuine.  I'm afraid of taken it to road safety bcos it is not mine and may cause problem for me.  Pls help me out. 
Issued date is 31:10:2011
expire- 28:04:2014
3 and half years later.

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