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MOBILE PHONES and COMMUNICATION / Recharge Voucher Business (RVB)
« on: September 29, 2009, 12:54:41 PM »
I have packaged a manual on how to make 180k in 2months doing this business
You will become a dealer for free, and start selling the vouchers at the comfort of your house/office
How you can start with a min of N4,500
Where to buy at cheap/best price
Where to sell at ease

to order this manual send me a mail or text requesting for e-manual of "Recharge Voucher Business made easy"
email: oshiboi@yahoo. com
GSM: 08055607671, 08023463235


« on: September 28, 2009, 08:24:14 PM »
nice piece gud job


Hey, if you stumbled on this page and you are into forex trading then I must congratulates you, are you making money fine you can make more money, are you loosing money then its time to RECOVER ALL.

Am not a FAN of  forex trading software, likewise I dont stay glued to computer screen looking the face of forex chart to enter trade, but all I need are few minutes to check my chart and enter trade and leave the system for another important things.

If you dont know, 90% of fundamentalists change their style of trading in the last couple of months due to mathematical ways of the move of forex movements, therefore, only a perfect signal that will determine the mathematical wave of the movement of the forex market.

So, I have put together fantastic indicators and Investor's mind reader that gives you a perfect signal of forex trading opportunity and its called 22EMA.

This signal has been tested both in demo and live account and unbelievable it produces 100% accuracy.

to order this signal send me a mail or text requesting for "22EMA A PERFECT SIGNAL TO PROFIT MAKING IN FOREX TRADING"

email: oshiboi@yahoo. com
GSM: 08055607671, 08023463235


Note if you are not into forex trading or you just wanna to start trading please don request for this signal, but you can request a 1 on 1 forext training by texting or e-mailing me.

SCAMS / Become a Recharge Voucher Dealer its FREE
« on: April 01, 2009, 07:39:52 PM »
Become a Recharge Voucher Dealer its FREE

You can make N180k in 2months prinitng recharge vourcher yourself if you "DO AS I DO" for more information please reply this topic and i will answer you here or better still you can mail me oshiboi@yahoo. com or text me on 08023463235.
I'll be glad to answer your questions to details.

Success is mine
success is yours
success is ours

SCAMS / ...
« on: April 01, 2009, 07:33:52 PM »

it is very hard to look what you dont see.

Thanks for your c'ment.

NBF is a success story


Fellow 9ijans, the secret behind recharge voucher business is where to buy cheap and how to sell at best price.  Anyway I have read many articles on this business but none of them has worked and cannot work.  Yes, because they are not on field, many of them are photocopies of seminal papers and participant of such seminal found it very difficult to make it work out so they end up in reselling the seminal paper to people.  I started this business few months ago just like many others but I never break even until I discover this secret. 
I initially taught it will work only for me  because I am the initiator not until I put one of my friends through how I went about it; this was the mail he sent to me a month later?

Bros I don?t know how to thank you, could you believe that I sell over 600units per day now and I have 2 boys working for me, you are a great friend?.  Sola

Wait let me tell you this is not a get rich quick idea, NO, you have to work for it, yes you need few days to do this work and after you relax and Naira will continue to work in everyday.  Therefore I have prepare a comprehensive manual on how I use this strategy to brake even and make N180,000 in 2 months and it goes for very cheap price N4,500. 

If you order this manual today, these are the things you will get
1)      Step by Step on how to re-sell all your voucher in a day: Yes you can buy 200units and take you 5days or more to finish the sales, this steps will teach you how you can purchase 500units and sell them within few hours that day and collect your cash instantly. 
2)      How to invest just N9,500 and make N2,500 daily: Many papers I have read on this business has fail to deliver for their purchaser this part of the business, I have the solution in my manual. 
3)      How you can start without a penny: I ask myself one question, how many Nigerians can afford N9,500 to start a business, and the answer is they are few, so if you are willing to kick poverty out of your life today get this manual and I will show you how you can start without a penny
4)      How to raise funds to support your business: I have one part in my manual and it explains how you can raise fund to support your business. 
5)      Money Back guarantee: Yes there is 60 days money back guarantee on my manual, if you apply my strategy and it doesn?t work after 2month of purchase ask for your money I shall return them to you and will not ask for the manual.

So if you are interested in my manual follow these steps
Pay the sum of N4, 500 into my account
Name of Bank: GTBank (any branch nearest to you)
Account Name: Osinowo Tobi
Account Number: 403-44-6219-110

After payment send me these details
Name of depositor:
Your e-mail address:
To: 08023463235
After payment is confirmed I shall send the e-manual to your e-mail address

Success is mine
Success is yours
Success is ours

Osinowo T. O. 
CEO Breakthrough Initiatives
Owner of Breakthrough telecoms

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