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INTERNET / Hot Job Opportunity For All, GUARANTEED. DETAILS.......
« on: May 08, 2008, 12:38:47 AM »
Internet connection made easy.
Pay less Than #2500 Monthly browsing the Internetfrom home. (24 Hours)

Yes its very possible that you pay less that #2500 monthly getting connected to the internet from the comfort of your home. It is REAL, This just got to Nigeria.
Here is How it works:

You be browsing 24hrs (wireless) from home with a monthly payment of less than #2500.
All You need is just your PC(either desk or laptop), a GPRS enabled phone(preferably nokia), a USB cable of the phone and the software package for the creation of the connection. 
That's all you need and you will be free from:

- Slow internet browsing,
-Sleepless night browsing outside your home.
-stress in looking for a good system to use here and there.
-Disapointment of how that cafe or home connection has been giving you problems in downloading your Files,
-Having problems with your customers because your IP is slow.
-And lots of other problems you have, accessing the internet.

Become absolutely free browsing from home with a secure internet connection that gives you the benefits of:

- Accessing the internet with the fastest and most secured IP.  As you will be operating on 10 different server.  If one is conjested/jackpacked, you switch to another.
-Browsing from home 24hrs for just less than #2500 Monthly.
-Getting 18hrs of FREE browsing every week once your subscription fee has expired until you pay your subscription fee.
-Accessing the internet with a foreign IP which is about 10 time faster than ours.
-Paying subscription fee from the comfort of your home as you can pay online through e-gold. com and other easy and confortable means of payment.
-And lots more benefits, I can't finish saying.

It is very easy to install as you can install it yourself as I did without needing an computer expert. 

It is absolutely LEGAL.

This thing is NEW in Nigeria and only those that want to make good money take advantage of it.

Here's how you can take yours out of this gold mine:

1.  Make money connecting others to the internet.  Its worth more than charging even #10,000 per person for the connection.  I'm sure you know what you'll get when you connect just 10 people.
2.  The other way is marketing.  Read on.

 As at when I ordered for the package containing everythin you need to know about the software and its installation, I got it for nothing less than $99. 90.  Why did I pay as high as this for is? Because it is worth it, and secondly, I'm gonna make my money back from what? MARKETING and INSTALLING it to people that needs it.  That's all, and I'm still selling.
So its your turn to start to smile to the bank. 
BETTER act now before it goes round to an extent when the demand for it won't be as high as this.  ITS IN YOUR HAND WHETHER OR NOT TO FILL YOUR PUCKET.

I give out the whole package containing even screen shots on how to get it installed for just #7500.  AND there is a DISCOUNT of #2500 it you order on or before on the 14th of May, so you will be paying #5000.  It bounces back to the normal #7500 after 14th of May.

REMEMBER the demand for this type of product is seasonal, So GET your system connected NOW help others FOR MEGA-BOX profits in your pucket.

For More Information on this package and How To Order it, Contact:
Adebayo Kamoru Bronson.
princeadeonnet@yahoo. com

REMEMBER: Procrastination is your worse enemy, DON'T MISS this income opportunity, cos you may not forgive yourself when you here the FIGURE the man next door may have made from it.

Thanks and God Bless
Best Regards:
Adebayo Kamoru B.
princeadeonnet@yahoo. com

                                                                                                  MONEY BACK GURANTEE.
                                                                                               Terms and conditions apply.     

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