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INTERNET / Slourish runs the best Nigerian affiliate program.
« on: April 27, 2019, 12:33:06 AM »
Slourish which is platform founded by Latii Brayllot, is a community of Nigerians who are crowdfunding startups/funding businesses to gain a share in the profit but members also earn a monthly interest on their funds in the Hashed Profit Share program (HPS program).     This program is not limited to business niches as anyone can crave investments or seek to grow their money through interests.   

They run one of the best on referral programs for Nigerians since it accords you the chance at earning per click and signup including conversions.     This is very useful for those of you who may not generate enough conversions.     This way, even if your referrals only click or signs up, you still get a bit of compensation.   

Most programs will only pay you a commission for the sales you generate.     This means even if you generate 10k page views of traffic for them, you won't make a kobo if none of your referrals buy something but Slourish will pay you for everything!

Also, unlike other programs, Slourish allows you to earn non-stop in a recurring way.     This means you will get paid over and over again each time your referral funds his/her Slourish account.   

And finally, you earn more as you generate more conversions.     That is, starting at N2,100 per referral, if you can refer up to 11 persons they pay you N4,500 per person, 35 referrals fetches you N8,000 per referral and with 51 referrals, you earn 10k per referral.   

To start earning from this program, simply sign-up on Slourish.    com and navigate to the 'refer and earn' section to access a bunch load of banners and your referral link.     Then, you can promote them through several sources such as emails, websites, social media or even a dedicated advert campaign Learn more on https://www.  Slourish.  com

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Details at Slourish. com

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