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« on: April 19, 2008, 04:27:42 PM »
Hello guy,
How can one believe in your monthly income when the link given is not accessible?More clarification.

Hello Juddy,
Thanks for your interest again,well,I must let you know that 2years ago I was like a begger on the Lagos streets.I have wasted money and ink writting application letters with different kinds of fraustration here and there.AS am writing you now I have been source of assistance to many poeple,if you  can believe that.As a matter of fact,I find it difficult to say this is my income like, but I tell you is possible to be in your bed room and still be making money on net.I have series of income being paid into my account even when I dont know. Some examples of such are google adsense,writing Blogs,e-marketing etc.The more you know the scope the more your income is.My friend,let me know if you are able to visit any of my websites posted with this reply if they are not hidden by the administrator.You can contact me on 07038383921 or chat on yahoo id lettalk2know. or

Hello Judy,
Thanks for your interest in knowing how much I have gained since have started internet business.If the question is to know what to do i see it as interesting but if otherwise,you need to have a good mind setting towards e-business.In short,you can read my profile.

GENERAL DISCUSSION / What you need to know and what internet offers..
« on: April 15, 2008, 05:06:28 PM »
Dear Users,
This is another opportunity to talk about what internet can offer you without much stress.Let me enlithened you more that making money through the internet is real when it comes to the aspect of networking or e-marketing.There several ways of making money from the internet withought getting involved in fraud or internet scam(known as yahoo),I mean making money in a normal and polite way.Most online business are misleading if proper care is not taken cuz I was a victim for several years before my eye was open to see real online business that are very lucrative.

I must let you all know this fact that,Internet has become pillers that hold my financies and my daily living,in short,the more you know  how to do  business online the more you make good money.

If you have been duped severally like me before and as a result of that you have closed your eyes tightly to what the internet can offer you,I tell you, you are missing.What you need is to discover the real online business that works.As a matter of fact, .You need a token of $200 worth of e-gold or Credit card if you get any,try to work small by letting at least two poeple register after you through your given link or if you can't refer ,we can do that for you once you are in our network.I tell you after some weeks you will call me for your testimonies.

See you there!!!!

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