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no matter what you promote its all boils down to traffic

INTERNET / Article marketing dymistified
« on: April 15, 2010, 04:00:09 PM »
Article marketing has goes beyond just posting article to one article directories and feeling that you start getting result.  to  get result from your article marketing campaign here are few things you can do.  with just one article you can go extra lenght.

1.  submit one article to 100 article directories- first submit to buzzle next to ezinearticles and the rest.  to get the rest 98 article sdirectories go to google and type top 100 article directory by page rank.  you will get abunch.

2.  go to google and type your target topic or niche+submit articles.  that is to get site that need article in your niche.  when you get them submit to them with links bvack to your website.

3.  turn your article to ebook and submit to ebook directories.

4.  turn your articles to slide and submit to slide sharing site.

this is just a few among what you can do with jsut one article.  imagine you discover all other things you can do wth one article.  you will definitely get results.

you can discover more things you can do with articles and also discover all other things you can do to drive traffic to your website with spending.  for more info mail trafficsecretcourse101@googlemail. com

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