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« on: January 27, 2013, 01:10:51 AM »
He shot his own kids. . . .  I'm so glad you cleared that up for us.
He might have shot someone else's kids!

Is that what really happened at SANDY HOOK a few weeks ago?

Someone said that Israeli Agents did all that shooting, because the kid was one skinny punk,
who could not possibly have carried all the ammunition they said that he fired.

« on: January 27, 2013, 01:04:59 AM »
Please elaborate on what you are talking about- because it sounds like you are saying that you can *......* into WAEC's Network, and falsify results.

What you are talking about is giving students a better educational profile, with more courses, aren't you?

Who is the Saviour?

.   MATTHEW 25:14-30.

14.  ?For the Kingdom of Heaven
is as a man travelling into a far country,
who called his own servants,
and delivered unto them his goods.
15.  ?And unto one he gave five Talents,
to another two, and to another one;
to every man according to his several ability;
and straightway took his journey.
16.  ?Then he that had received the five talents
went and traded with the same,
and made them other five talents.
17.  ?And likewise he that had received two,
he also gained other two.
18.  ?But he that had received one went
and digged in the earth, and hid his lord's money.
19.  ?After a long time the lord of those servants cometh,
and reckoneth with them.
20.  ?And so he that had received five talents
came and brought other five talents, saying,
?Lord, thou deliveredst unto me five talents:
behold, I have gained beside them five talents more.
21.  ?His lord said unto him,
?Well done, thou good and faithful servant:
thou hast been faithful over a few things,
I will make thee ruler over many things:
enter thou into the joy of thy lord. ?
22.  ?He also that had received two talents came and said,
?Lord, thou deliveredst unto me two talents:
behold, I have gained two other talents beside them. ?
23.  ?His lord said unto him,
?Well done, good and faithful servant;
thou hast been faithful over a few things,
I will make thee ruler over many things:
enter thou into the joy of thy lord. ?
24.  "Then he which had received
the one Talent came and said,
'Lord, I knew thee that thou art an hard man,
reaping where thou hast not sown,
and gathering where thou hast not strawed:
25.  'And I was afraid,
and went and hid thy Talent in the earth:
lo, there thou hast that is thine. '
26.  "His lord answered and said unto him,
'Thou Wicked and Slothful Servant,
thou knewest that I reap where I sowed not,
and gather where I have not strawed:
27.  'Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money
to the Exchangers, and then at my coming
I should have received mine own with usury. '
28.  'Take therefore the talent from him,
and give it unto him which hath ten Talents.
29.  'For unto every one that hath shall be given,
and he shall have abundance:
but from him that hath not shall be taken away
even that which he hath.
30.  'And cast ye the Unprofitable Servant into Outer Darkness:
there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. ' "

Here is Jesus' explicit Teaching that people must earn their places in The Kingdom of Heaven.
Who invented this theory that someone can be Saved by doing other than working with all one's heart,
all one's soul, and all one's might? Do you know, at all?

.   LUKE 16:10-15.

10.  "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much:
and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.
11.  "If therefore ye have not been faithful
in the Unrighteous Mammon,
who will commit to your trust the True Riches?
12.  "And if ye have not been faithful
in that which is another man's,
who shall give you that which is your own?
13.  "No servant can serve two masters:
for either he will hate the one,
and love the other;
or else he will hold to the one,
and despise the other. 
Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
14.  "And the Pharisees also, who were covetous,
heard all these things: and they derided him. "
15.  And he said unto them,
"Ye are they which justify yourselves before men;
but God knoweth your hearts:
for that which is highly esteemed among men
is abomination in the sight of God. "

The Pharisees invented a purely imaginary form of Righteousness.
One in which they talked about The Commandments of God, but didn't DO them.
Jesus enacted The Commandments of God, but they nullified all his Good Works,
because he did not believe and say what they said people should believe and say to be Righteous.

They said that Jesus' Righteous Works did not make him Righteous.

Therefore they sent their best man, a student of the student of their greatest teacher of their time- HILLEL,

So he breezed up one day with a fake story of having seen Jesus, and infiltrated the Church.
Then he pushed himself to the top of the ladder, sabotaged all the churches he could with False Doctrines
garnished with unnecessary flatteries:

.   PROVERBS:26:24-28.

24.  He that hateth dissembleth with his lips,
and layeth up deceit within him;
25.  When he speaketh fair, believe him not:
for there are seven abominations in his heart.
26.  Whose hatred is covered by deceit,
his wickedness shall be shewed
before the whole Congregation.
27.  Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein:
and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.
28.  A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it;
and a flattering mouth worketh ruin.

EDUCATION / How to earn N1 Million in one Weekend's work- seriously!
« on: January 27, 2013, 12:33:38 AM »


THE EASY WAY: According to legend, this your basic jobless Nigerian (*Bleep!*)ard hosts a seminar on:


One hundred people took the bait!

Guy comes up to the stage, grinningly takes the microphone, and says:

?There?s one hundred of you, and you each paid N10K- do the Math!?

Then he walked off: Job Done!

THE HARD WORK WAY: The biggest problem in Nigerian Education right now is that it is sabotaged.  90% of people cannot fail an exam, except they were sabotaged!

The Ministry covers up by saying: ?Well, you see, the students are not serious?!?
All those students were such fools that they just wasted their sponsor?s money?
Some of them, their fathers are farmers, sweating with cutlass and hoe.
Some of them, their mothers are petty traders.

They work as slaves to send their children to school- only to have them fail- because they are "not serious?"

Can you really believe that? Does it make sense to you?

No.  It is sabotage.  The system produces 90% failure rates because that is what it was built to do.

Some students will swear that their teachers did everything possible to make them pass.
Some students will say, that they accept that their failure was their own fault- at some crucial point,
they just lost interest.

They cannot know that they are the victim of a carefully constructed plot worked out by Psychologists and Mathematicians.
People who know things about the Human Mind and Human Behavior that they cannot imagine exist.

How about when you slept well last night, and you are not tired, but when you try to read, you become sleepy?

What does that? Has anyone taught you  what mechanism causes that?
Well, that mechanism is explained in the material.  IT IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL TRICK.
Something was done to you in the course of preparing you for the book, with the deliberate intention
that you should fall asleep, when you tried to study that book.  This could be why many think that
they need someone to teach them everything.  Who would want to talk about this?

Who would admit that they were so weak, that they could not read by themselves, because they kept dozing off?

What about those who are as fit as the proverbial fiddle all year- until it is exam time- THEN they fall ill!
Where they get accused of faking their illness, so that they can skip the exam!

It is not their fault- but again, Foreign Psychologists have planned how triggers for Psychosomatic Illness would
be incorporated into African Education, so that our Educational System would be rendered useless.  So that we
would never be a threat to their Economy.  (It all comes down to Economics!)

It may seem fantastic to you that such measures are even possible, but I assure you that everything I say is proven beyond reasonable doubt.  If it isn't you are entitled to, and will receive a full refund.

There is a simple way to teach anybody anything.  Anybody can learn anything, once they have the KEYS OF LEARNING.

THE STUDY SECRETS CD: explains THE BASIC LAWS OF THE MIND and how ?Sabotage Education? violates them, to convince most students that they cannot learn, and do not want to learn.  All this can be reversed IN ONE DAY.  Everything can be explained in under two hours, but the application will take months, that will be done by the students themselves.  No tutelage is necessary, but the student users should study in pairs.

Those using this material will not need teachers in any subjects.

If they already have teachers- are enrolled in school, or some Exam Coaching Class, they will at least find themselves
at an advantage over their classmates.  They will come to understand what the teachers tell them before anyone else.
They will identify the errors in the teaching technique.

Please warn them to not enter into conflict with bad teachers, because they now know what they are doing is wrong.
Otherwise, we will find ourselves fighting a war with the Federal Government.

The idiot who said "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!" Didn't tell us what to do when our enemies have both!

Most any student would fork out N10,000 to sit in this seminar, if they could could afford it, but I personally advise against such exploitative greed.  N1,000 per head is plenty.  Try to see the Big Picture here, and that you are going to meet some of these people in future, and it would well behoove you to give them no cause to think badly of you.

To find 1,000 willing recipients in even a small town should not be hard.

The base CD is made part of a DVD compilation containing bonus support material that explains why the STUDY SECRETS CD became necessary.  The disk is a mixture of audio files, and mostly PDF Documents, easily printed. 

TEXT (no voice-calls, please): THE STUDY SECRETS SEMINAR to 0705 413 6061. Price: N3,000.

I have expanded the usual guarantee.  If you don?t find this information to be worth N30,000, by itself,  within two weeks, come here and write out your complaints, and I will give you a full refund! (Whether I think that the complaints are valid or not. )

In such an event, you keep the disk anyway.  Sending it back will  only increase your expenses.
Yes- I know that there are people who would cheat someone like me in a deal like this.
I am gambling that they are in an absolute minority, and that positive testimonials of people who see
for themselves it is not a fraud, and the most useful teaching they ever encountered in their lives
will denounce them as the cheats and frauds.

Of course! The way to save THE TITANIC, as the water starts to rise, is to strangle the Captain, and all his officers!

The people who train the next generation of Leaders and Labourers in All Fields NEED THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, OR THEIR PRODUCT WILL SHOW IT.

We have been governed by a series of retards, who think that they benefit from depriving their own country!

I WAS VERY HAPPY TO HEAR that President Yar'Adua fell sick, and had to be flown out of the country for treatment, AND IT DIDN'T WORK.

I WAS GLAD that Stella Obasanjo's "liposuction" KILLED HER.

GOOD.  VERY good.

When they were "alive," these people could have FOUGHT for GOOD HEALTHCARE FOR ALL.
They DIDN'T CARE.  Then they found out the hard way, that

NO AMOUNT OF MONEY can make a FOREIGNER can love a national leader more than their own people.

My mother was in a London hospital, and a White Nurse brought her tea- and she stirred it WITH HER FINGER.

"You expect me to drink that?" she asked.

What do you think happens, when you CAN'T see what they are doing?
Do these pompous jerks think about that? When they are smiled at, and their hands are shaken,
when they go to foreign banks to deposit money they steal from the Treasury, ARE THEY STUPID
ENOUGH to think that those White people- who know where the money comes from- LOVE THEM?

I know lecturers in the Sciences- I went to visit a Mathematician, who was stressed out working on a Nuclear Reactor Design Flaw he had identified, so he was rushing to write a paper on it before anyone else.  (I am not a graduate, but even I know that there is no way in Hell that Oyinbos would design a Fusion Reactor without allowing for the thermal conductivity of the containment.  What actually happened was, they got a Nigerian to design their Reactor for them!) He told me something that I would never have conceived possible:


Non-undergraduates or diplomates might not understand the importance of this, so I must explain:

Students learn from Textbooks, and become Undergraduates.
Undergraduates learn from Lecturers, and become Bachelors.
Bachelors learn from Experiments, and become Masters.
Masters learn from Cutting-Edge Theories, and become SUV drivers.

Depriving a Master and a Ph. D.  of Scientific papers is like depriving your pet lion of meat, see?
When he gets hungry enough, he's going to figure it out- you know what I'm saying?

I asked my Ph. D.  friend how much these Journals of Scientific Papers went for, anyway?
He told me, casually, that a year's subscription to ONE cost N100,000.

This is not a frivolous expense, see? Without access to these papers, a Scientist is like, half-castrated.

HOW do you explain to some Chicken Farmer, that your Universities need N100,000 for one Journal.
(I refuse to think about the number of different Journals they are going to need! I am certain that it is
several for each Department or each subject. )

There is NO WAY that he will understand why you need that money!
That is what I would LIKE to think- because the alternative is unthinkable.

We have never had a Government that has respected the value of good education.

Why should they care about anyone else?
Is that how Nigerians are raised?

« on: January 26, 2013, 10:46:36 PM »
Good riddance to bad rubbish! :)

54! Suck it, LOSERS! 8)

You've been TOLD that that nonsense SHORTENS YOUR LIFESPAN! :(

LITERATURE and BOOKS. / Re: How to obtain isbn
« on: January 26, 2013, 09:55:49 PM »
It is very simple:

1.  Search for the book on www. amazon. com.

They always include the ISBN number of any book they sell.

2.  If the book is not in print, look for organizations that sell such books.

3.  GOOGLE is your friend.

"Put the title in inverted commas- like this. " That will make Google only find pages that have that specific string in it.
Include the term ISBN, and you should get a mention of that book and its ISBN number.

Include the author's name, but don't put it in inverted commas.

« on: January 26, 2013, 09:45:38 PM »
Why should anyone have to pay for Tuition at all?

Really! What can your money buy, that the Government could not afford?
What about poor students?

Does this mean you can't study Aeronautics, unless you buy the plane? :o
You can't study Nuclear Physics, unless you can buy the Reactor? ::)

When you sit and think about it, the utter absurdity is crushing! >:(

The Swedes are not doing anything miraculous- just sensible.

Nigerian Engineers are one and all idiots- and I make this generalization without reservation.     Anybody wanna go- sue me for libel! I will go to JAIL if I have to!

All the Professors in Engineering- Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Civil should be hauled out and summarily executed.     No "TRIAL.    " Our ENTIRE life in this country is the "Trial.    "

Okay- for the sake of you poor people who put your socks on one-at-a-time, let's HAVE this Trial! Let's do it like this: IF MY CASE IS NOT PROVEN- execute ME, instead.    !

I can prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that EVERY SINGLE ENGINEER WE'VE GOT is guilty of HIGH TREASON, and has SOLD OUT our country and our people!

I can PROVE this.   

When they make their excuses, THEY ARE LYING!

They DON'T need "Government Backing!"
They DON'T need "Special IMPORTED Equipment!"
They DON'T need "Sponsors!"
They DON'T need "CLASSES & LECTURES.    "

As soon as an Engineer says, "we were not taught.    .    .    !" as the excuse for not doing their job, A BULLET should be put in their head!

What they are doing is MURDER!
People are DYING because they REFUSE to do their jobs!

In the countries where engineering COMES FROM, when Technology FAILS, and the Laymen say, "Eh, there's NO WAY- we're just going to have to DIE!"

The Engineers are like: "What are you talking about?"
They don't come out their workshop for two weeks.     Wife calls lawyer to inquire about Divorce Proceedings.   

A month later, the engineer files Patent on something that never existed before.     A CREATION.   

The Oyinbos have the same sorts of Sorcery (Juju) we do, even BETTER REFINED Witchcraft, Talismans,  and crap that we do.     They don't RELY on it because THE COST is your CREATIVITY.   

You can use Juju and Demonism to make PRESIDENT in this country (Segun Obasanjo is living proof of that!) BUT once you GET there you CAN'T CREATE ANYTHING.   

Creation is a DIVINE POWER- once you join hands (to use a euphemism) with Satan, THAT BRIDGE is BURNED.   

People use Satanic means to get to be BSc.     ENGINEERING- thinking THAT is the GOAL.     Noi the Goal is to BE an Engineer- whether anyone gives you the Certificate or not!

This is just the SPIRITUAL aspect.   

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Post Merge: January 26, 2013, 01:52:21 PM
As for the MENTAL aspect- what do you EXPECT to happen when a person is in a job they are not quite intelligent enough to fill?

The easy way for the layman to tell is that the they never create anything.  Unfortunately, by the time they realize that, the fake professional in question may have removed their Pancreas, instead of their Stomach Cancer. 

I do not know if your package can do 10% of what you say. 
IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS, even to a DIMWIT, that merely TALKING about 10% of your ideas would MAKE BACK TWICE to THIRTY TIMES what one pays for it- just rent a place where they show these stupid SOCCER shows.  Charge what- N50 to receive the low-down on these business practices?

With 60 people, YOU HAVE MADE BACK your N3,000 investment.  If your net is bigger, and your fee greedier, you could make FAR MORE.

You know why many can't go for such a plan? BECAUSE IT WILL HELP PEOPLE, that's why! They want to get rich, BUT NOT BY FACILITATING OTHERS.  It's SHAMEFUL! Our people PREFER to GO DOWN, rather than HELP OTHERS GO UP!

I'm BUYING this package out of my next hand-to-mouth salary, if not sooner.  I urge everyone else to do the same.

Not to minimize the farmer's achievement, but what he is doing is nothing new.  The Nazi Germans HAD Flying Saucer Technology by the end of World War II.  The middle of a war is obviously not the best time to test new inventions.  They were not very effective, and didn't do anything.

Have you ever seen a Gyroscope before? 99. 99% of us will surely affirm in the negative.  Simple things are kept from our schoolchildren, to prevent them from developing ideas.

If Gyroscopes- heavy Flywheels- are set on a disk their axes parallel to the ground, and their torques neutralizing one an other, LIFTING FORCE WILL BE GENERATED.

WHO has the resources AND the INTELLECT to test this theory? This is why pressure is being laden on Third World Economies- lest we develop these things.

I have an ANTIGRAVITY Demonstration on video.
I offer it on sale at N3,000.  If you are not satisfied after viewing it two weeks, I shall give a FULL REFUND.

Text (please do not voice-call) "CITIZEN'S ENERGY: ANTIGRAVITY DEMO" to me at: 0705 413 6061.

« on: January 25, 2013, 01:33:30 PM »
There is a form of fraud where the fraudster takes a few cents, or kobo from many accounts,
using unnecessary deductions, which no one notices, because the amounts are so small.

The first time someone did this (i. e.  was caught doing this!) the. . .  character was in a state of
collapse, because he went without Annual Leave for about four years- because he had to keep making the deductions- or else it would have been noticed that those accounts made an unusual profit , because the unauthorized deductions had stopped.

This practice is called "Salami Slicing. "

That is NOT because a Nigerian called Salami first committed this fraud- as some ignorantly say- but because there is a type of sausage called "salami," which is eaten by cutting it in slices.

Just wanted to clear this up.

« on: January 25, 2013, 01:25:45 PM »
Only a complete idiot uses a Dictionary Word as their password!

If you must use standard words, *portmanteau* them together, so that a Dictionary Attack
can't find the word.  The more words you use, the more secure your password will be.

Some *......*ing Programmes can  be set so that one begins with or includes a chosen word, then adds
other words to it.

So that something like: yellowbanana; bluepenguin; graypencil and so on, is not a secure password.

« on: January 25, 2013, 01:17:53 PM »
Maybe he thought that Cheat Codes work in Real-Life Kung Fu.

This was surely an accident.
In Martial Arts, there are so many blows that can lead to death,
without hardly trying.

America did not possess by 1969, and does not now in 2013, technology capable of landing men on the Moon, and bringing them back alive.

Anyone who has passed Ordinary Level Science should know this, let alone Advanced Level, Polytechnic, and University Graduates.

I can detail my reason for saying this, but surely I CANNOT BE THE ONLY PATRIOT WHO KNOWS THIS?

You have Academics Problems? Subjects are hard to you.   

The subjects you would like to do are not the ones you do best in?

You've been taking the same exams for years and always failed
to score enough?

The material on this disk, if applied, will fix all that.   
Even if you are a complete blockhead in ANY subject,

That is- if you worked at it like a maniac! That is not recommended.   
Take it easy, make your improvements gradual, but definite.   
It is better that you take six months to a year to pass normally,
than two or three months, and either turn your own brain into chicken soup,
or else be under investigation for exam fraud! The material is THAT powerful.   

Your ability to understand, visualize, and remember will be enhanced,
to where you (eventually) will never need a notebook again.   
Or if you did, no one else would be able to understand it.   
To you, a few, to single words will sum up a whole lecture.   
A shorthand symbol, a whole topic.   

If you need to remember what was taught, you make yourself see it again, and hear it again.   

You will learn as they learn, and they will learn as you learn.   

Without a partner to work with, the efficacy of the technique drops off maybe 70%!

It may take two to four times as long to achieve the final result without a partner.   
I have to explain this, because many people don't want to help someone else succeed.   
This is a reason- sometimes the ONLY reason- why "Special Prayers" don't work.   
Such wickedly selfish people do not deserve success.   

But when you use this technique with someone- it is like climbing a Human ladder.   
The person stands on your shoulders and grabs a handhold.    You climb up him and get a hold.   
They climb up you, and make a hold.    You climb up them.   .   .    and so on, until you have scaled a mountain!

You can see results within days of performing some of the exercises.   
You begin to think differently- more organizedly- after listening to some of the lectures.   
You see the mistakes you made- and the lies bad teachers imposed on you,
to stop you from learning beyond a point.    Some willingly, some unwillingly- by order.   

For this I am charging a paltry N1,000, with N2,000 for EMS postage and handling.    N3,000 total.   
Add more, if you want me to use a special courier, if EMS is not satisfactory.   

I promise a complete refund to anyone not satisfied with the material,

THAT would be TOO easy.    YOU MUST AGREE that this material is WORTH N30,000, rather than N3,000,
or you can return the material, by ordinary mail (hope it doesn't get lost!) and I will refund you your money. 

You have two weeks to evaluate it. 

To encourage you (to cheat me) further: l will warn you that this material is NOT a magic solution!
You are going to work as hard, or harder on this as with anything you ever did in your life.   
The difference between this and other methods, is that you WILL SEE the improvements from week-to-week.   

Place your order HERE :hxxp: groups.   yahoo.   com/group/maximumbrainpower/join

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I have compiled a CD of cutting-edge educational materials which will take you from Novice and Dunce in any subject to Genius-level Expert.  You have been told that you have to be highly-intelligent to understand complicated subjects.  You have been told that you have to be naturally-talented- or you can never master other subjects.  These were lies made to cover-up the simple truth: the teachers don't know what they are doing, and blame the students for their own incompetence.

You are not supposed to know how to do things already- you are supposed to be taught.

"Teaching" means that you don't know something, so the teacher makes you to know.

A person who cannot make someone know something is not a teacher.

If they keep trying to do something that is not working- well, the definition of insanity is doing the same things,
over and over again, and expecting different results each time.  (Attributed to Albert Einstein- used in 28 DAYS. )
A READER'S DIGEST Magazine end-of-article *bon mot* cited a teacher being told that trying to teach students
is like drilling a well- if you don't strike oil, stop boring.  (Complicated English joke. )

The same students keep failing the same exams, year in year out, because their teachers are insane.
If teaching you the same way, for five years, didn't change anything, what would make the sixth year different?
If it hasn't been five years for you, you are lucky- but if it gets to be five years or more, they will still keep
trying to make you enter the fortress by head-butting the wall, instead of opening the door- with the same results.

This material remedies problems of the Spirit, Soul, and Body!

Misconceptions about God and The Spiritual Realm screw everybody up to some degree.
People pray in circles.  They dive into Hellfire, looking for Water, and try to cook by putting
their pot on an ice-block, so to speak: it it a madhouse of people firing guns into Darkness,
blindfolded, hoping to hit something.  Usually they do- THEIR FOOT!

There are things God can do for you and there are things He cannot do.
The Omnipotence of God is completely useless, if you can't activate it.

"All Powers are the same- unless they touch you. " (BLEACH Season 13. )

I don't want to get started about the Soul: The Mind, the Will, and Emotions.
Dreaming Ability, Imagination, Perception, and Memory.

In an average Nigerian Student these things are so messed up, you wonder that a student can
enter or leave a classroom unassisted.  In my day, we were taught that it is perfectly all right,
to be taught TEN things, and only remember FIVE of them.  It is incredible that a. . .  quadruped
like that can stand on its hind-legs, and smile, and tell you that you "passed!"

Have you ever done well in a subject that you hated? Or in any subject of a teacher whom you did not like?
Your intelligence is at its height when you are happy.  When you missed the bus, so you trekked to the School,
you missed lunch, because the school bullies beat you up behind the canteen, and robbed you- then there is
a surprise test! Amazingly, you didn't score A!

In Western Educational Theory, they taught for decades, that IQ (Intelligence Quotient) cannot be changed: whether positively, or negatively.  The importance of this theory is that if you were smart you were smart, but if you were stupid- nothing could help you, and you must remain stupid.  But I have just illustrated one situation where your IQ could be negatively-impacted by recent events.  Normally, those events might never happen again, and the next day, you would go back to being a straight-A Student again.

However, everyone who is not "highly-intelligent" has LOOPS of things like this affecting their minds- EVERY DAY.
THAT is why they CANNOT concentrate.  THAT is why they cannot THINK.  That is why they cannot DO THEIR BEST WORK.
SOMETHING is adversely affecting their minds.  Which ordinary schooling cannot do anything about.

As for the body- well, supposing you had to write an exam- say, your favorite subject- which you always score A in.

Just for fun, as you sit there at your desk- suppose we put a CINDER BLOCK (i. e.  a Cement-Block) on your shoulder?
You are NOT allowed to move it.  It is NOT an impossible load- but carrying it is definitely NOT fun!

How will it affect your performance?

Your mind can only handle so many things at a time, and it is going to divert part of its resources to keeping that block balanced on your shoulder.  Maybe 10%.  Another 5% to tell you how painful it is. . . !

There is an equivalent to this, called MUSCULAR TENSION.
Your mind diverts part of its precious resources- which are already low-
into tensing up muscles like it is expecting someone to come and hit you!

You are used to this tension, and think it is normal.  It isn't! So you have to relieve this tension- relax-
and that much of your mind's function is boosted.  Which can be crucial in an exam situation.

However, there is much more you can do for your body than this.
Do you know that your toothpaste can make you stupid?
The usual brands contain Sodium Fluoride- which the body has no use for.
To some people's bodies, this is the last straw that breaks the camel's back,
and their brains just close for business.

It is like being drunk.  You feel perfectly fine- until you sober up, and only THEN do you realize that you were NOT "fine!"
You wake up, and you don't feel fully awake, until you have had coffee? This is VERY BAD, and nothing to be happy over.

Anything you need to take to feel normal is an indication that something is drugging poisoning you, to become sub-normal.

No one would ever suspect that the way they breathe might have an effect on their academic performance.
Your mind works through your brain, and your brain operates on Oxygen.  If you are breathing wrongly, your brain
is not getting enough Oxygen, and responds by cutting its functions.

You begin to get sleepy.  You lose alertness.  You lose Intelligence.

Generally, you can just yawn, and immediately feel much better! Oxygen shoots to your brain!
However, you quickly or gradually lose vitality again.

By deliberately changing how you breathe, how well you think, and your all-round health will improve.

The flow of blood to the brain can be slowed by cholesterol clinging to the walls of the arteries.
As your blood gets sluggish, your brain gets sluggish, and your thinking gets sluggish.
The older you get, the worse this gets- more cholesterol.

Western Scientists have developed drugs, and surgical procedures to remedy the problems of surplus
cholesterol in the blood-vessels.  there is, however, a drug-free, non-surgical procedure that
removes this "vascular-constriction," and restores the arteries to a youthful state- which Western Medicine
does not want the public to know anything about.

With the internal problems of holding one back handled and solved, the Disk Materials handle the educational problems that have caused the lack of academic performance.  It is proven conclusively, beyond all reasonable doubt, that these problems are artificially-generated.  Only if you are already in coma can you fail to be roused like a sleeping lion, whose tail has been bitten by. . .  dinner.

A series of simple and childish tricks have been used to remove percentage point from your academic capability.

Once you know what was done to you, however, reversing it becomes child's play.

For instance, one key Dirty Trick is to remove the Practicals from the classroom.

What's the excuse? Oh, yeah: FINANCE.
There is NO MONEY to buy practical equipment.

That is a TOTAL LIE.  What are SCHOOL FEES for?

What are the equipment that is lacking, and how much will it cost to buy it?
I don't care what they tell you they can't buy- it is always a LIE!

But let's suppose it is true.  let's pretend that every Minister of Education, Principal, and School Teacher,
is NOT a paid or unpaid Asset (because some are really stupid, and will betray their country for salary!)

How does that PASS the Ministry of Education's Inspection?
What sort of students can pass out of those schools?
Are you getting this at all?

Okay, look- here is the ROOT of the whole Educational Sabotage MESS:

Without a PRACTICAL PHYSICAL EXAMPLE of what a Teacher is talking about,

Are you a TELEPATH (a mind-reader- someone with the superhuman power to know what others are thinking, directly)???

I mean, what you are TALKING about here is PURE MAGIC!
How the HELL can YOU know what the Teacher is TALKING about,

It is NOT Humanly POSSIBLE!

So what happens here, is that the teachers PRETEND that the students understand what they are talking about.
While the STUDENTS PRETEND that THEY UNDERSTAND what their teachers talk to them about.

In this, only the Teachers' actions make any sense: THEY GET PAID REGARDLESS.

In the Chinese System of Traditional Medicine, the people paid the doctor to keep them well.
When they fell sick,they stopped paying him, until he made them well again.

When the students fail, the Teachers should stop getting paid.

The students DECEIVE THEMSELVES that they know what the teacher said- and keep on LYING, until the EXAMS expose the truth!

It is like exchanging real money for counterfeit money, and trying to deposit it in a bank, only to find that it is counterfeit,

No matter the equipment you were deprived of, there is a way you can GET ROUND IT.

THE SECOND DIRTY TRICK is the disarrangement of the ORDER OF TOPICS.

If a subject is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6- DON'T teach it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6- where's the FUN in THAT?

Instead, teach it as 4, 2, 5, 3, 1, 6, or 6, 3, 1, 5, 2, 4! Spice things up! MAKE that subject TOUGH!

The EASY way to do this- is just like the First Dirty Trick- remove the ONE element that will AUTOMATICALLY


"Really! Teacher- how do you KNOW all this?"

"It says here in this BOOK!"

"Well, how did the AUTHOR know?"

"Well, he studied the History of Chemistry- which you don't need to know. "

"Why don't we need to know?"

"Because it's not coming out in the exam!"

"Can't you teach us, anyway?"

(At this point, the inquisitive student is pelted by missiles from his classmates. )

What I am trying to explain is: UNLESS YOU KNOW STEP-BY-EXACT STEP, exactly HOW a datum of Knowledge can to be part of a subject, and in what order the data was assembled, you will never understand the subject properly- and this will come back to bite your bottom one day.

The THIRD DIRTY TRICK is to NEVER properly define the technical terms used.
You have to use proper dictionaries and complete BIG BOYS AND BIG GIRLS' textbooks to do that.

The textbooks that don't tell you HOW facts were discovered should be inserted into whoever recommended them to you.
Where that is not practical (as is usually the case- legal constraints in most states,) they should be used to save toilet paper.

You should by all possible means find out the life story of whoever discovered or wrote a subject.
If they did an experiment, YOU MUST find a way to do that same experiment.
If they wrote a book, leading up to another you have to read it- exam or no exam.

Get a feel for HOW THEY THOUGHT.

So you know what was right and what was wrong about whatever they discovered, or created.

The GOAL is not just to pass an exam on this person's subject, BUT TO UNDERSTAND THEIR FIELD SO THOROUGHLY,
that YOU can contribute to it, and add on THE NEXT STEP.

THAT is what this disk is FOR.

Will it WORK?

There is NO WAY that this Disk will not enhance your mind- no matter how well you can already think, and how well you know your subject.

Place your order at: hxxp: groups. yahoo. com/group/maximumbrainpower/join

RELIGION / Re: What do u think of females putting on trousers to church?
« on: December 22, 2012, 08:29:37 PM »
Who taught you to judge other peoples' attire.   Do you really think God will commend you for poking your nose in what is not your business?

I read that in Ancient Times, women wore trousers, and men, not only used to wear SKIIRTS, but MINI-SKIRTS at that!

God Commanded- the same time he revealed the Ten Commandments- that they should never make an Altar with steps, because that meant that everybody would see the er.  .  .   The Other Thing-they-must-not-see. 

Did you know that men used to swear oaths by putting their hand under the skirt of the man they were swearing to, and putting hand on the, er.  .  .   Staff of Office?

It is a shame that you try to TRICK people into condemning GOD. 

I look at people's Teachings' and not their clothes, or lack thereof. 

SCAMS / Re: HYIP Scams - Don't Buy Into The HYIP
« on: December 22, 2012, 07:51:09 PM »
The PYRAMID SCHEME is an old trick.   It depends on the shallowness of mind of those involved. 

I have no sympathy for those at the bottom, because what happns to them is only WHAT THEY TRIED TO DO to those beneath them. 

Only.  .  .   They couldn't get anybody. 

This thing nearly destroyed ALBANIA, just after its liberation from CCOMMUNISM.   It was BIG News at the time. 

It is IMMORAL, because it is THEFT.   

« on: December 22, 2012, 07:38:43 PM »
This report is a SCAM itself. 

I was born in England in 1960: BELIEVE ME- if a BLACK MAN commiited a crime of ANY kind in general, but against WHITE people in particular, and is STILL ALIVE, never mind FREE, after 240 hours, it is because THEY WANT HIM ALIVE AND FREE TO KEEP DOING WHAT HE IS DOING!

Indigenously-raised Nigerians have TINY MINDS.   You CANNOT SEE the SCOPE of this operation, if you grew up in THIS country. 


Okay- TOTAL ALL THE AMOUNTS STOLEN BY ALL THE 419 Scammers in Africa, combined.   How much money is that? REALLY?

I KNOW it will seem a lot of money to YOU BORN AND RAISED HERE, but I assure you, that it is CHICKEN-CHANGE to the Western Nations!

THINK! HOW MANY SCAMMERS ARE THERE? if they gave every one of them ten times what they say they all stole, how many tycoons could foot that bill singlehandly? Or at least, how many could VOLUNTARILY BEAR THAT EXPENSE?

I believe that they are BUYING the INTEGRITY of Africa.   The money they are WILLINGLY GIVING AWAY, with tricks that should only work ONCE is to BUY OUR RIGHT TO OBJECT when they brand us a "Criminal Nation.  "

HOW can you scam a CYPRIAN WOMAN and get off the Island alive, UNLESS IT'S A SETUP???

The way Europeans are, men with NO STAKE WHATSOEVER would HUNT HIM DOWN FOR FUN! Their forefathers used to come to Africa,  just to hunt LIONS.   You think they can't find ONE Black Gigolo?

I PREDICT that a CASE is being built against local and foreign scammers, and one day, they will ALL get what HITLER did to the Jews.   All the associates of scammers will be confronted with 8 x 10 photos of them with people THEY SAY they do not know.   Innocents will find themselves IMPLICATED BY ASSOCIATION in crimes involving sums they know NOTHING about- easily exaggerated. 

The scammers think they are smart, but they are not.   Any money they get was HANDED TO THEM.   In Chess, this is called "GAMBIT.  "

« on: December 22, 2012, 06:59:45 PM »
I'm sorry, but you don't seem to get the POINT of having a "Bank Account," or a "Registered SIM?"

It is so that, if, God forbid, you should be so wicked as to use the BANKS, or the PHONE to commit a CRIME- WE KNOW WHERE YOUR BUTT IS AT, so we can GO THERE, and CHANGE its COLOUR! SHAPE! CONSISTENCY! GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION!

Of course- the mechanical details are best left to the POLICE. 

I don't know if this TELKOM SIM exists.   It is TECHNOLOGICALLY POSSIBLE.   But what it describes is ILLEGAL. 

You buy a SIM CARD, put it in a Phone or Modem, and you phone or browse free for life. 

That is called STEALING. 

If I were going to do it, I would cut a chip with SIM contact surfaces, programmed to access networks by 

It would work.   However, it would be IMPOSSIBLE that the System Administrator NOT KNOW who you are.   If he were serious, he should TRANGULATE YOUR LOCATION and the next thing you know, your NEXT browsing will be done from inside JAIL. 

If you are a LIVE, you can detect that they are onto you, and yank your modem.   A robot SIM card will sell you on EBAY, wrap you neatly, and send you by UPS before you even close YouTube!

When you buy something illegal, you have no legal recourse. 

SCAMS / Re: One of NBF's 419 revealed, Dont be duped.,
« on: December 22, 2012, 06:40:50 PM »
I'm sorry, but you don't seem to get the POINT of having a "Bank Account," or a "Registered SIM?"

It is so that, if, God forbid, you should be so wicked as to use the BANKS, or the PHONE to commit a CRIME- WE KNOW WHERE YOUR BUTT IS AT, so we can GO THERE, and CHANGE its COLOUR! SHAPE! CONSISTENCY! GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION!

Of course- the mechanical details are best left to the POLICE. 

« on: December 22, 2012, 06:22:39 PM »
Nigerian Journalism, AT-IT'S-FINEST!
The robbers STORMED a Bank! They BROKE THE ATMS!
BUT.   .   .   .    we DON'T know WHICH Bank!
I especially like the part, about that the Police in the area FOUND OUT WHAT WAS HAPPENING!
Even- within THE SAME WEEK the Operation was going down! Amazing! Incredible! Unbelievable!
Were they on TRANSFER, or New Recruits or something?

« on: December 22, 2012, 06:07:31 PM »
When I read "New Tactic," I was expecting something sophisticated- like maybe they turned ordinary cars into Tankers, or smuggled in inner tubes of tyres or something.
To call using shabby trucks to smuggle a "New Tactic" is a DISGRACE!

« on: December 21, 2012, 08:20:42 PM »
What do you mean, "untimely death?" This is the timeliest Death I ever heard of in my life!!!

Of course, the Insecurity Team will like to claim credit- are we not supposed to notice the 300 kg Gorilla in the room- that these people passed through all the checkpoints? The so-called "checkpoints" only delay people, folks! They can't find zip! this is insanity!

When Farouk Abdul Mutallab was put on the plane in December 2009, did you notice (we had the report from CNN reporter, KEN (Pug) HASKELL who was AT the scene, and saw everything- HE WAS THE ONLY ONE NOT SEARCHED FOR BOMBS!

These "Insecurity Guards" should be interrogated to the fullest extent possible- to establish whether they were in collusion!


Do you get it? How do you think that happened?

Here is the fact of life: REAL CHECKPOINTS are the FIRST Target.

The stupidest thing I ever saw in my life, is a Checkpoint for Bombs, where everybody is wearing Khaki!

The purpose of this can only be to intimidate and impress civilians! Terrorists would laugh at such supposed precautions.

"Are you looking for this?" (*KABOOM!!!*)

If the Authority is so callous, and to send their soldiers out in the field without any protection whatsoever, the soldiers should be able to spark their brain-cells and make some of their own! Don't they want to live? Are they suicidal too?

If I were a soldier, I would make myself ear-muffs, to save my ears.  Have a helmet custom-armoured with plate iron.  Visored with layers of lexan. I'd have on a ---plate of steel plate and steel-belted tyres, cut to-shape.  Protect my arms and legs from being blown off with the same material.  Why would I do this? Even because I ain't got but the one life, ok? My comrades may laugh at me, before we get blown up, but I'll be the only one still laughing.

By the way, if the report of three suspects moving together is accurate, this confirms my analysis- that they are using MIND KONTROL ULTRA.  The third suspect would be their Handler, who would verbally-command them what to do.  The Slave Command would cut their effective IQ to. . .  something like a shoe-size.  They could not think for themselves, and adapt to the changing situation.

The Handler wouldn't have a bomb, and would only be along to get them through the checkpoints, because he would have to butt in and do the talking, if someone should ask the wrong questions.  Properly-trained military should be able to recognize these signs!

Maybe they did, and preferred Court-Martial to Closed-Casket.

Seriously! The Government must get in people who can think outside the old box, and factor in that they are trying to make their soldiers and police die for them- without the least motivation.  To fight people who think that dying is winning- assuming they think at all.

« on: December 21, 2012, 07:46:15 PM »
The last sentence does not make sense.

We go from there, to the girl complaining?

If she lived to tell the tale, how could the location be "unknown?"

"When I sensed danger of the unfolding drama. . . "

I don't get this at all.

FOUR (count 'em!) idiots steal her phone- bashing her in the process- this one kid chases the four of them.
(Yay, Adrenaline!) THEN SHE "SENSES DANGER???"

Does Professor Soyinka still think we should change our National Language to Swahili (I read that in a newspaper, once)?

Obviously, there are people who are NEVER going to get English!

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