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Title: how to make money from gsm short code
Post by: evanvick on October 30, 2010, 08:07:51 PM
                                                      What is gsm short code
Sms short code is a 5 or 6 digits number just like a phone number, but shorter to remember.  Sms short codes are used to receive and send out text messages to consumers and are usually issued by the short code provider.  Even market women notice numerous mobile adverts on their phones almost on a daily basis.
                                      How short code works
A short code makes it possible for you to reach numerous customers through their mobile phones.  Remember for you to make money, you must device a means of reaching people, not just people but much people.  That is where short code comes in.  it is the fastest way of promoting your business.  With it you can make money easily YES i mean it.  If you devoted your time you can make money from it in the shortest possible time.  For example, when you sign up for a short code you get a keyword to help you direct traffic to yourself.  A keyword is your personal name in a short code number.  When anyone text that keyword to the short code number, the person?s phone will be debited for a certain amount and from that amount the network operator will credit your account as the owner of that keyword.  Let?s assume you ask a simple question like WHO IS THE RICHEST MAN ON EARTH and maybe you send this question to 500,000 people and 100,000 people responds with each text message cost at N50.  Then you have made N5, 000000
REMEMBER the network provider has some percentage in that money.  It all depends on your agreement with the provider.  Remember there are rules and regulations for all these.  Once you have gotten your short you must on your own part develop a service or product through which you can solicit for people to send text message to that code.  As many people or times people send money to that code you earn points or more money.  It is quicker to make money with short code especially with the lottery system.  There are several ways of making money from a short code business.  If you are ready for such a business then call me now on 08025701682 or email evanvick@yahoo. co. uk