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Title: Strategic Management Retreats for productive&profit driven close of year&Newyear
Post by: seyidekol on October 26, 2019, 04:23:13 AM

SDIL Strategic Management retreats offer business review, planning, and problem-solving sessions away from daily work distractions. 
Strategic Management retreats will provide a more relaxed and innovative thinking environment for better collaboration, brain storming,more efficient problem solving&decision-making for challenges the company  faces daily  

The sessions will facilitated by one of SDIL Business consultants with a strong understanding of Business management,Leadership styles and Team dynamics.
SDIL Business consultant/Business Facilitator will provide objective validation of assumptions thinking processes&solutions and of course ask questions to stimulate,validate their planning and provide new insights.

SDIL Strategic Management Retreats Outcome:
² SDIL will ensure the Team understands and agrees on the company’s vision and direction.
² We will guide in the developing an action plan that addresses existing or emerging challenges and opportunities
² We help improve Team performance through facilitation, communication and collaboration sessions
Management /Staff Retreat Topics to Address Company’s Needs
Ø How do we Interact?
² How do we effectively collaborate to further the mission of the company? How can we improve the ways in which we work together as a Team.
Ø Developing a Collective Vision
² What do we want our company to look like in two-five years? What would be the characteristics of our culture, systems, structure, skills, products/services mix?
Ø Operating Standards
² Clarity that creates shared expectations about day to day business operations
² Key Progress Indicators: The indicators that measure  progress toward the fulfillment of your business and team vision
Ø Target Market Definition & Marketing Positioning

² The foundation for defining your most profitable customers and how to position your products and services to attract them
Ø Marketing Implementation Action Plan
² A plan that ties marketing activities to the goals of the business vision
Ø Employee Motivation
² How do you sustain your motivation in difficult times and transcend other issues that
drain  energy?
Ø Leading with Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
² How can we meet our customers where they are, rather than where we are? How can we improve our ability to listen and attune ourselves to our customers’ needs, and to each other?
Ø Finding The Source of Our Passion
² How do we inspire and motivate each other and our customers?
Ø Balancing Work and Life
² How do we maintain psychological and emotional wellness,manage stress& live healthy,balanced lives while also maintaining our commitment to our work?
Ø Day-to-Day Management Issues
² How do we report to each other? From goal-setting to Individual Action Plans.

Strategic Management Retreats Process:
SDIL will have the meeting with the Head of Human resources to achieve the following :
² Understand the goals and objective of the meeting
² Agree on team needs,agenda, duration and Location
² Facilitate learning and provide independent validation of group strategy
² Bridge communication and thinking gaps to create consensus for the different departments
Strategic Retreat Fees
Strategic Retreat facilitation fees vary with each organization, the complexity of the subject, and number of participants.
As regards Company issues in Human capital,systems or structural issues,we will happy to help in resolve root problem of such issues as the need arises.
Lastly ,SDIL can also help in the review of your Business plans ,processes ,HR/Business strategies or policies to reduce cost ,improve sales and optimize performance in workplace

Please call ,08125549322+2348050383215 whatapp for your booking; (;)

Title: Re: Strategic Management Retreats for productive&profit driven close of year&Newyear
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