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Title: Re: FreshForex
Post by: Cooller32 on July 09, 2019, 09:07:20 AM
(http://https://freshforex. org/netcat_files/Image/778652cb3c8985b6c65eababf65a2dab. png)
Dear clients,

This week we’re going to talk about the Nasdaq 100 index.  This index includes companies from various non-financial industries, like retail, biotechnology, technology, health care, and others.

On Wednesday, July 10 at 12 noon GMT we’ll look at a comprehensive analysis of Nasdaq 100 stocks and the best stocks to invest in as a long term investor.

This webinar is perfectly suitable for anyone and everyone.

You may ask FreshForex analyst any questions about market situation or discuss the latest analytical news on the webinars.

To take part in the webinar use this link and log in.  You can also see all the previous webinars here.

(http://https://freshforex. org/netcat_files/Image/959daf93b940fe650d0343f209858f44. jpg)
Dear client,

Facebook announced the start of testing its own cryptocurrency Libra.  27 companies became its partners (there are Visa and MasterCard payment systems among them), whose task is to integrate digital currency into corporate services and evaluate the new product benefits.

This is the reason why the Company’s stocks soared and moved closer to the historical maximum update.

Check out trading signals from FreshForex analysts and trade at full pace while CFD swaps are canceled!

Trading signals:

#Facebook — buy, take profit 198. 90

Over the last month the stocks prices increased by 15%.  It's time to buy.

#Amazon — buy, take profit 1960

Technical indicators ADX and Bollinger Bands are signaling an uptrend development.  Buy stocks of the world's largest online store!

#GazpromNef — buy, take profit 417. 34

The decline in OPEC production will have a positive impact on the stocks prices of oil and gas companies.  Gazprom has no exceptions.

#NorilskNic — buy, take profit 14530

The uptrend in the palladium market positively affects the MMC Norilsk Nickel stock prices.  The company ranks world first in the production of palladium with a market share of 39%!

Trade on beneficial terms with FreshForex!
Title: Re: Re: FreshForex
Post by: Chris Woakes on August 31, 2019, 08:50:19 AM
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