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Title: The will that has power.
Post by: uchkochi on March 08, 2019, 06:58:13 PM

A will is only powerful after the person who wrote it dies. A will is a mere written document when the person is still alive,but as soon as the person dies,the lawyer has no choice than to execute or effect the will.

The will of God is the word of God. Jesus had to die for the word of God which is the will of God to have power and He resurrected again to enforce the will by Himself.HEBREWS 9:16-17.

Whatever the word of God says is powerful. If it says you are healed then you are,if it says you are blessed then you are. The word of God is the God's will. God wants you to lend unto nations and not to borrow,God wants you to enjoy health and vitality,God wants you to fulfil your destiny,God wants you to get married,God wants you to be successful in all that you do. Jeremiah 29:11,3rd John 2.

If this is the will of God and it is for you,You have a responsibility,you have a part to play. That responsibility is to locate this will by yourself in scriptures and begin to walk with them. Do you know what the will also says; The will of God says that you will live till you are very old and fulfilled, YOU SHALL NOT DIE BUT LIVE TO DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD. YOUR LIFE SHALL BE SWEET FOREVER. After Locating the will of God,you must prayerfully enforce them in faith.

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