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Pop star Britney Spears is in talks to return to the MTV Video Music Awards next month, a year after her widely criticised comeback performance.

The star is already appearing in adverts for the ceremony alongside host Russell Brand.

But a spokesman for MTV said only Lil' Wayne and the Jonas Brothers had been confirmed to appear and nothing had been finalised with Spears.

The MTV Music Video Awards take place in Los Angeles on 7 September.

'Russell Brown'

In the promotional video, Brand asks Spears if she knows his name, to which she replies: "Russell Brown".

Brand then informs the pop singer that his surname will soon be hers as well.

Spears' polished appearance is in sharp contrast to her appearance at last year's MTV awards, where she performed her song Gimme More.

It was considered to be flat and tired by many critics, but became the most talked-about moment of the 2007 awards ceremony.

After several months of high profile problems and court appearances, Spears appears to be improving after her father James took control of her affairs.

The singer is working on a new album, while a guest appearance on US TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother earlier this year was widely praised.

She has also given her first interview for more than a year to the US edition of OK magazine.

Spears revealed that she wants her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, to have a "more normal" childhood and describes her new album as her "best work ever".

Spears' 2007 performance drew negative comments