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Post by: perfect on May 31, 2010, 11:13:31 AM
Dear Forum Members,
First, thank you for being a member of this very great forum. I genuinely value and appreciate what I learned and become as a result of your existence in this board in terms of knowledge impartation.
As a show of my appreciation, I would like to extend to you a special offer. We have just upgraded international standard hosting server with data center in United state. We?ve just added a new hosting manager service which allows you to totally manage and brand hosting on your company name and appears independent.
?   We will be totally anonymous to your clients.
?   We will be given you technical support behind the scene
?   You have total control over people you are hosting i.e. you can create, set price, suspend, modify, even terminate your clients account with hosting manager system we will set up for you (the demo is below).
?   Ability to create and  host unlimited Cpanels on your brand under your account
?   Our highly skilled team will configure, monitor and manage your Web hosting system account 24/7 behind the scene and answering to you.
?   All the system features are listed here Nigeria Webhosting company (

When we launched this Hosting providing self-manage to the public two years back the packages were sold: Basic 200,000, Standard 250,000, Aluminum 400,000, Gold Reseller 500,000, Diamond reseller 800,000. Just recently we just highly reduced the price to nearly unbelievable price.  see price now (

 As it is in our site (  Now we have reduced the Prices further for first year for you, as a way of saying thank you, below are the discounts if you order with 14 days
Standard reseller:  30% off the price
Aluminum reseller: 30% off the price
Gold reseller: 30% off the price
Diamond reseller: 30% off the price

Frankly, at this price, we are just barely covering our cost of buying the infrastructure in. But I?m not worried; I just want to demonstrate how much I value your existence in this great forum.
One more thing. I want you to be 100% delighted with your purchase even though you?re buying it discounted and demos set up to test every aspect before paying. We have money back  guarantee, no-quibble, refund on the spot. Lastly, I urge you to hurry if you definitely want to take advantage of this special forum member-only offer.
Below is demos:
This is your clients management system (
This is cpanel demo (

Order your your package here (
Nigeria Webhosting company (

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As the time of posting this you can't get this offer direct in our website, this is forum only offer.
Post by: Merlinclancy on June 11, 2010, 03:10:37 AM
Thank you for your information !!!!! its very useful

Post by: perfect on June 12, 2010, 11:20:00 AM
Merlinclancy thank you. I am here to be of help.

I will help to move your existing website(s) to new hosting server.

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Unlike what is out side there, we don't sell Web hosting system package for you and turn our back (with the notion we have given you what you paid for); No, we give you  following hosting management training thoroughly free of charge,  which ensures optimum result of your Hosting business in long run:

How to point or connect web address to hosting server
How to Configure Customer Contact
How to know accounts you are hosting on your system
Explanation of Quote, Bandwidth/ Traffics in more details
-Account Functions
How to create cpanel/hosting account for your clients.
How to limit Bandwidth usage of your customer(s)
How to modify existing cpanel/hosting account(s) detail
How to modify or change Password of your clients. This is important when their website admin changes or lost of password.
How to modify Disk space of your client(s)
How to Suspend and Unsuspend your customer account. This is important when your clients fails to renew his/her account, Unsuspend when all is settled.
How to Terminate cpanel/hosting account your hosting from your system either single or multiple accounts
How to upgrade or downgrade your client(s) hosting account
How to add hosting packages and explain to you what each fields stands for
How to Edit hosting packages
How to Delete cpanel packages
-Front page
How to Install FrontPage Extensions in cpanel
How to  Install FrontPage Mail Extensions Cpanel
      How to  Uninstall FrontPage Extensions cpane
Duration 3 hours training
Online and offline one on one training, depends on the convenient to you.
After paying for your package notify us, the training method you prefer.