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There are lots of ways and strategies that can be used when it comes to making money online and if you careful, you can get confused.  Blogging still stands top when it comes to making money online.  Since the inception of E-commerce websites which allows people buy things online and get it delivered to their door steps without having to leave their homes this has made life easy for so many people.

E-commerce websites are huge as they provide a long list of items people can shop for online and they generate a lot of money.  One of the richest people in the world owns one of these sites (Amazon).  This been said, not everyone can open an e-commerce website because of what?s involved (logistics) but through affiliate marketing you can squeeze out some money from e-commerce.

A Little On Affiliate Marketing

Lots of E-commerce websites have a thing called Affiliate Program that people can sign up for and are given a custom link to share with others online and when they purchase using your link you get a percentage (commission).

Today we will be focusing on Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon. com is one of the biggest if not the biggest E-commerce website with more than 1 million items on their site and have a lot of people shopping on their website every day.  This is good as it gives you a lot to search for on their website.

Creating An Amazon Affiliate Website

 Once you have signed up for the Amazon Associates Program and logged into your account you cant just start walking on the street and asking people to buy from Amazon using your link (I guess that could also work LOL) you will have to create a website where you can post your link and a review of what you selling.

My 5 Steps To Creating An Amazon Affiliate Website

continue reading hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/09/13/how-to-create-an-amazon-affiliate-website-in-nigeria-here-are-5-easy-steps/