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Post by: Prince on March 13, 2010, 12:35:09 PM
The proposed Ares-1 rocket has been cancelled by Mr Obama
By Pallab Ghosh

Former Nasa astronauts who went to the Moon have told the BBC of their dismay at President Barack Obama's decision to push back further Moon missions.

Jim Lovell, commander of the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission, said Mr Obama's decision would have "catastrophic consequences" for US space exploration.

The last man on the Moon, Eugene Cernan, said it was "disappointing".

Last month Mr Obama cancelled Nasa's Constellation Moon landings programme, approved by ex-President George W Bush.

Nasa still aims to send astronauts back to the Moon, but it is likely to take decades and some believe that it will never happen again.

'Moral leadership'

The astronauts spoke to the BBC at a private event at the Royal Society in London on Friday organised by the Foundation for Science and Technology.

They were joined there by the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong.

As the last astronaut to return to the Apollo 17 lunar module in 1972, Cernan was the last man to set foot on the Moon.

"I'm quite disappointed that I'm still the last man on the Moon," he said. "I thought we'd have gone back long before now."

So why does he believe Americans should go back to the Moon?

"I think America has a responsibility to maintain its leadership in technology and its moral leadership... to seek knowledge. Curiosity's the essence of human existence."

It is a view shared by fellow Apollo Astronaut Jim Lovell, the heroic commander of Apollo 13.

"Personally I think it will have catastrophic consequences in our ability to explore space and the spin-offs we get from space technology," he said.

"They haven't thought through the consequences."

Lunar dream alive

Although Cernan and Lovell expressed their dismay with President Obama's decision, Mr Armstrong tactfully avoided the subject.

When he set foot on the Moon in July 1969, it seemed as if humanity would soon colonise other worlds.

By 1994, when I interviewed him for the first time, he said: "The reality may have faded. But the dream is still there and it will come back in time."

But with the cancellation of Nasa's Constellation programme to return Americans to the moon by 2020, who is to inspire the next generation?

Nasa still aims to send astronauts back to the Moon, using Nasa to provide incentives and oversight to the private sector for launch services.

It is likely to take some time, however.

Until then we will have the epic tales of Armstrong, Lovell, Cernan and the rest of the Apollo astronaut corps to remind us that all things are possible - and despite the current pause in human spaceflight to other worlds, the dream is still there.
Post by: Prince on March 13, 2010, 12:35:48 PM
The project was hit by global financial crisis.
Post by: maximumbrainpower on July 27, 2011, 06:05:54 AM
I have not been following recent NASA and American Space Programme activity, vis-a-vis Lunar Activity, but I have only one opinion concerning anything they might say concerning manned missions to the Moon: It is a pack of Lies.

I am very sorry to have to say this, as the reaction of the majority of readers is going to be shaped by decades of brainwashing by American and White "Big Lie" Propaganda.  For quite a while, all that most would have to say about me would be appended to curses.  Once gets used to it.  Millions of Dollars have been spent to make you think that what I say is the most ridiculous and outrageous lie you have ever heard in your life:

None of the NASA Apollo Lunar Missions ever went to the Moon.
None of them landed on the Moon, and none of them even orbited the Moon.
All claims to that effect from the Americans are a lie.
All claims by Third Parties supporting the Americans' assertions that they have sent men to orbit the Moon, and even landed men on the Moon are either lies or delusions.  They are not correct.

I wish to assure you that I am sufficiently sane, intelligent, and educated to know the gravity (no pun intended) of what I am saying.
I am prepared to back up my assertions with strong evidence.
However, do you the reader possess the sanity, the intelligence, and the education to understand what I tell you?

There are a number of minor facts that circumstantially prove that the Americans have never landed any Human on the Moon with the Apollo Space Programme.  There is, however, one enormous "Elephant-in-the-room" Scientific proof that they never did what they claimed to do, which, due to the dumbing-down of the Nigerian Educational System, many of you may be completely unaware, but five minutes on the Internet will verify it to you.

1.  The Van-Allen Radiation Belts.

When a science student I cite the Van Allen Belts to replies me: "What's that?" I feel that someone needs to be sued.
This is one of the most important facts about our Planet that is supposed to be taught in Primary School, but here in Nigeria, a student can go to University level, and not know what they are.

The Earth has a huge magnet as its core.  (Maybe you saw that movie starring Jamie Foxx, and Jessica Biel and a few other guys: THE CORE.  I feel sick inside at the thought of Nigerians trying to enjoy that movie, when they had no conception of what it was supposed to be about. ) If this magnet were not there, the only life on this Planet would probably be in the depths of the oceans, or in caves, because the Magnetic Field stops lethal radiation from the Sun from sterilizing the Earth.  Ionizing radiation and particles are caught by the Earth's Magnetic Field.

Anyone who understands this and already knew it should know that there are millions of people in this our country, who never heard this in their lives, and many of them would even call us liars for telling them it is so.  Any suitable Science website or Encyclopaedia will confirm these basic facts to you in a few minutes, as I have promised.  (Try Wikipedia.  org. . ?)

The Earth's Magnetic Field traps the radiation and particles in two bands around the Earth, at one thousand and ten thousand miles from the equatorial circumference of the Earth.  Any Space Craft flying to the Moon would have to pass through both of these Belts of radiating particles, and they would expose any living occupants of said Space craft to lethal doses of radiation, which would kill them.

NASA's Defense is that:

1.  Their Spacecraft were sufficiently shielded against the radiation.
2.  The Spacecraft flew too quickly through the Belts for their occupants to have been harmed.
3.  The amount of radiation in the Belts is not really very harmful to Humans at that length of time of exposure.

All of these claims would satisfy even a professional scientist, because they use the right words.
However, when one examines the facts and figures that are being glossed over, the defense collapses like a house of cards.

1.  The Apollo Spacecraft were thinly walled with Aluminium, which is a light metal, less than an inch thick, that might protect against ambient particles, namely Alpha particles, which are Helium Nuclei, but penetrating Beta particles- which are Electrons moving at near Light-Speed, and Gamma Radiation which is more powerful than X-Rays would have cooked the Astronauts alive.  there is no way around that fact.

2.  The Apollo Spacecraft indeed flew very fast.  Fast enough to reach the Moon in three days.  The distance of the Moon being about 240,000 miles, this would imply a speed of some 3,300 miles per hour.  (Please forgive my use of Imperial measurements. ) The inner Van Allen extends from about 625 to 6,000 miles from the Earth, therefore taking nearly two hours to pass through.  The outer Van Allen Belt extends from  about 10,000 to 37,000 miles, according to figures given in Wikipedia (which I had to convert back to Imperial, old codger that I am. )  That means that at the same speed, they should have taken nearly nine hours to pass through the outer Van Allen Radiation Belt.  Eleven hours in the midst of lethal radiation.

If my figures are in error, someone please point out where.

3.  I believe that NASA has systematically lied, From The Beginning about how much radiation is in the Van Allen Belts, and how lethal they are, because they knew immediately, that they were going to have to lie to the World in order to get them to believe that they landed people on the Moon.
I don't follow the Space Programme much anymore, but even I could not miss this Shuttle Mission they had back around- was it 2005?
I did not pay too much attention at the time, because I still believed that the Apollo Programme was at least partly genuine, and that the faked Missions were in order to become first, and in order to pocket the budget by not spending the money on what they were pretending to.  It was only later that the significance hit home with me.

When that mission got too close to the inner Van Allen Belt- where it passes near to the South Atlantic Ocean (called the "South Atlantic Anomaly,") the radiation began to affect everyone aboard that Space Shuttle- which had flown higher than any other Shuttle Mission to date- 500 miles above the Earth, we were told.  The effect was that they began to see flashes of light when their eyes were closed.

It should be obvious that should they have gone any higher in orbit, like the mythical Icarus (please tell me that you know who that was!) they would have all been killed!

Please remember that everything we know about how much radiation is in the Van Allen Belts comes from NASA.

They did not anticipate this effect, and did not know to prevent news of it getting out, because they never had had a man put in that very situation before.  None of the Astronauts had ever reported such a phenomenon because not one of the Apollo Teams had been anywhere near the Van Allen Belts.  NASA knew that they were dangerous, and could not make their Astronauts go there.

Therefore the witness of the Marvel of Nature that is the Van Allen Radiation Belts is proof that there has never been a manned mission to the Moon in Apollo Spacecraft.  That the Apollo Space Programme is a lie.  This lie is still being prolonged, in order to protect the reputation of the United States.
Unfortunately for them, it is beginning to unravel.  We might not have noticed it before, but we cannot escape the realization that before and since the Apollo Programme, no other manned Spacecraft made public by NASA, nor those of any other country, have ever taken place anywhere near 1,000 miles lower limit of the inner Van Allen Radiation Belt.  This is the simple truth!

Does it not seem ridiculous to you, that between 1969 through 1972, America claims to have sent half a dozen teams 240,000 miles to the Moon and brought them all back, unharmed- yet they have been incapable of sending any manned mission since then, and never did so before then, ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT THAT DISTANCE? We had become used to taking Americans at their word.  Perhaps the 9/11, where they destroyed a whole country, claiming to have irrefutable proof that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were linked to Al-Qaeda, and that he had "Weapons of Mass-Destruction," when they weren't and they didn't, wedgied the World into the awareness that the former Hero of the Free World could tell lies- and was a liar as filthy as that of any Axis nation they bombed.

Any technology capable of taking living Humans through the Van Allen Radiation Belts has never been revealed to the public at any time.

There are documentaries made by people who have a lot more education and experience than I do.
I set out to acquire them.  These lay out the facts and technical details I could not get into here.
There is also a very interesting 1978 feature film: CAPRICORN ONE, which co-starred that rascal of Mass Distraction O.  J.  Simpson (and "oje" in Yoruba means "deception!") about a Space Mission originally to the Moon, but the producers were threatened that it was too close to the truth, so they changed it to a MARS mission instead.  (those of you who know what Mars is and where it is, please explain it to those who don't. )

In the movie, the Director of NASA had embezzled the budget, and the money left was insufficient to build a working spacecraft, so he coerced the Astronauts into pretending that they were in Space, and on Mars, whereas they were actually in a studio.  This movie answers the questions many will like to ask about "How could NASA have faked everything? Why would the Astronauts have gone along with it?"
I saw this film on TV about 1987 JUST ONCE- and it was like it was deleted from the Earth.  No street video seller has ever heard of this movie.

Furthermore, original film footage from NASA was made available to some Americans under their "Freedom of Information Act. "
Unfortunately- or perhaps deliberately, by a "Whistle-Blower" in a position to expose the truth secretly- an under-edited reel of film was sent out, which still had the ROUTINE STUDIO LABELING APPENDED! That is, the Camera requisition number.  The lens requisition number.  The camera shutter speed and diaphragm aperture rating labeled.  It is 1 hour 30 mins long.  I spent more than six months downloading it, and have seen most of its length, but I have not been able to sit down and watch it all, because it is too disgusting to me.  I had believed in these people for half of my life, and that is now all gone.  Buzz Aldrin claimed to be a Born Again Christian, and was on the Rex Humbard (Christian Church TV Show) telling about how Divine Providence helped him (find the "GENESIS ROCK") when he was on the Moon!

When these people now soundbite and photo-op themselves into the media, as if they were saying things that are true, with adults and children alike hailing them as heroes. . .  it is just too horrible.  I have all these documentaries and the NASA Footage compiled, but you don't have to get them from me.  You can obtain them from the Internet yourself.  here are the titles:

1.  1978 Capricorn One (rare!). avi
2.  1997 Collier- Was It Only a Paper Moon (LEM Analysis)?. avi
3.  2000 Percy- What Happened on the Moon? CD1. avi
.   2000 Percy- What Happened on the Moon? CD2. avi
4.  2001 Bart Sibrel- A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon. avi
5.  2001 FOX TV- Did We Land on the Moon?. avi
6.  2004 Bart Sibrel- Astronauts Gone Wild. avi
7.  2009 Ryan- Apollo Zero. avi

8.  NASA's OFFICIAL Apollo footage- unedited. This file is a 1 hour 30 minutes MPG.

But if you don't mind using my compilations, you can contact me at: maximumbrainpower@yahoo. com.

Please understand that this is an extremely serious situation, and that it should not treated as something entertaining.
We haven't even begun to delve into the ramifications yet.  For instance, if no Human has yet set foot on the Moon, there are decisions that could be taken, that would ensure that the first is actually a Nigerian.
Post by: johnjean3943johnjean3943@ on October 02, 2011, 09:43:33 AM
Ohh!! is sad.

maps earth, facts about earth, and map earth
Post by: ruben_scott on October 02, 2011, 10:27:50 AM
Well said Maximum.
Post by: maximumbrainpower on December 30, 2011, 02:07:22 AM
Of course- millions of Nigerians and hundreds of millions of other people around the world still believe the enormous lie that the American Astronauts have been to the Moon.  That was a Scientific impossibility given the equipment available both then and now.

The first and only significant reason why it is impossible for the American Apollo Astronauts to have been to the Moon is because of the VAN ALLEN Radiation Belts.  I am bitterly disappointed when supposed Science Students- even University Undergraduates look at me and say, gormless,: "Duh, What's the Van Allen Belts?" This is why a Minister for education said that 90% of Nigerian graduates are unemployable!

At 1,000 and 10,000 miles above the Earth, the Earth's Magnetic Field (you do know about the existence and importance of the Earth's Magnetic Field, right? because I am fed up of students telling me: "We were not taught!") collects ionized particles and radiation from Space- primarily the Sun- and prevents its from reaching the Earth's Surface- or else we would all die.

If people try to pass through these belts- as nearly happened in around 2005, in a Shuttle Mission that went to 500 miles altitude- they die.
The shuttle crew reported seeing flashes of light when they closed their eyes.  This was caused by radiation they were exposed to.
If they had gone higher, they would have all died.

Materials capable of shielding Spacemen from the radiation- thick lead and/or graphite could not be carried into orbit.
So the Americans opted to pretend that they had gone to the Moon.

It is believed that the entire fake Lunar Excursions were shot at AREA 51 in Nevada- which was molded with explosives to create a fake lunar landscape.  Anyone trying to explore that region is subject to being shot.  Even if it is American taxpayers.

Independent experts at the risk of their lives have produced documentaries explaining other reasons why the Apollo Lunar Missions were all hoaxes.

What is so interesting is how their reasonings are explained away.  Ab hominem attacks are the norm.
Neil Armstrong was presented a Bible by a journalist, who asked him to swear on The Bible that he had actually walked on the Moon.
Neil Armstrong sneered, "Knowing you, that's probably a fake Bible!"

There is an amusing sequence where Buzz Aldrin- who specifically claims to be a Born Again Christian- who sold items he claimed to have taken with him to the Moon, such as Scriptural Jottings, who once swore that he was going up Mount Ararat, and would not come down until he had found The Ark of Noah (which has allegedly been sighted there several times in recent decades) but came back down without finding The Ark, claiming that one of his party was taken sick- punched that same journalist for calling him a liar, a coward, and a thief.  How could he be a real Christian, and do that?

You need to see any of these Documentaries:

WAS IT ONLY A PAPER MOON, by Collier (1998).

You will be amazed that America could have been so deceitful, yet so sloppy in their lying.

When you put all of this information together: The Creation and History of the CIA; The Cold war; The Vietnam War; The Apollo Hoax; The Economic Hit Men and The Jackals; The 9/11 Inside Job; The Assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King Jnr; Malcolm X; Bob Marley; Princess Diana; William Cooper; MKO Abiola; Sanni Abacha; Stella Obasanjo; Umar Yar'Adua; Aaron Russo; Michael Jackson; and Steve Jobs; The MK-ULTRA Programme; The Gulf Wars; The Boko Haram fake Domestic Terrorist Movement; and the removal of the Fuel "Subsidy" and Electricity Subsidy (or what else do you call it when supply rises a bit, but the Crazy Bill rises a lot?) as predicted by JOHN PERKINS- who they have to put on BBC and CNN, because we didn't know his books confessing how he made Third World Presidents take the IMF Loan- or face assassination- existed. . .  you might maybe begin to suspect that White people in general (who all knew exactly what was going on, but said nothing!)  and American in particular- who know exactly what is going on, and don't care that other (Black) people (?) suffer to keep them comfortable- are somewhat bad.