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Title: Recover your deleted files on memory card and Pc
Post by: Jaydrakes on June 04, 2017, 03:31:00 PM
Do you know that you can recover your files you deleted
or lost on your pc or memory card? Yes you can.   With
the use of a software am going to introduced to you, you
can do just that.   This software can be used to recover
almost any type of file you lost or deleted.   It works with
HFS, HFS+ Mac drives if connected to Windows PC
You can use this software if you have any of the listed
1.   Reformatted partition, memory card,
camera/phone card by accident?
2.   Corrupted MBR and cannot find your
partition or USB not detected?
3.   Accidentally deleted partition, partition lost?
Drive became RAW, chkdsk reports not
available for raw drives?
4.   SHIFT+DELETE, emptied Recycle Bin,
need file recovery?
5.   Data loss without a reason, Need recovery
6.   Partition software failure?
Wanna get started continue here.  .  .  .  www. bestutorialz.  blogspot.  co.  ke/2017/06/recover-your-deleted-files-on-memory.  html?m=1