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Post by: zikclassiq on November 03, 2009, 11:53:05 AM
The information you are about to read might be devastating to your MIND! If not,
perharps you might have seen this else where. But this is more self-explanatory.
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Step 1:
Right click on this page, copy and paste it to your notepad or word document and save.
Step 2:  
Open a free Liberty reserve account here at Its free.

Step 3:
Fund your liberty reserve account with atleast $6(approx N950 depending on with exchanger you use) with an exchanger.
Note for example: If you are from canada, type "liberty reserve exchanger in Nigeria"
in Google search engine or go to or Fill the details form on the one you choose and pay the equivalent
amount to their account details. Now, after successfully funding your account move on.

Step 4:
Login to your liberty account and pay $2 each to these accounts
-Account 1:U3225016
-Account 2:U1161991
-Account 3:U7157513

Step 5:
Now go back to the article that you have saved, erase or delete or remove Account 1.
Shift account 2 to be Account 1.
Shift account 3 to be Account 2
Now, Copy YOUR OWN ACCOUNT NUMBER to make it Account 3.
Save the now edited page that has your account number.

Step 6:
Post the saved article containing your account number to online forums. Just go to Google
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Just register with as many as you can, 50 atleast and paste your article on them.
Check your account within 3days and you will see what i am talking about.
Mind, the more you post, the more you.... Its just to simple. Email me at
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Step 7: