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Title: AutoCAD professional training(flexible)
Post by: sholly001 on June 07, 2016, 04:55:37 AM
Sqoobtech's training offer includes a FREE 30-day trial version of AutoCAD 2016  and FREE Videos of Practical Examples to follow step-by-step.
The following Course Content highlights the outline of tools, features and commands covered in Sqoobtech
's 2D Course for Beginners.
Understanding the AutoCAD Interface:
Rotating selections (transform)
-setting up your AutoCAD environment
-saving and opening your drawings
-starting a drawing
-drawing line objects
-drawing curves
-drawing circles
-constructing and editing
-using ortho mode
-moving objects
-resizing objects
-mirroring objects
-filleting objects
-offsetting objects

-arraying objects.
Hatching & Listing:
defining hatch boundaries
-using hatch styles
-creating an associative hatch
-using autosnap
- drawing polylines
-calculating points
-calculating areas
-distance & angle inquiry methods
-inserting breaks
-using zoom and pan
-previous view
-dynamic view
-zooming objects
-listing objects
-exploding objects
Layers upon Layers
-working with layers
-working with linetypes
-working with colour
-assigning to objects
-naming layers
-manipulating layers
-' freezing ' and
' thawing ' layers
- layers 'ON' and 'OFF'

-deleting layers.
Blocks & Text:
cut, copy & pasting drawings
-creating blocks
-inserting blocks
-manipulating blocks
-creating a library for blocks
-text styles
-modifying text & styles
-using the grips
Plotting & Dimensions
editing dimensions
-creating dimension styles
-applying dimensions to objects
-plotting your drawing
-setting linetype weights
-using various scales
Paper & Model Space
using paper space & model space
-displaying multiple tiled viewports
-changing the tiles configuration
-working in tiled viewports

-scaling tiled viewportsLevel 2

The 3D advanced course synopsis:

3D Solid Modeling:
Creating Solid Forms
- Displaying the Solids Toolbar
- Creating Primitives
- Turning a 2D Polyline into a 3D Solid
Creating Complex Solids
- Tapering an Extrusion
- Extruding on a Curved Path

- Revolving a Polyline
Editing Solids:
- Splitting a Solid into Two Pieces
- Rounding Corners with the Fillet Tool
- Chamfering Corners with Chamfer Tool
- Using the Solids Editing Tools
Enhancing the 2D Drawing Process
- Drawing a Standard Top, Front, and Right-Side View
- Creating an Isometric View
- Creating Hidden-Line Views
- Shading a Viewport
- Adding Dimensions and Notes in Paper Space
- Drawing a Cross-Section
- Using 3D Solid Operations on 2D Drawings
Finding the Properties of a Solid
- Finding a Model?s Mass Properties

Creating a Quick-Study Rendering
Practical - continued :
Rendering using materials
setting up views
display renderings
- Simulating the Sunlight Angle
- Adding Shadows
- Adding Materials

- Adjusting the Materials?Appearance
Adding the Detail:
Adding a Background Scene
Effects with Lighting
- Simulating the Interior Lighting of
an Office Building
- Simulating a Night Scene with Spotlights
- Controlling Lights with Scenes
Adding Reflections and Detail with Ray Tracing
- Assigning a Mirror Attribute to Glass
- Getting a Sharp, Accurate Shadow with Ray Tracing
Creating and Adjusting Texture Maps
- Adding Landscape and People

Printing/ Plotting your 3D Drawing.
*4 classes, over 2 weeks
*Total: 12 hours training
*2 intakes per month
*Best offer - value for money
*Training presented since 2007
* Ideal venue:  8 odusanya street bariga lagos

CADclass focusses in giving anybody (young and old)
ONE-TO-ONE AutoCAD 2015 training in Nigeria
2D Fundamentals Level 1 course - 12 hrs

From 17:30 pm - 20:30 pm
JUNE 2016 INTAKE 01              JUNE 2016 INTAKE 02
Class 1: Mon 6 June 2016   Class 1: Tue 7 June 2016
Class 2: Wed 8 June 2016  Class 2: Thur 9 June2016
Class3: Mon 13 June 2016, Class 3: Tue14June2016
Class4: Wed 15June 2016 Class 4: Thur16June 2016
Inqiure about Level 2 intake direct:
Sqoobtech:    2348039402314
or sqoobtech@gmail. com
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