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Title: Profile Signature Tips
Post by: Nollywoodwatch on June 04, 2008, 04:35:52 PM
Just thought I should share this basic HTML tips with anyone interested in having a unique Signature with hyperlink. ( a website of blog anything that is clickable)

I noticed a few posters have raw HTML href as their Signture.

Here is Your Tip:

Type this in your Signature box in the Profile section without the spaces. This is because with the spaces it will not be displayed.

Follow the Short Explanation

1. You need this tag:  (url tag) --- ( I spaced them so that you can see it, else it disappears)

[ u r l  ]    [ / u r l  ]

[ u r l ] =  is the open tag
[ / u r l ]  = is the close tag

2 Implementation:

a) Place the web link or href in the open tag after the "=" sign
b) Write the short form of the Link or word that you need to be seen after the open tag but before the start of the close tag

3 Applied:

Below is the finished implementation with spaces, if not what you will see is Nollywood Watch

[url = http : // www. nollywoodwatch . com ] Nollywood Watch[/url]

4) Finished:

When done successfully you will get something like this!

You have number of words limitation with signatures so put what is important there if your a using a link

I think this also will come handy inside your post when you want to direct anyone to your website or a site of interest; this adds to the aethetics of the post and makes it tidy without the long href (HTML) within post.

Thanks for your time.