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Title: NIGERIA NAVY SERVICE Recruitment 2015 Shortlist Slot Assistance And Help
Post by: Adegboyega01 on April 27, 2015, 07:55:44 AM
NIGERIA NAVY SERVICE Recruitment 2015/ Shortlist is Out and Slot Assistance And Help?0?10?6?72
Slot,Assistance And Help.  Call .  08167045094 .
Many youths have been applying for
the Nigerian Navy year after year
Without getting admitted.  Because of
the state of the economy in the
country, my mission is to help many
of these youths into the Nigeria
Navy Forces.  To secure a slot, call
08167045094 for your direct upper
This Is A Guaranteed Employment,
Interested Applicants Should Send Their CV, APPLICATION
PHOTOGRAPH To : lxopeyemi@gmail.  com" For Help
And Slot Membership.
Note::- Charge is applied and There Will Be Automatic And
Guaranteed Employment.