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Title: You Must Self-Promote and Market Yourself
Post by: wumivic on October 24, 2014, 10:04:41 AM
Grads with any major would do well to take a course in marketing at some point in their collegiate careers.  The job search is really about the marketing process.   It begins with understanding the ?product;? what you offer, who will want it, how you?ll add value and then identifying potential customers (in this case employers) who will pay you. 
Therefore a successful job search strategy requires that you:
1.    Market ? identify the potential employers who would be a good mutual fit for acquiring you as talent, and,
2.    Sell ? turn them into buyers by convincing them to hire you.
All the messages, documents, and interview prep a new grad develops must focus on marketing what they have to offer in all of their materials.
And then selling; closing the deal, accepting the offer, when they?ve positioned themselves as the most qualified applicant for the job. 
The Solution: Get Clear on Your Identity and Messaging to Construct Good Marketing Materials.
?   Develop a marketing mindset and identify who your potential customers (employers) could be.
?   Identify 15 to 20 target employers to whom you will direct your marketing efforts.
?   Continually ask, ?Where do I find my potential customers (employers) and how do I connect with them??
?   Use your networking tools to seek out connections into organizations, and ask for referrals to hiring managers.
?   Use cold calling or cold emailing as a way to connect with hiring managers at your target employers.

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