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Title: Why Treat the Job Search as Transaction Processing?
Post by: wumivic on October 22, 2014, 03:04:29 PM
A well-constructed job search is really a personal project management effort.  A marketing project; where grads are the product.

 Many grads, most in my opinion, don?t look at the job search this way.  They treat it as a very transactional activity in which they are waiting for someone to offer them something.

 They think:

"I submit a resume, therefore I am conducting a job search. "

"I applied for a job online; therefore I am conducting a job search. "

 Nothing could be further from the truth. 

They are transaction processing.  Not job searching, or career starting, or marketing.

You don?t have to treat Job Search as Transaction Processing Rather Than a Strategic Marketing Project

 To be successful in the job search, grads need to construct a detailed, multi-faceted project plan that will take them from where they are, to where they want to be.

 The Solution: Shift the Mindset, and Create the Plan

Create a job search strategic plan and work it every day. 
1.    Identify the overarching goal of your job search strategy.
2.    Establish timelines for desired outcomes for the overall job search, and the number of interviews and other job search activities you want each week.
3.    Set weekly, and daily goals for each type of job search activity: online search, offline search, informational interviews, networking, and social media.
4.    Be sure to allot a good amount of time for research as an important aspect of your strategy.
5.    Create a dedicated workspace and equip it professionally.
6.    Identify a job search or support group you can go to for community.
7.    Consider hiring a career coach, job search consultant or mentor to create a sense of accountability.

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