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Title: The Art of Networking Your Way To Your Desire Job
Post by: wumivic on April 23, 2014, 05:13:11 PM
What is networking?

1.  Networking is a focused method of developing and building a pool of contacts, that is, people who can provide career information that could lead to a job.   
2.  Networking is the act of making contact with information brokers in your area of career interest.   
3. The word 'networking' tends to conjure up mixed emotions, according to one's perspective.   However, networking is simply about finding common ground and building mutually beneficial, professional relationships.   

Why should I network?
1.   We are in a time of 'career self-reliance', which means you are the manager of your career.   

2.   80% of jobs are unadvertised.   Consider spending 80% of your job search time on networking activities, and only 20% of your time applying to advertised jobs.   

3.   Employers prefer to hire people they know.   

4.   You gain first-hand, current information and knowledge about your world of work to help you develop a job search strategy.   

5.   You gain access to experts in your field who have information about trends and know how your skills can transfer ? you are learning how to manage your career ? an invaluable business skill.   

6.   It may help you gain access to other professionals within your interest area.   

7.   It can be fun!

One of the best ways to network is through social media.   This must be done with patient and intelligent. 

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