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Post by: diamondhp on June 26, 2013, 06:49:56 AM
RESONANCE CONTINENTAL, a evolved company from Group G, is seeking for existing graduates and freshly discharge NYSC graduates with a good personal cv and well to go orientation to help drive the company in achieving its millennium goals and Government target of the vision 20:2020.  The interested graduates will be doing the following;

Bank transactions and chasing larger debts for payment,
Maintain a petty cashbook and reconciling bank statements
Work as a Front Desk Coordinator; Duties include: Customer service, Screening of phone calls, enquiries, requests and handling
Organizing and maintaining diaries
Making appointments
Dealing with correspondence
Writing letters and taking dictation in board meeting
Collection and analysis of data to detect deficient controls
Fraud or non-compliance control
Regulate and manage company policies on announce
Prepare detailed reports on audit findings
Installation of our e-pay connector and sorting out networking/technical issues
Handling Secretarial duties whenever the need arises which include, taking of minutes and other duties assigned to you
Repair and handle the generator house report
Facilitate and convince client on visit
Help strengthen W. H. O goals as health personnel
Prescribe drug in attending to patience   
Work in our prospective scientific laboratory for research and discovery
Handling the training and growth of staff 
Motivate client that are derail psychological
Help handle recruitment of staff when necessary
Handling of the federal and state government target for rural community
Dictate and organize seminal with company partners?
Help organize the payment of salaries

All departmental functions are noted here, graduate from all part of the country can apply, you will work with us in your location but interview will be held in Lagos.
Interested graduate should forward cv to recruitmenthrmanager1234@gmail. com on or before July 7, 2013.