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Post by: Jacconng on November 30, 2012, 05:03:26 PM
We have new offers on Dubai and Qatar work permits.

You can come attached to a company (Dubai: N500,000. 00 including ticket ,
Qatar: N600,000. 00) , both come with free accomodation from employers.
Salary ranges from 500 -700 US Dollars a month, other money can be made by
working overtime.  Jobs include hotel attendants, bar
and restaurant attendants, club and sports bar workers, security,
construction etc.  Jobs are provided here and you start working once you
arrive.  Maximum wait time is 2 weeks.

Free 5 years work permit where you are eligible to look and source for jobs
yourself.  (Dubai: N600,000. 00 , Qatar: N650,000. 00)
This option is more expensive because you will look for and negotiate jobs
for yourself, and many people prefer this option if they are very educated
or highly qualified in some particular skills such as workmen, engineering,
oil and gas, teaching degrees, Medicals , IT etc

We will not accept a dime until travelling documents are confirmed ok.  But
applicants must show evidence that they can pay the fees when documents are
out and sign an agreement to this.

Please send this hot offer to those you know who may need them.  This is not
a visa but a work and residence permit.

Send mails and interests to jacconng@yahoo. com