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Title: SCAM: Work-At-Home Mom Makes $7,500/month Ad
Post by: vibemaestro on November 29, 2012, 09:09:32 PM
Of late I've been seeing this constant Google Ad talking about a work-at-home Lagos mom that claims to make over $7,500/month from the comfort of her home.

Out of curiosity as an internet marketer myself I decided to click and see how she was able to do this.  Reading through the article supposedly written by one Amanda Winston, my more inquisitive side got the better of me.

I needed to know certain facts some of which were:

1.  More details about the supposed news website.
2.  Details about the company running the Home Income Cash System through their website

I needed these information to be able to verify the owners of these websites and companies and also how long they have been operating - indicators to how genuine the offers they are making are.

This is important because a lot of such internet schemes spring up every day and despite what our Ivie Oni was saying that she didn't want any of those "get rich quick" scams and that this was different, I still wanted to verify these details.

Normally once you have a directory structure such as hxxp: newsonlineweekly. com/nigeria/finance/ had, it often holds that if I delete the finance/ part of the url [to get hxxp: newsonlineweekly. com/nigeria/], I should go to their main page about Nigeria, but that wasn't the case.  Instead it gave me a directory containing two folders: one for finance and the other for diet.  Whoa!

hxxp: newsonlineweekly. com/nigeria/diet/
hxxp: newsonlineweekly. com/nigeria/finance/

From there, off to the homepage I went and behold, I was told coming soon. . .  How credible indeed!

This only served to increase my appetite and off to Big G, Google, I went.  Normally to find the indexed pages of a website, you simply type:

site:www. sitename. com or site:sitename. com

So what did site:newsonlineweekly. com produces.  A list of the indexed pages on the website - all with similar directory like that of Nigeria with all having a finance directory containing virtually the same story as in the Nigerian version.

This is where the phony part comes in.  If you've been following, go through any of the other finance directories for the other countries.  If you are observant, you will notice the following:

1.  From the Asia directory on finance (hxxp: newsonlineweekly. com/asia/finance/) there is just a change of name from Ivie to now read "Chang Liu from Lagos is a regular mum" showing an Asian woman and her daughter.

2.  If you look at the checks very well, the only difference you will observe is the change in the name of the payee.  If you have a good graphics knowledge or just very observant, you will notice that the characters used for the name are out of sync with the rest of the content.  Then again the date, check number and amount are exactly the same.  This makes it all false.

3.  All the links on the page link to Home Income Cash System at hxxp: apply. onlineincomesolution. com/?&c1=vnig

Furthermore, on checking on their WHOIS info which gives you the details about when the site was registered, who owns it and also where it is hosted.  The shock here was that the site was just 4 months 12 days as at when I checked.  Get real guys this is all fake.

OK, may hxxp: www. newsonlineweekly. com is just an affiliate of hxxp: www. onlineincomesolution. com and therefore they cannot be held totally responsible for their affiliate's way of generating traffic and subscriptions to their site.

I didn't have to do much here because I already knew it was a fraudulent scheme, so I just wanted to confirm their WHOIS data because if there were the ones who helped Ivie earn the $8,795. 00 check, then they should have been existing by June 2010.

However, their WHOIS data revealed the following:

 Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
 Record last updated on 23-Mar-2012.
 Record expires on 14-Jul-2013.
 Record created on 14-Jul-2011. 

Registrar History: 4 registrar with 2 drops.
NS History: 10 changes on 7 unique name servers over 10 years.
IP History: 13    changes on 9 unique IP addresses over 8 years. 
Whois History: 237 records have been archived since 2004-05-07

What this data goes to show is that this domain has changed hands too often to be regard as a genuine service provider.  Obviously, it stands to reason that several different companies have used it because of the domain structure which contains "online income" to run similar schemes such as this and after a while they simply dump it.

It would be obvious to anyone who has followed me thus far that this advert is a fake and intended just to siphon money from people.

I don't know who is running it, a Nigerian or whoever, but it certainly gives a bad name to my beloved country!

The bible says "a fool and his money are soon parted", get wise and save yourself and others you know from falling into this fraudulent.  ;)

There is real money to be made online, but it requires real effort if you really want it to last long and pay you well.  No food for lazy man on the internet oh!

PS: I made my WHOIS checks with hxxp: whois. domaintools. com and hxxp: www. checkpagerank. net/index. php just so you know!
Title: Re: SCAM: Work-At-Home Mom Makes $7,500/month Ad
Post by: Prince on November 29, 2012, 09:55:03 PM
Well done.
Title: Re: SCAM: Work-At-Home Mom Makes $7,500/month Ad
Post by: onyxo on January 04, 2013, 10:52:21 AM
this is good information, i ve been seeing that advert as well. . .  keep up the good work.
Title: Re: SCAM: Work-At-Home Mom Makes $7,500/month Ad
Post by: opengates on June 17, 2013, 12:57:54 PM
Thanks for the info, it's a striking revelation.  I also saw it several times.  God bless you real good!.   

hxxp: www. opengateswealth. com
Title: Re: SCAM: Work-At-Home Mom Makes $7,500/month Ad
Post by: rata_for on July 04, 2019, 07:27:31 PM
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