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Title: Study in Ghana made easy
Post by: bayanol on January 16, 2009, 06:30:56 PM
Regardless of your age, sex, marital status, or location, you can receive an accredited degree programs in your desired field, and your automatically an International Student and will be privilege to chose where to do NYSC.  In COMPUTER SCIENCE, MARKETING, HUMAN RESOURCES, LAWS, PROGRAMMING, MASS  COMMUNICATION, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, BIZ ADMIN & more.   For more enquiry call Lukasam:  +233247749388 or 08056331075  or email us at bayuzunleashed@yahoo. com for more enquiry.  TUITION FEES VERY AFFORDABLE &  CONVENIENT IN ACCRA - GHANA CALL FOR ENROLMENT NOW
We help those who wishes to acquire more education to improve your skills in all areas of your chosen endeavors.  We assist student for the next generation of scholars, professionals and change leaders who are well developed in mind, body and soul by our integrated education.  In collaboration with our strategic partners across the globe including industries.

Ghana is a small, tropical country peopled with a well-educated citizenry who are open and welcoming to Europeans and Americans.  It is a democratic republic with a stable, developing economy.  Ghana is a beautiful, tropical country boasting rain forests, wildfire parks, and pristine beaches.  Its rich cultural history and strong artisan heritage inspire the colorful crafts found in many Ghanaian marketplaces.
Great opportunity to grab education (the fastest and better education system) in Ghana!!!
Education in Ghana is cheaper and it?s real compared to private universities in Nigeria but who will help us to fill the form that will correspond with what every schools in Ghana requires is the most important problem we are facing today.  Do you know the schools that need only GCE/WAEC without writing examinations? The state where we could get good cheaper living standard like koforidua and in Ghana, where there are opportunities to travel to US, LONDON and any where, because the school gives the embassy introductory and backup letter as a students?
Lukasam are ready and willing to help every individual who wants to get him/herself admitted into any university/colleges in Ghana only.
We have just decided to meet with all interested individuals face to face as that will always make work easier than the initial stress we have experienced.  We have also chosen to apply only for undergraduates so as to minimize crowd and maximize the benefits of all applicants, that is, guaranteeing everyone admission.
We have prepared to meet all the interested candidates at
1.      ABUJA,
2.      LAGOS AND
We shall all see by early January 2009 against February 2009 (Winter) classes and August 2009 (Summer) classes, but the dates and venues are yet to be announced so continue to check this website or call us.
So there is no point sending us mails about your Bio-data (Sex, Date of Birth, Address, etc).
Just come with the following items:
2.          WAEC or NECO Scratch cards
3.          One passport photograph (Coloured)
4.          N5 brown or white envelope
5.          Photocopy of your O' Level Certificate must be endorsed by any Lawyer which you   must come with.
NOTE: If you are combining results, come with two of them and two scratch cards.
Application will closed February 2009.
You can just print this information for reference purpose.
Have a wonderful day.