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Worried by carnage and loss of property caused by auto accidents in the nation, the Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo, has pledged to collaborate with the Federal Road Safety Commission to reduce rate of accidents on Nigerian roads.

According to a statement made available to our correspondent in Akure, the Vice Chancellor of WUSTO, Prof. Tola Badejo, made the pledge when the unit commander of the FRSC in Ondo town, Mr. Sanya Adeoye, visited him in his office.

Badejo said that the institution was saddened by colossal loss recorded daily due to auto accidents and he pledged that WUSTO would conduct technology research into areas that could help to reduce rate of accidents on the nation?s roads.

To achieve this, the vice chancellor said that the university would offer a course in transport technology. This, he said, would be one of the institution?s contributions towards reducing automobile accidents.

Badejo noted that the nation was losing many promising Nigerians at their prime to auto accidents, but he said that efforts must be geared towards stopping the irreparable loss.

The unit commander of the FRSC in Ondo town, who corroborated the claims of the vice chancellor, appealed to members of academics and other researchers to come up with how road accidents could be reduced to its barest minimum in the nation.

To ensure that road users comply with traffic rules, Adeoye said that the FRSC would establish a ?special marshal arm in the university to complement the regular marshal in order to enhance the operational activities of the command.?

Adeoye  said many of the auto accidents, which occurred in the country were avoidable. He appealed to motorists to drive with care, especially during Christmas and New Year celebrations, saying there was nothing mystical about ember months.

He added that accidents were normally on the increase during ember months due to increased activities and recklessness on the part of some road users.

He said, ?The FRSC is working round the clock to encourage good driving habits and to help reduce deaths and injuries, which are some of the consequences of road traffic accidents.?

According to the World Health Organisation, about 1.2 million people are killed in auto accident every year, while about 50 million people suffer injuries from road crashes

Experts believe that the rate of accidents in the nation can increase by more than half in the next 20 years except Nigerians were committed to reducing it by imbibing good driving habits.